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GPS Trackers: Improving Efficiency & Profit For Companies

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Increase Profit, Productivity & Efficiency With GPS Tracking!

No matter what type of business you are in vehicle tracking system technology can provide you with an easy way to increase company profit and improve employee productivity. Poor route management, unauthorized usage of company vehicle(s), and employee moonlighting are only a few of the factors that can have an effect on the bottom line of a business. Accountability means everything in the business world, and no company can manage something they cannot measure. Vehicle tracking technology provides businesses the opportunity and tools necessary to measure and account for any company vehicle or employee in the field. Even if your business has only one company vehicle, a GPS tracking system can help boost overall operations and management. Have you ever asked yourself:

1. Are My Employees Doing Side Work?                                        2. How Fast Are My Employees Driving?

3. Are Time Sheets Being Falsified?                                                4. Are My Employees Taking Excessive Breaks?

5. Is Their An Easier Way To Document Mileage?                         6. Is Fuel Being Wasted/ Over Used?

Vehicle tracking system technology can answer all of these questions and show you in detail all the unknown driving habits of your employees. Having the ability to locate employees driving in the field, improve routing operations, and easily document mileage gives businesses an edge over the competition.

The Solution Has Never Been Easier

GPS tracking is now one of the fastest growing markets in the technology sector as businesses across the globe have been seeking to improve accountability, productivity, and efficiency. Fortune 500 companies such as Budweiser utilize passive tracking systems like the GPS Tracking Key Pro to record travel history of employees, and businesses with small or large fleets of vehicles improve routing and management with real-time tracking systems such as the SilverCloud GPS. Regardless of your budget, a GPS monitoring system is available to meet your business needs!

GPS tracking also helps businesses save money as many car insurance companies offer special reduced rates for companies utilizing vehicle tracking technology since the safe recovery of a vehicle equipped with a GPS tracking system is 99.99%.

Invest in vehicle tracking technology and watch productivity and profit grow!

Tracking System Applications

  • Fleet Management:

  • Improve routing, planning, and communication between vehicle operators and supervisors by adopting a vehicle tracking system plan!
  • Corporate Tracking System:

  • Increase sales visits, easily document mileage driven, and improve overall customer satisfaction with an active tracking system!
  • Fuel Reduction:

  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle usage, excessive idling, and other wasteful habits by drivers with real-time tracking technology!
  • Vehicle Tracking:

  • Document every stop an employee made, how long they were stopped for, speeds driven, routes traveled, and more with a passive tracking system!

Give yourself an edge over the competition by modernizing and improving your vehicle(s) with GPS tracking technology!

GPS Trackers In Monroe Tennessee


Monroe School Buses Equipped With GPS Tracking

BusesStudent safety is always a top concern of school districts all across the United States. Another concern for school districts is bus fleet management, especially considering the recent rise in fuel costs. Looking at the different options to not only increase student safety and school bus management, school officials have chosen to move forward with a plan to equip several buses in Monroe County Tennessee with GPS vehicle tracking systems .

Bus Vehicle Tracking Systems

GPS tracking system technology for bus fleet management has become easier to use and more affordable over the past decade, making the real-time monitoring a feasible solution for school districts walking a tight rope of budgetary flexibility. What bus GPS tracking systems provide is a comprehensive amount of measurements and reports related to bus driving activity. This can include total mileage driven, data regarding vehicle idling and alerts if a bus driver is engaging in dangerous driving practices. Not to mention, the real-time tracking data can be accessed 24-7, giving school bus officials the ability to instantly view where students are being picked up and dropped off throughout the day.

Currently, Monroe is going through a testing process of the bus tracking systems in 10 district buses. The GPS tracking systems will even have the capability to transmit an alert if a bus is experiencing any mechanical issues. The GPS tracking initiative something that school officials believe will instantly benefit both students and the school district.

When asked about the new program that will equip school buses with GPS tracking systems, Charles Underwood, a representative for Monroe County schools, stated the safety aspect alone makes the vehicle management technology a noble investment. Knowing where buses are moving, if they are operating without mechanical issues and where they are traveling at all times of the day is important in asset management.

Do you think the investment in GPS tracking systems is a good or bad decision among the Monroe County schools?

Should all school districts employ bus tracking devices to improve student safety?

Live GPS Device With Long Battery Life


GPS Tracking Unit With Extended Battery Power

SilverCloud-GPS-ComputerWhen it comes to GPS tracking systems what businesses and consumers want are solutions that update quickly and have long-lasting battery power. Finding a GPS tracking system that updates around 6 times per minute is fairly commonplace now that cellular technologies have continued to expand, but when it comes to battery-life the reality is almost all GPS systems aren't very adequate. This is because most vehicle tracking systems are only capable of offering 10-15 hours of GPS tracking when used the device is not pulling power from an outside source such as a car battery via hardwire connect or cigarette lighter port. This leaves many potential uses in a tough spot, that is of course before the launch of a new live GPS known as SilverCloud Overdrive.

