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GPS Tracking System Technology Made Easy!

Tracking system technology is now so affordable and easy to use consumers everywhere are taking advantage of all the benefits of owning a GPS monitoring device! Whether it is a real-time tracker device such as the SilverCloud that will allow you to watch a vehicle as it drives live via personal computer, or a passive device such as the GPS Tracking Key Pro that will record the complete driving history of a vehicle, a GPS tracking system can provide you with all of the answers of unknown driving activity. Have you ever asked yourself:

1. Where Is My Teenager Driving Tonight?                                               2. Will My Car Be Recovered If It Is Stolen?

3. Is My Partner Really Working Late?                                                       4. How Fast Is My Teen Driving?

5. Will My Aging Parent Get Lost Or Forget Where They Are?               6. Is My Child Safe In This Area?

A GPS tracking system can answer all the questions with precision and accuracy up to 2.5 meters! Knowing your loved ones are safe and secure is something everyone wants to feel for their family, and now GPS monitoring technology can give you that precious information.

Peace Of Mind

Imagine having the ability to see where your teen driver is at or if they are speeding. Imagine being able to find your child in seconds if they are playing outside. Imagine being able to sleep comfortably knowing your relationship is on track and going strong. Imagine never having to worry about an elderly family member getting lost while driving. You don't have imagine with the help of a GPS monitoring system!

Discovering every where a driver stopped, how long they were stopped for, speed driven, route traveled and mileage driven has never been easier!

Watch live from a computer as a driver travels with real-time tracking, or simply record, remove, and review the tracker device to evaluate travel history with a passive tracking system. No matter what your budget, their is a GPS vehicle tracker solution available to meet your needs!

GPS Tracking System Applications

  • Teen Tracking:

  • Find out if your teen is speeding, taking the family vehicle for a joyride when you are out of town, or going to places that are off-limits with a vehicle tracking system.

  • GPS Tracking Children:

  • Feel secure and comfortable knowing your child's location can be accessed with a few clicks of a computer mouse with real-time tracking.
  • Relationship Tracking:

  • Validate your partner's story, and build a foundation of love and fidelity that will last a lifetime by trusting and verifying with a passive system.
  • Personal Tracking:

  • Never worry about your vehicle being stolen, and get a discount from your car insurance company with a real-time tracking system.
  • Elderly Tracking:

  • Take care of an elderly family member by making sure they never get lost again with a tracking system.

With the world being so unpredictable and dangerous, GPS tracking system technology can give consumers the assurance and confidence that life's most precious assets are secure.

Live GPS Tracker For Teens


GPS Tracker Gives Parents Real Answers

SilverCloud Speed Alerts: The Ultimate Tool To Combat Speeding

teen_funThe majority of teenagers who get their license usually start off their driving careers very cautiously, checking their rear view mirror every few seconds, making complete stops at stop signs and never exceeding the speed limit. However, as teens begin to drive with friends they quickly begin blasting music every time they drive, check their rear view mirror less frequently and begin performing a technique known as the "California Roll" through stop signs. Shortly afterward, they begin speeding, and then often times begin speeding excessively, habitually and too frequently. Unfortunately, many teens are programmed with a sense of invincibility, but excessive speeding is something that can quickly remind parents and teens that driving, and more specifically irresponsible driving, can have fatal consequences. With speeding being the leading culprit of teen accidents and teen motor vehicle accidents being the primary cause of premature death among the teen population, many proactive parents are seeing the light, making the decision to utilize technology to promote, monitor and regulate safe driving activity. The form of monitoring technology parents are turning to is called a GPS tracker, and the teen tracker of choice is the SilverCloud GPS.

Real-time tracking systems have a number of advantageous features that include the ability to instantly view where a teen is driving, gain access to places the teen has been and most importantly the ability to alert parents if/when a teen is excessively speeding. Teen safety is always a high priority for concerned parents, and one of the most crucial things a parent should monitor is the dangerous behavior of habitual speeding. Although passive devices such as the GPS Tracking Key can inform parents if a teen was speeding, the SilverCloud GPS will alert parents the moment a teen begins driving over a predetermined safe driving speed. The alert, which is sent from the GPS tracker to a parent's email address or cell phone via text message, is sent the second a teen begins driving too fast, allowing parents to quickly intervene before something dangerous potentially happens.

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When To Take The Car Keys


GPS Tracking Systems & Senior Driving

Knowing When It's Time To Hang Up The Car Keys

Losing independence is a very difficult thing for any person to have to go through, but when independence can have a potentially fatal end result than the decision is easy. Many families across the United States are having to make tough decisions regarding an elderly family member's abilities to safely operate a motor vehicle. This is because news headlines are constantly showcasing stories about disoriented or confused elderly motorists swerving off the road, running through traffic signals or hitting pedestrians or other motorists. Many senior drivers no longer have the tools necessary to safely operate an automobile, but the problem has been that many families have not had the tools to discover that their elderly family member could be a dangerous driver. However, that has all changed with the advancement in real-time vehicle tracking technology with the release of the new SilverCloud tracker.

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GPS Tracking Lowers Teen Insurance Rates


GPS Tracking Systems Can Save You $$$

Insuring Your Teen at An Affordable Rate

teen-driverIt is no secret that insuring a teen driver is an enormously expensive endeavor. Insurance companies place a great emphasis on driver safety and typical driving habits when calculating your insurance costs, and because teenagers have much higher accident rates and are generally less attentive when behind the wheel, insurance costs for teens can place a massive strain on the family budget. The cost of insuring teen drivers is so high that many youth are forced to stay off the road altogether.

