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Increase Profit, Productivity & Efficiency With GPS Tracking!

No matter what type of business you are in vehicle tracking system technology can provide you with an easy way to increase company profit and improve employee productivity. Poor route management, unauthorized usage of company vehicle(s), and employee moonlighting are only a few of the factors that can have an effect on the bottom line of a business. Accountability means everything in the business world, and no company can manage something they cannot measure. Vehicle tracking technology provides businesses the opportunity and tools necessary to measure and account for any company vehicle or employee in the field. Even if your business has only one company vehicle, a GPS tracking system can help boost overall operations and management. Have you ever asked yourself:

1. Are My Employees Doing Side Work?                                        2. How Fast Are My Employees Driving?

3. Are Time Sheets Being Falsified?                                                4. Are My Employees Taking Excessive Breaks?

5. Is Their An Easier Way To Document Mileage?                         6. Is Fuel Being Wasted/ Over Used?

Vehicle tracking system technology can answer all of these questions and show you in detail all the unknown driving habits of your employees. Having the ability to locate employees driving in the field, improve routing operations, and easily document mileage gives businesses an edge over the competition.

The Solution Has Never Been Easier

GPS tracking is now one of the fastest growing markets in the technology sector as businesses across the globe have been seeking to improve accountability, productivity, and efficiency. Fortune 500 companies such as Budweiser utilize passive tracking systems like the GPS Tracking Key Pro to record travel history of employees, and businesses with small or large fleets of vehicles improve routing and management with real-time tracking systems such as the SilverCloud GPS. Regardless of your budget, a GPS monitoring system is available to meet your business needs!

GPS tracking also helps businesses save money as many car insurance companies offer special reduced rates for companies utilizing vehicle tracking technology since the safe recovery of a vehicle equipped with a GPS tracking system is 99.99%.

Invest in vehicle tracking technology and watch productivity and profit grow!

Tracking System Applications

  • Fleet Management:

  • Improve routing, planning, and communication between vehicle operators and supervisors by adopting a vehicle tracking system plan!
  • Corporate Tracking System:

  • Increase sales visits, easily document mileage driven, and improve overall customer satisfaction with an active tracking system!
  • Fuel Reduction:

  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle usage, excessive idling, and other wasteful habits by drivers with real-time tracking technology!
  • Vehicle Tracking:

  • Document every stop an employee made, how long they were stopped for, speeds driven, routes traveled, and more with a passive tracking system!

Give yourself an edge over the competition by modernizing and improving your vehicle(s) with GPS tracking technology!

GPS For Food Truck Security


Food Truck Business Go With GPS

Google earth mapAlexandria, Virginia is probably not the first place most people think of when they think of a town offering fresh Indonesian cuisine but SataY Sarinah changed all that with eclectic authentic Indonesian dishes and recipes. As business continued to grow, SataY Sarinah owner Sonny Setiantoko decided to expand his business by investing in a food truck. With the new food truck, SataY Sarinah' business began to grow and reach a larger customer base for over three years. That is until the company food truck itself became appetizing among thieves and was stolen.

One of the first things the owner at SataY Sarinah stated was he didn't really believe his food truck would be a target for thieves because the truck was big and bright red, sticking out much like a sore thumb on any roadways. He believed that the only thing about the food truck that would seem appetizing to thieves would have been probably the generator used to power the kitchen equipment. He never actually thought the food truck itself could be targeted. Although Sonny is hopeful the stolen food truck will resurface the reality is that the food truck was not equipped with any form of security GPS system and therefore with each passing day it is unlikely to show up.

Alexandria Police investigating the food truck theft stated that a GPS auto tracking solution could have helped SataY Sarinah recover the stolen vehicle. This is because live GPS monitoring solutions not only can provide real-time locational data on where a food truck is at but can also notify a business the moment their food truck is moved without consent or authorization. In fact, police authorities said that the SataY Sarinah food truck theft was the second food truck theft in the area in the past 90 days. And although food truck theft is not overly common, police did suggest food truck companies should take the initiative to increase automotive security by investing in things like GPS vehicle tracking technology.

Currently, police in Alexandria are still asking for help from the public to see if anyone has any details about the stolen food truck. Any tips or information that can lead to the recovery of the stolen food truck would be greatly appreciated and can be sent directly to Alexandria Police.

