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Oscar Winner's Cheating Husband

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James Issues An Apology To Bullock

GPS Tracking Device May Have Caught Cheating Husband Earlier

SandraActress Sandra Bullock has been in the spotlight for years because of her amazing talent, but sadly she is now making headlines for the actions of her husband Jesse James. James, owner of West Coast Choppers and reality television star, announced in a public statement that he had made "poor and regrettable decisions that harmed his family". The statement came shortly after a woman told multiple media sources she had been boinging James for an extensive period time. Apparently, he had been involved in the sexual relationship with the woman for almost a year, including the time Bullock was working on the movie "The Blind Side" for which she won an Academy Award.

The woman surrounding the controversy is a tattoo model named Michelle McGee. McGee, like many of the women who were involved with Tiger Woods, saved SMS text messages to validate her story.

James was involved with a tattooed porn star before marrying Bullock.

Hopefully, Bullock will be able to bounce back from this absolutely devastating and shocking situation that has even surprised Hollywood.

GPS Tracking Connection

Many women who suspect their husbands of infidelity have been turning toward GPS tracking system devices to help reveal the truth. Real-time tracking systems such as the Victoria allow suspicious wives to see where their husband is at live, and more affordable GPS trackers like the GPS Tracking Key and GPS Tracking Key Pro will store driving information that a wife can review at a later time.

If Bullock would have placed a vehicle tracking device on James' car or motorcycle she may have been able to expose him earlier.

Tracking System Opinion

Is James the biggest idiot in the world?

Who do you have more sympathy for, Tiger Woods or Jesse James?

Would you prefer your mate cheat on you with numerous people (like Woods did with Elin), or one person for an extended period of time with one woman (like James did with the tattoo model)?

Source: Los Angeles

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