What Is SilverCloud Overdrive

SilverCloud Overdrive is a GPS vehicle management solution that can provide real-time updates as fast as 20 times per minute while also offering upwards of 60 hours of motion GPS tracking data. That intelligently engineered vehicle tracker even includes a motion detection system that will place the GPS unit into a mode of sleep when the target vehicle is parked. This revolutionary design extends battery life for upwards of 2 months! However, what really makes SilverCloud Overdrive an impressive GPS tracking system are the numerous features designed to enhance surveillance:

No Software Required
Mobile Phone Access
Updates 20x Per Minute
Safe Zone Alerts
Aggressive Driving Alerts
Real-Time Locates

GPS Tracking: Growing Among Public & Businesses

The applications related to GPS tracking continue grow as more people and businesses become acquainted with technology and can see firsthand the benefits of locational-based technologies. For example, it is now very common for parents to utilize GPS tracking systems to learn where a teen driver is going or if a elderly driver is still driving safely. And businesses continue calling upon fleet tracking GPS devices for a number of applications ranging from mileage accounting to automotive security. In fact, the GPS monitoring industry continues to grow at a rapid rate as companies seek ways to reduce inefficiencies and families seek digital tools to upgrade personal safety.

SilverCloud Overdrive is currently priced at $399.00 and like all GPS systems that provide live locational data does require a monthly data obligation. The data obligations start at $29.95 per month which provide unlimited updates 60 times per hour.

Real Time GPS Tracker For Limos


GPS Tracking Systems For Limousines

earth-image-rpw2Limousine companies are always looking at ways to improve business efficiency. That often means utilizing technology and management strategies to enhance limo security, improve estimated time of arrivals, reduce liabilities and of course provide the highest level of customer satisfaction to passengers. This is the reason limo businesses throughout the United Stated have been investing in GPS tracking systems.

What Is A Real Time GPS Tracking System?

Real-time GPS tracking systems are devices that connect to a limo and provide the business owner vast amounts of data that can provide significant value. Data such as where a limo is located if it is ever stolen, data regarding speeding if a limo driver is operating a vehicle at dangerous rates of velocity, data about vehicle idling, RPMs and so much more. Most importantly though GPS vehicle tracking systems for limos can help a limousine business manage multiple limousines operating in the field all through the use of a simple, user-friendly online interface. This web-based platform is awesome because it allows limousine business owners and managers to simultaneously access real-time GPS tracking system data. Not to mention, the multitude of benefits in terms of routing and coordination such a platform provides.

What GPS Tracking Is Best For Limos

There are two options when it comes to a real-time GPS tracking system for a limo: portable and direct connect. The best portable solution is currently the SC Overdrive. This is because the tracking device will provide over 60 hours of wheels-in-motion vehicle tracking data, making the SC Overdrive the longest lasting limo tracker on the market in terms of battery strength. Those investing in the SC Overdrive also have the option to invest in a waterproof case accessory that will allow a limo company to covertly place the GPS tracking system underneath a limo. This can be a great way to determine if limo drivers are driving safely, efficiently and effectively.

Limo companies not wanting a portable solution and instead preferring a GPS tracking system that pulls power directly from a limousine will find the best device to be the Sync GPS. What makes the Sync GPS unique is that it connects right into the on board diagnostic port of a limo (6 and 9 pin connectors are also available for heavy duty vehicles). Therefore, the GPS device pulls power from the limo, is discreet to the driver and offers more data related to diagnostics than the portable vehicle tracking solutions.

Regardless of the choice a limo business makes when selecting a real-time GPS tracking device the benefits in terms of management, security and safety are overwhelming. GPS tracking can assist any limo business in a number of different avenues whether it be mileage accounting, driver safety, automotive security or simply more detailed management.

GPS Tracker Devices For Pizza Delivery Vehicles


Tracking Drivers Using GPS Technology

silvercloud-02Businesses that employ drivers to deliver goods or services understand the importance of monitoring both staff efficiency and vehicle activity. This is a universal truth regardless if that company is a multi-million dollar enterprise with stock investors or the local business in rural America. Meticulous oversight capabilities are critical in business success when a company has drivers because drivers can result in potential liabilities whether it be excess fuel consumption, bad driving habits, missed appointments and more. This is the reason why businesses with even the smallest of fleet tracking needs have been using GPS tracking system devices to help in vehicle management and it's also the reason why pizza places are now routinely calling upon GPS tracking hardware to improve efficiency.

