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Preventing Theft With GPS Tracking Systems

bobcat-equipmentTheft is a serious issue for both consumers and businesses, but when auto-theft in particular occurs, the situation can be very costly. This is because vehicle theft can leave consumers paying thousands of dollars in high insurance deductibles, while also creating the pain of renting cars and being left without an automobile for transportation for some short period of time. Of course, that is assuming that the victim of vehicle theft had taken the proper steps of investing in full-coverage auto insurance. For those people who did not make that investment, they are simply left with a total loss, and only hope that police will be lucky enough to recover the stolen vehicle undamaged.

Businesses share all of the same concerns and headaches regarding vehicle theft as consumers, but in the business world, being left without heavy equipment used for operations can be even more costly. This is particularly the situation for construction companies who call upon the help of skid-steer loaders and other heavy construction machinery. The reasons equipment theft is such a serious concern for these types of businesses is because equipment loss can be very expensive (skid-steer loaders can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars), but also the loss can set back deadlines, as missing equipment results in workers being unable to work. Not to mention, this type of equipment is typically not easily replaced. Although equipment and vehicle theft is a major concern for construction and other companies using skid-steer loader equipment, many are fighting back with the help of real-time GPS monitoring systems such as SilverCloud GPS.

GPS Tracking Systems Provide Security

Protecting and watching expensive construction equipment like skid-steer loaders is a task most operations have no difficulty doing from the period between 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m., but once workers and managers leave the job site, that is when the real challenge begins. Some companies have invested in security services to oversee and walk the grounds of a job site, but sometimes the cost is simply too much, or the facility/site is too big for a singular security guard to keep a watchful eye over. This is why GPS vehicle tracking solutions are such a great resource for companies concerned with vehicle theft of skid-steer loader machinery.

"After having our equipment stolen a couple times in the past, we decided a GPS tracking solution was necessary to monitor equipment for safety 24/7", explained an Illinois construction company. "What was great about the SilverCloud GPS tracker was that it allowed us to set virtual boundaries that would notify us by text message if any piece of equipment was moved. This feature let us know the second one of our skid-steer loaders was being stolen. The GPS not only provided a theft management solution, but also a window into the work habits of employees."

How Real-Time GPS Tracking Helps

For decades, fleet monitoring and management was something that could only be done through visual observation, but that all changed when security products such as GPS vehicle trackers launched into the business world toward the late 1990s. Over time, real-time GPS systems have evolved substantially, and now they are both user-friendly and cost-effective. Through the use of GPS monitoring technology, businesses have the ability to:

  1. Oversee equipment at all times
  2. Quickly learn if equipment was moved without authorization
  3. Manage employee activity
  4. Have total access to assets via mobile phone, computer or tablet

What many construction companies are doing, according to the GPS business tracking experts at Tracking System Direct, is hard-wiring real-time systems to skid-steer loaders and other important assets in order to boost security and protection. The companies than set virtual boundaries around the equipment at night so that if it is moved fleet managers will be notified immediately through text message, email or both!

Skid-steer loaders and other expensive construction equipment are too valuable to be left without proper safeguard measures. GPS tracking devices are providing that additional level of security through surveillance, helping construction companies keep their skid-steer loader equipment safe and secure.


+1 #1 Zach Ball 2012-04-11 15:34
I started doing this a little while ago as well. I have not had to use it (thank goodness) but it's there. And very inexpensive for the value it can have.

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