However, there are certain measures that parents can take in order to reduce these insurance costs. By demonstrating that your family has taken all measures possible to ensure that a teen stays safe behind the wheel, you can give insurance companies confidence that an accident will not occur. There are many different methods of accomplishing this. For example, you can install a GPS tracking system into your son's or daughter's car in order to keep track of his or her activities at all times.

GPS tracking systems allow parents to know the whereabouts of their teens 24/7. By keeping tabs on your children in this manner, you can prevent them from driving to questionable places at unsafe times, thereby reducing the likelihood of an accident. This in turn will help to reduce your son's or daughter's driving insurance rates.

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Computer Surveillance For Parents


What Is My Teen Doing?

GPS Tracking Systems & Keystroke Loggers Help Parents FIND OUT!

teen_onlineEvery parent has wondered at one time or another what their teenage son or daughter was doing, but acquiring that information is getting more and more difficult for concerned parents. The reason is because teens have a strong tendency to be closed off and short with parents. Not to mention, many teens prefer not spending time at the house, instead opting to socialize with friends, and when they do hang out at the house they are probably in their room with the doors closed and locked. In their room, teens are usually bouncing back and fourth between episodes of Jersey Shore and Facebook posts, or posting status updates about Jersey Shore. In between the endless mind-numbing MTV programming, teens also may be sending/receiving provocative messages on social networking sites, making plans to attend parties where alcohol or drug use could be taking place and more. However, concerned parents are fighting back into their teens' lives through the use of technology that includes GPS tracking systems and keystroke loggers.

GPS Tracking Devices: FIND OUT Where A Teen Is Going & More

GPS tracking systems have received the most media attention for their role in helping parents understand where a teen is driving, and whether or not they are obeying the laws of the road. By bestowing knowledge about where a teen is driving, how fast they are driving and more, GPS tracking systems will allow any parent to find out if their son or daughter is frequenting places that are "off-limits", and if they are traveling to those locations in a speed that is both safe and acceptable according to speed limit laws in their local area. From a safety perspective, vehicle tracking technology can help parents learn if their teen drivers are being responsible while operating a motor vehicle, and from the parental perspective, teen tracking units will inform parents if a teen is going to tavern, party or significant other's home.

Since teenage drivers are still categorized and classified as high-risk motorists, many car insurance companies will extend policy discounts when parents install real-time tracking units to a teen's vehicle to monitor driving. The live tracking systems also can act as a theft recovery solution if the automobile is ever stolen.

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Baby Miraculously Survives Train Accident


In The Blink Of An Eye

GPS Tracking Children May Never Be Enough

Parents take every precaution to safeguarding their children, but sometimes there is simply no avoiding accidents. In the blink of an eye, a casual day has the potential to turn into tragedy, and that is almost exactly what happened when a mother in Australia took her eyes of her baby who was sleeping in a stroller.

Waiting for a train is nothing new to most people and parents, but when a mother in Australia took only a moment to pull up her pants, she quickly recognized that the baby carrying her stroller began to move and move fast. As the mother finished pulling up her clothing, which only took less than maybe a second, her baby stroller began accelerating faster and faster as it headed right for the train tracks. As the mother noticed what was happening, she quickly bolted toward her child, only to see the stroller fall onto the train tracks and right into the path of a oncoming train. In the horrific video shown above, the moment the baby and stroller fell onto the train tracks a oncoming train crashed into both baby and stroller before the conductor was able to pull the emergency break and stop the train. The whole incident, which occurred in no less than maybe 5 seconds, was caught on tape. However, the most surprising outcome was that as gruesome as the video was the baby only received minor injuries, going home to her family that night!

GPS Tracking: The High-Tech Way To Watch Baby

More and more parents are using sophisticated monitoring and surveillance equipment to enhance personal safety, and the devices that these proactive parents are turning toward are GPS tracking systems. Once only used for vehicle tracking applications for fleet management managers, GPS tracking systems are now one of the ways parents can see every movement their baby, child or teen makes. By placing a tracking unit on baby, in the backpack or clothing of a child or on the car of a teen driver, parents will be able to quickly and easily have 24/7 access to everywhere and anywhere that individual is and has been. Making the process even more simple, any parent can access the data from a home, work or any other accessible computer.

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Predators On Facebook


Missing Girl: Jessie Bender

Could Keystroke Logger Have Caught Predator?

typingEvery parent's worst nightmare is that their child goes missing, and sadly that is exactly what one family in Hesperia is now having to deal with. Police in Hesperia are now looking for a 13-year-old girl named Jessie Bender after her mother reported her missing to authorities. The girl, who is still in middle school, has not been seen in over a week, leaving her family scared, worried and frightened that they may never see here again. Making the situation worse, is that the parents believe that the girl ran off with a person who claimed to be a 17-year-old boy from Chicago, but likely was an online predator. Now, the family is left combing through the social networking messages and posts that were once so guarded and private in hope that they will provide some sort of lead that can result in the girl's safe return.

With so many predators now surfing the web, parents need to take every precaution to safeguard their children by observing what teens are doing at all times. However, knowing what a teen or child is doing online is often a challenging task for many parents, but that is why surveillance tools such as keystroke logger systems are available and popular.

Keystroke loggers and spy software offer parents the ability to record every single thing a child or teen does on the Internet, providing families a way of knowing if that child or teen is networking with a possible online predator. Screen shots of web pages visited, email exchanges, Facebook posts and chat room activity is all documented with these online surveillance tools, offering parents an additional way of observing the activity of their children.

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