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CowMany people may be unaware that the farming industry has progressed and advanced over the past 20 years at a very high rate. New machinery and heavy equipment is now used to make tending the land less time consuming and has allowed farmers to increase productivity. However, it is real-time GPS tracking technology that has been what many farmers have been using to better manage farmland and that has created a buzz in the farming industry.

GPS tracking of livestock is not a new science, surfacing more frequently over the last several years. GPS monitoring technology has a lot of potential for farmers, allowing them to monitor the movements of livestock throughout the landscape, plot grazing patterns and see what areas the livestock have been depleting nutrients in the soil. Farmers who utilize real-time GPS tracking to keep an eye on livestock have the ability to monitor spacial movements and spacial activities, information that can provide multiple benefits.


One agency doing extensive research on the benefits of real-time tracking of livestock is the Precision Agriculture Research Group, and according to Dr. Mark Trotter, an expert on livestock monitoring, he believes that GPS tracking will be used substantially by farmers in the next 5-10 years. He stated that the GPS live tracking data transmitted from livestock will help farmers understand a great deal about how livestock interact with the precious lands, and will also give farmers the ability to discover a farm animal's precise location.

Currently, many farmers use passive GPS tracking systems to gather information about livestock. The tracking collars are worn on the animal as a collar, and if or when the farmer wants to collect and review that recorded tracking data all they need to do is manually remove the collar and download the stored data, which will allow them to view in retrospect the movements of the livestock. However, Trotter believes there will be a dynamic shift and movement toward real-time solutions as the technology becomes more tailored to farming applications.

Source: Precision Pays


+29 #6 Ricardo 2012-04-12 14:58
Hi All,
I need to know what's the device I shuould purchase for each cow that I need to track in real-time.
How can I read the results of the tracking in real-time?
I will appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance.
+35 #5 Santiago 2012-03-15 14:57
Hi, I need to know which of your products would fit for livestock tracking in real time. We need to know where our cattle is, and if stolen.
thanks a lot
+32 #4 Danielle 2011-12-08 12:44
I live in SA and stock theft here is devastating. Do u have or know of a system that can be effective in tracking and alerting when sheep are herded out of an area?
+1 #3 Fuaad 2011-08-18 12:04
I'm looking 4 a system that I can use in my town.
0 #2 TrackingSystemDirect 2011-02-11 00:49
TSD tracking devices can provide the solution to fleet management, teen driving safety and more
+2 #1 Curtis Oaks 2011-02-02 03:30
Will your system track how far a rental pack goat has traveled.

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