Pizza Delivery Businesses

There are two separate benefits real-time GPS trackers offer pizza delivery businesses and that includes a way to monitor pizza bags in case they are lost or stolen and of course the ability to gain total oversight over vehicle tracking activity. The first benefit may not seem like much but in the pizza delivery businesses the bags used to keep pizzas warm and moist during delivery are frequently lost. The phenomenon is similar to that of the disappearing left sock in the dryer that everyone has experienced except those pizza delivery bags can be quite pricey and actually impact business costs. "We constantly dealt with bags going missing and it was a very frustrating experience, but as soon as we placed the portable GPS tracker with the bag we never had to worry about them going missing", explained a manager for a New York based pizzeria.

Having the ability to know where pizza delivery bags are is a nice little feature and is helpful in loss prevention, but the primary reason for investment in real-time GPS trackers among pizza delivery businesses is vehicle management. When a pizza delivery driver has their vehicle equipped with a GPS tracking system management has the ability to perform a number of different oversight techniques. These techniques include:

1. Mileage Summation
2. Real-Time GPS Location Updates
3. Documented Speed Violations Via Alert
4. Shared GPS Data With Customers
5. Vehicle Theft Security

GPS tracking systems will allow managers at any pizzeria determine how many tax deductible miles were logged, see where a pizza delivery driver is located anytime throughout the day, instantly know if a driver is speeding, provide a automotive theft recovery solution and boost customer service by allowing those who ordered pizza to view their order from the oven to the house!

GPS tracking systems are changing the way companies perform oversight of their vehicles and drivers regardless of the industry they are involved with. Pizza delivery businesses are seeing the benefits of GPS car tracking firsthand making it only a matter of time before all delivery service vehicles are equipped with some form of monitoring technology.

Car Cameras For Businesses


Reducing Liabilities With Surveillance

CarCmaeraGPS2Modern businesses are always in search of the latest technological gizmos and gadgets to help them take efficiency and profitability to the next level. This is the reason behind so many companies calling upon GPS tracking system units  to help the businesses calculate mileage driven, enhance automotive security and of course assist in management of vehicle fleets. GPS tracking technology has been critical in helping businesses all over the world increase management and employee productivity but the technology also came up a little short in meeting the needs of companies seeking a more visual solution. This is where car cameras with GPS tracking have filled in the gap and have been able to provide companies a solution to reduce potential liabilities.

Video data combined with GPS tracking information is by far one of the best, if not the best, way for a business to determine what occurred when a employee was driving and operating company vehicle assets. With GPS tracking locational data providing information such as speeds driven, locational information and diagnostic data, it is easy for a fleet manager to understand how the company vehicle was being operated if for example a car accident occurred. This tracking system data can not only help the company determine if the employee was at fault but it can also assist police enforcement investigating any potential motor vehicle collision understand what party was likely driving at unsafe speeds. Unfortunately, GPS vehicle tracking data can only tell some of the story not all of the story. This is where video data fills in the holes.

Surveillance video has a long track record of success in the business world. This is why almost every bank, department store, restaurant and even parking lot is equipped with some form of hidden camera system. The technology is great because it offers a unbiased view on events that occurred. Therefore, it makes perfect logical sense that this same type of visual technology would eventually be implemented in a format for for automotive security. That is what the brains behind the DriveProof car camera system sought out to do when they created a device that uses both GPS tracking and video data to create one of the most sophisticated automotive security solutions on the market.

DriveProof Car Cameras

Essentially what DriveProof car cameras provide is a system that will not only offers high resolution video data but also second-by-second historical GPS tracking data. This is perfect for businesses concerned about reducing potential liabilities with drivers. An example of this would be if a company employee/driver was involved in a motor vehicle accident, something that occurs on a daily basis and can open the door to potential lawsuits against a business. The car camera device with GPS tracking system will meticulously document driving activity, showing what speed an employee was going, road conditions and if that driver possibly ran a red light, stop sign or other traffic notice. This data can be shared with investigating officials who can then quickly determine who was at fault in any potential automotive accident or situation.

Currently, many countries such as Russia make those involved in any motor vehicle accident prove what actually happened, as word of mouth no longer holds much strength. That has resulted in he majority of motorists investing in car cameras in case of an accident.

Businesses understand that staying on top of employee activity is a priority and will only result in  more efficient productivity along with heightened customer service. Technology is key in assisting businesses in this role and that is why it is only a matter of time before all motor vehicles for business usage are equipped with GPS vehicle tracking systems that offer video capture information

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