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Tracking System Technology:

How GPS Tracking Devices Are Going To The Toilets

portablebathroomTracking system technology has infiltrated our daily lives on multiple different levels with the goal of theft prevention, asset monitoring, and numerous other applications. Tracking systems use GPS technology to record date, time, location, and other information or data that businesses and families can utilize to improve performance or monitor equipment or people. Many people are familiar with some of the more popular usages of tracking system technology such as:

1. Teen Monitoring

2. Employee Monitoring

3. Asset Management

4. Spouse Monitoring

5. Law Enforcement Applications

However, one application that has continued to grow that many people are unfamiliar with is the usage of tracking systems to monitor portable bathrooms, also known as port-a-potties. This application would be considered a form of theft-recovery/ asset management. Portable bathrooms are mostly used during special events, outdoor parties, or on construction sites. Their application is self-explanatory. What many people do not know about portable bathrooms is that they are in high demand by thieves and are frequently stolen.

Tracking Systems in Action

Portable bathrooms are stolen from construction sites and other locations for numerous reasons. However, the statistics show that there tends to be an increased number of portable bathroom thefts in the Midwest region during the winter months. Authorities believe that the demographic that engage in portable bathroom theft the most are hunters. Hunters take the portable bathrooms from construction sites or other locations and use them for when they go on hunting expeditions into the woods since bathroom facilities are not available in the great outdoors. Security cameras have done little to slow the theft down, but an alternative approach seems appears to be gaining popularity and might be the solution to the theft problem. The solution that many portable bathroom companies are banking on is the utilization of tracking system technology. GPS tracking technology would allow a company to easily access the portable bathroom’s location by a personal computer either via a software-based or Internet-based application. Therefore, if or when the portable bathroom was ever stolen the company could activate the tracking system and quickly track down its location.

When an executive for a plumbing company was asked about his thoughts on implementing tracking systems on the fleet of portable bathrooms being rented he stated, “If tracking systems will prevent the theft and save me money then I am on board with the idea 100%”.

Tracking System saves the Bathroom

An electrical company in the Wisconsin area recently placed real-time GPS trackers on 4 portable bathrooms that were housed on the job site. Within the first 3 weeks one of the portable bathrooms was stolen from the site over night. The foreman did not panic. He simply accessed the location of the portable bathroom by logging onto a website and the tracking system told him exactly where the portable bathroom was. Authorities were notified and the portable bathroom was returned. After the incident a representative for the company stated, “ We were sick and tired of having equipment stolen right off our property. The GPS tracker did everything we expected and more. GPS tracking systems are a 21st century approach to the timeless problem of theft and anyone wanting to protect their assets should research tracking system technology because we are glad we did.”

Tracking Systems: The Solution

GPS monitoring technology continues to be the solution for theft recovery applications and will probably continue to be so in the future. As tracking system technology continues to decline in cost more and more companies and people are taking advantage of all the benefits tracking systems have to offer.

Companies or businesses looking for a GPS device that can help protect personal assets should research the Victoria Tracking System, a cost-effective and reliable live monitoring unit.

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