GPS That Reduces Car Insurance


Save Money On Car Insurance With GPS Tracking

car drivingCar insurance can be expensive, and with California motorists spending roughly $164 per month for auto insurance it seems like all drivers could benefit from a reduction in their monthly premiums. According to the people over at the United Services Automobile Association (USAA), some of the best ways for motorists to save money on car insurance is by reducing coverage on older vehicles, maintaining strong credit, asking for a higher deductible and comparing auto insurance rates before purchasing a new or used vehicle. This is all helpful information and can help motorists save some cash on their car insurance, but another unique way that businesses and consumers are also reducing their auto insurance is through the use of GPS trackers for automobiles.

GPS Tracking Device: What Is It?

Everyone is pretty much familiar with GPS technology these days. This is because locational technology is used for everything from social networking to navigational applications with mobile apps such as Google Maps. GPS tracking devices work off many of these same principles. Basically, how a live GPS device works is by using satellite technology to store locational data as well as other information related to vehicle activity such as speed, driver stops, etc. This tracking data is then sent to off-site servers in real-time that allow for that data to be viewed and digested from anywhere in the world where Internet access is available. The live GPS essentially allows a motorist or business to see where their vehicle is located, what that vehicle had been doing and much more!

How Real-Time GPS Can Reduce Auto Insurance

Live GPS vehicle tracking devices offer consumers, businesses and any form of motorists access information related to automobile activity 24/7, and it is because of this expanded oversight that some car insurance providers are offering discounts to those using the vehicle management technology. When a car is equipped with a real-time GPS that can provide live tracking data at any point in time that vehicle is then significantly more secure. The vehicle is much more likely to be recovered if stolen and recovered without damage. This is something that auto insurance companies look fondly upon, as the motorist is taking a very proactive approach to safeguarding their mobile asset(s). Therefore, with the vehicle owner taking the initiative to enhance security of their motor vehicle, auto insurance companies will often time extend small discounts to those motorists.

GPS tracking systems are very useful tools in both the business world and everyday life for consumers seeking to boost vehicle and/or driver safety. Auto insurance companies are very well aware of the monitoring technology and many times provide discounted insurance plans for those utilizing vehicle monitoring technology. There are a number ways motorists can save money on their car insurance, and those seeking a way to reduce auto insurance should certainly look into how GPS tracking could help them save money.

GPS Trackers For Pharmacy Vehicles


Pharmacies Boost Security With GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking Data Pharmaceutical companies provide a valuable service to Americans all across the nation. The brains behind pharmaceutical businesses are what provide us with antibiotics when we are sick, pain relief when we are hurt and medication that can literally extend or in many cases save our lives. And let's not forget about the other pharmaceutical medications that can improve muscle function, hair growth or even improve our sex life. There is no denying that the pharmaceutical industry has been helpful in almost everyone's life but with some medications having so much value many pharmacies and their delivery vehicles are now being targeted by thieves. Theft is becoming a huge problem for pharmacies all across the country and now the reason why pharmacies are taking action with GPS tracking system technology.

The Problem Of Theft

Theft is a problem in most industries but has been significantly problematic for pharmacies transporting pharmaceuticals. For example, recently a driver simply trying to deliver pharmaceuticals to a pharmacy located in a suburb of Detroit had a gun pointed to his head, was then tied up and taken for a ride. The terrified driver had a bag placed over his head where he was dropped off at a vacant lot, still tied up. The thieves stole all of the cargo in the pharmacy truck then torched the vehicle to ashes. The investigation concluded that the entire event was based on the robbers wanting pharmaceutical pills such as OxyContin, Vicodin and other pain management medication abuse that has been increasingly popular on the streets.  The statistics are getting worse as prescription drugs are becoming the drug of choice of many teens and adults. In fact, in the state of Maine from 2009-2013 there were approximately 175,000 incidents of theft related to pharmaceuticals with approximately 40% being strong armed robbery.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

GPS tracking is now commonplace in many industries, especially those where vehicle management can help enhance productivity and safety. GPS vehicle locator technology is a rather simple concept involving 3 steps:

1. GPS tracker is placed on company vehicle

2. Tracker reports live GPS tracking data

3. User can view real-time GPS tracking data 24/7

This fleet tracking technology is often used to record mileage driven by employees, determine if a company driver is misusing company equipment or simply a way to enhance automotive security in an effort to prevent theft. However, the locational technology is also proving to be a valuable asset among pharmaceutical companies seeking a way to help them keep cargo, vehicles and drivers safe.

