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Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe!

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When a teen gets his or her license most parents get additional anxiety. With the number one killer of teens being car-related driving accidents, and 16-25 year old drivers being the number one age group ticketed by police for traffic violations, parents have good cause to feel anxious. Although the thought of a teen driver navigating the roadways alone can be worrisome for most parents, many have turned to technology to ease the stress.

GPS tracking systems allow parents to be proactive in modifying and shaping the driving behaviors of their teen, and actually help build trust between parent and teen. With a GPS vehicle tracking solution validating a teen is exhibiting responsible and cautious driving behaviors, many parents allow the teen to have MORE freedoms. Having the ability to always know where your teen is and has been provides a parent with assurance, security and relief.

GPS Tracking Key: The Recommended Teen Tracking Solution

Negative Influences On Teen Driving


  • 1 out of 5 teenagers expressed that they think driving fast is fun.
  • 1 out of 4 teen drivers, who also identified themselves as aggressive drivers, stated that they have drove 20 mph over the speed limit more than once.
  • Over half of all teen drivers said they have exceeded the speed limit by over 10 mph more than once.

Peer Pressure:

  • Almost half of all teens stated that they drive more carefully when other teen passengers are not present in the vehicle.
  • Less than half of the teens said they would speak up if a driver were speeding or driving in a scary manner.
  • Almost 70% of teens said they felt unsafe when someone else was driving.

Cellular Phones:

  • Almost 100% of teens expressed that they received or sent a text message while driving.
  • More than half of all teens stated that they talk on the phone while they drive.
  • A driver speaking on the phone while driving is twice as likely to be involved in a traffic accident than someone not speaking on a phone.

Positive Influences On Teen Driving

GPS Tracking Systems:

  • GPS tracking systems can send parents alerts via email or cell phone if a teen driver is driving at unsafe speeds.
  • GPS tracking systems always keep parents "in the know".
  • GPS tracking systems give parents peace-of-mind and teens additional freedom.
  • Many insurance companies give discounts to drivers with GPS tracking systems.


  • Most drunk drivers are on the road from 10:00 p.m.-4:00 a.m.
  • Almost half of all teen automobile deaths occur between the hours of 9:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m.

Seat Belts:

  • Teens use seat belts less than any other age group.
  • A person wearing a seat belt is almost 50% less likely to be killed in an automobile accident.

*Data was collected from Allstate Foundation for teen safe driving.

GPS Tracking Device: How It Can Help

GPS tracking systems can act as effective preventative mechanisms for many forms of negative driving behavior. Another positive impact that comes from using a GPS vehicle tracking solution is the additional freedoms and lowered insurance rates many teen drivers receive. When a teen driver receives additional freedom and parents receive the peace of knowing their teen is safe everybody wins.

When a teen knows that a GPS tracker is monitoring their every move they begin to drive more safely and build a foundation of safe driving habits that will last a lifetime!

Teens Still Upset One Year Later

Teen DrivingWith the arrival of the new year comes new laws, but one new law related to teenage driving safety created quite a controversy among newly licensed teens in 2012. What this new driving law stated was that teenage motorists under the age of 18 caught driving in excess of 15mph over the speed limit would be arrested! Although the law was intended to be a proactive step in reducing the statistically frightening number of deaths associated with teenage driving, it has not sat well with those targeted by the law that has now been in place approximately for one year.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol are well aware of the powerful and vivid statistics that validate the real dangers associated with teenage driving. Numbers that show the top cause of premature death among teens is automotive related accidents. However, some North Carolina teens and even adults have stated they believe an arrest for what is essentially a misdemeanor traffic offense is not the appropriate way to address the issue of teenage driving safety. The opponents of the law state that it's unfair because the law that targets only a specific group of people is actually discrimination. They ask why adults over 18 can drive 15mph over the speeding limit and not get arrested even though the driver responsibility is the same?

GPS Teen Tracking System

Parents agree that measures should be taken to promote, encourage and reward safe driving practices in an effort to reduce the teenage driving statistics, but many believe that this law is simply overkill. This is why some parents have invested in GPS teen tracking systems to monitor driving behaviors of teen motorists. With these tracker device systems, parents can easily determine if their teen is driving a car at dangerous unsafe speeds. GPS monitoring systems are one of the newest avenues parents are choosing to learn more about how

Although the majority of North Carolina teens impacted by the driving law don't agree with it they do understand why such legislation was drafted. One teen interviewed about the law explained it is important that teen drivers be aware of their driving behaviors. She said anything that could possibly make a teenage driver think twice about their driving habits is a positive thing, but adults should also be held to the same type of driving standards

Do you agree with the North Carolina legislation that is harsher toward drivers under the age of 18 that are caught speeding?


Teen Tracking Systems For Parents

teens-with-cell-phonesThe world is a totally different place today than it was thirty years ago. Social networking has people more connected now than ever in history, mobile phones give people the ability to communicate from anywhere in an instant and the world wide web has people from all over the globe sharing information and ideas in seconds. Technology has given the world an incredible amount of positive things, but for parents concerned about the activity of their teenage sons or daughters, it is now offering oversight. This oversight is bestowed through a new popular application that uses GPS tracking technology in a program called Code9 Mobile.