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How To Track A Truck With Cell Phone


Real-Time Tracking With Mobile Devices

truck-driverTow truck businesses, construction operations and numerous companies with service vehicles are always investigating the best solutions to assist with enhancing business efficiency. This is the reason why so many companies are opting to invest in real-time GPS trackers to help with vehicle a management of trucks and other mobile assets. What the majority of these types of businesses are seeking is a vehicle monitoring solution that will allow them to track a truck or vehicle with the use of a cell phone. Essentially, live GPS tracking data that can be acquired and viewed whenever there is a need. Businesses are now finding this mobile tracking solution with GPS monitoring devices that provide live locational based data and they are getting this valuable fleet and vehicle management service for less than a dollar a day!

Monitoring Trucks With A Mobile App

GPS tracking technology has continued to evolve to the point where data is more accurate, online mapping interfaces are more user-friendly to businesses and reporting features are detailed enough to meet the needs of any company concerned with fleet management activity. This is because GPS tracking companies are now keenly aware that businesses in need of vehicle management tools require the 5 following things:

1. GPS Trackers That Can Be Portable Or Direct Connected

2. Various Online Reports Documenting Mileage, Speeding & Address Data

3. Mobile Access To GPS Tracking Data

4. Access To Historical Locational Data & Live Vehicle Activity

5. Customer Service Support 24/7 & Lifetime Access To Historical Driving Activity

"What we discovered from working with a significant number of companies all across the globe is that GPS vehicle tracker data must be accessible, easily digestible and very, very reliable", expressed a auto tracking specialist for Tracking System Direct. "These businesses with cars and trucks also demand that this information can be retrieved with the use of a mobile communication device because in today's world people no longer work specifically in a office setting."

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Device For Tracking Motorcycle Travels


Real-Time GPS Provides Motorcycle Monitoring

Motorcycle GPS Tracking RouteEvery year across America motorcyclists will throw on their leather jackets and hit the open road for charity. Some riders will get on their bikes and travel for organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project, or other charities that support Autism awareness, cancer research or heart disease prevention. Raising money for charitable organizations is always a noble cause and riding a motorcycle to contribute to that effort is something many motorcycle riders enjoy being a part of. In fact, many of these charitable campaigns are not only using automotive technology to get from point A to point B but also social media. Facebook, twitter and microblogs are spreading the word about these motorcycle rides for good and helping them better connect with their audience with the help of GPS vehicle tracker systems.

GPS Tracking Systems Go Social

Social networking is now commonplace in the United States and with over 150 million active Facebook users in the US and Canada alone it is likely to going to be one of the ways people connect with one another moving forward (Facebook has over one billion users worldwide). Whether the choice is Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or any of the other trendy social networks there is no denying that people are actively calling upon digital devices and mobile technology to connect with one another and this is where GPS tracking can play a unique role. See when a GPS device is connected to a person, automobile or asset it has the ability to provide real-time updates on the locations of those items. This real-time tracking data is not only accurate and beneficial for a number of different applications such as teen safety, senior care and vehicle management, but it can also provide a way for charity motorcycle runs to expand their reach and connection.

Motorcycle Rides For Charity & GPS Tracking

When a motorcycle rider opts to put a GPS vehicle tracker system on their bike they have the ability to not only locate that vehicle 24/7 but also the ability to share that tracking data. This combination is actually quite significant because with the use of a motorcycle GPS system the motorcycle rider can not only protect their property from theft but share their travels on social networks to enhance awareness for their cause. "Motorcycle riders and charities that involve lengthy motorcycle rides frequently contact us regarding real-time monitoring solutions and they are always pleased to hear that we have a system in place that allows them to share tracking data with the simple copy and paste of some HTML code", explained a sales associate for Tracking System Direct. "With this easy to generate HTML code the charity can post on their website, blog or social networking channels where motorcycle riders are located. Real-time GPS technology is a really cool way to engage the audience and tool to maximize viewership."

GPS Best For Real-Time Tracking Of Motorcycles

The majority of motorcycle charity events last anywhere from a day or upwards of a week. That means the motorcycle riders or event organizers usually seek live GPS systems that are both portable and that do not require any lengthy subscription fees (real-time GPS devices send data and therefore require a monthly service obligation and occasionally an annual contract). This is the reason one of the most popular live trackers is a device called Tag. What makes Tag the GPS tracker called upon is that the device is small (roughly the size of a pack of chewing gum), affordable ($199.00) and does not require any annual commitments for real-time service. All the motorcycle rider would have to pay is the hardware cost and the monthly fees for data which run as low as $1 a day.

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