Code9 Mobile is an application that gives parents the ability to monitor the one device teenagers use more than any other technological system: their cellular phone. All teens with mobile communication devices check status updates on Facebook, send/receive text messages, send out tweets with Twitter and more. Therefore, cellular phones are a treasure trove of information that can give parents a in-depth look at what teenagers are doing. That is why Code9 Mobile has become such a popular tool among parents concerned about teen activity.

What makes Code9 Mobile different from many of the other teen tracking solutions on the market is that it gives parents a number of different tools to observe and regulate activity. Some of the key features of the teen monitoring application include:

  1. Location display using personal GPS tracker technology
  2. Address book and contacts monitoring
  3. Curfew tools that stop text message sending/receiving at pre-set times
  4. Text message filtering that bans certain slang or keywords from being transmitted
  5. White & black lists that can block certain numbers from sending the teen a text message

Code9 Mobile does offer a free application that gives parents almost a test drive of the system, while offering limited access to certain futures. However, parents will be required to pay the monthly service obligation of $9.95 a month of they want complete access to all of the features of the teen monitoring system.

GPS Trackers Give Parents Answers

GPS_Tracking_Key_PackagingParents will always go the extra mile to make certain that their kids are safe, but when children become teenagers, that process becomes much more challenging. One of the primary reasons for this is a combination of teens partaking in risk-taking behaviors along with a propensity to exude an almost sense of immortality. These cognitive patterns of teens are part of the reason why so many parents worry about teen driving safety. Throw in another variable of teenagers not having a vast amount of experience operating a motor vehicle, and the end result can be very hazardous. Due to the potential fatal consequences of teenage driving, many parents are shifting into a proactive safety mode by using GPS vehicle tracking systems to gather information about the driving habits of their teen drivers.

The Process Of GPS Tracking Teens

The device called upon by most parents in need of an affordable and easy-to-use GPS solution is the GPS Tracking Key. What makes this particular type of GPS popular among parents is that the hardware is compact and cost-effective, while giving parents concrete details about how fast their teenager is driving, and every spot they park their car at. Some of the popular features that make this GPS teen tracker system special include:

  1. Driving Reports That Show Max Speed Traveled
  2. Historical Playback Option
  3. Easy Connection To Vehicle Via Magnetic Mount
  4. No Installation Or Monthly Service Obligations

Every single day the GPS personal tracking specialists at Tracking System Direct receive phone calls and emails from worried parents who believe that their teenage son or daughter is engaging in unsafe driving practices such as speeding. Looking to alleviate that worry, the concerned parents do research and gather information on the various security products available to enhance teenage driving safety. After a brief investigation process or conversation with a GPS fleet management expert, concerned parents learn that it is very simple to GPS track a teen.

Increasing Safety Or Invading Privacy

The Teen Monitoring Debate

teen-textingAs soon as you reach the age when you see a kid with either dyed blue hair, skin-tight jeans or a mohawk and think to yourself, “What the hell is that kid thinking?” you know you are old. Parents understand the importance of letting teens express themselves and therefore will often let their sons or daughters enter into the world knowing all too well that their kids look like a circus freak (apologies to any circus freaks who may have been offended). Although parents will let their teens listen to some questionable music, dress goofy or even engage in unique hobbies, teen safety is always a top priority for any parent. This is why some parents will routinely review text messages stored in the inbox and sent box of their teen’s cellular phone. However, our GPS tracking systems expert would like to know if you believe the practice of reading teen text messages is appropriate, or if it is an invasion of teen privacy?

Cellular phones are the communication weapons of choice among all teenagers, and the text message is the tip of the spear. Text message communication is so common that many teens will send and receive approximately 3,339 SMS messages per month! Text messages are not the only things holding the secrets of many teen’s lives, social networking apps, camera phone photos and instant messaging conversations can all be stored on mobile communication devices as well. Therefore, having access to a teens cell phone means having access to vast amount of knowledge that could be critical to safety. With so much information being stored on a single object, and with many teenagers being so secretive and closed off, should parents review data stored on cellular phones if they believe it would improve teen safety?

Safety Is Top Priority For Parents Of Teens

GPS Tracker Gives Parents Real Answers In Real Time

2D3DviewThe reality is that when a teenager takes the keys and gets behind the wheel of a car they are engaging in a behavior that is the leading cause of premature death among teens. This is because motor vehicle accidents are a teen killer. Some people attribute the horrific statistics associated with teenage driving/motor vehicle accidents to novice skills operating a car, a propensity to not focus on the road with full attention or a tendency some teens have of speeding. Whatever the root cause really is, the truth is that driving can be lethal, and therefore parents need to take every possible step to increase the odds of safety. One of the instruments a large number of caring parents of teenage drivers are now making use of is a gadget known as the SilverCloud GPS, a real-time GPS tracker that reports an abundance of information related to driving movements.

Benefits Of GPS Tracking For Parents

Having the ability to identify where a teenage driver is located and all the historical information related to driving activity would be the definition of GPS teen tracking. The reason why parents take advantage of this application of vehicle tracking is simple: safety. Although every teenager believes that they are the exception to the rule, that they are the best driver, that they won't get a speeding ticket or that they won't get into a traffic collision, the reality is that teenagers are high-risk drivers who do get themselves into trouble fairly often. That means parents need to be more proactive and take the necessary steps to guarantee they know everything about how their teen drives, where they go and more, and the SilverCloud GPS tracker offers parents those capabilities.