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theft_recoveryGPS Tracking System: Theft Prevention Tools

GPS Tracking: Protect, Prevent & Recover

Many car thieves are smart enough and capable of disarming or bypassing almost all variations of car alarm devices on the market today. If securing and protecting your car is a priority a GPS tracking system and monitoring device can provide you the theft recovery solution you are looking for. Reacquiring your vehicle in a short period of time is essential because a thief could damage or strip the automobile, leaving you the owner paying a high deductible and higher insurance premiums. Tracking systems use GPS monitoring technology that will allow you to locate where the stolen vehicle is in flash, allowing police to quickly find and arrest the car thief and return your vehicle.

SilverCloud GPS: The Recommended Theft-Recovery Tracker




Having the ability to pull up your vehicle's location with only a few mouse clicks will give you the edge over any potential car thief or criminal. If you discover and confirm that your vehicle was stolen a tracking system will provide live streaming updates that make it simple to follow every turn and stop the car thief makes, allowing you to easily navigate police to your stolen vehicle. Recovering a stolen vehicle has never been easier!

Vehicle Tracking

Approximately 2 vehicles are stolen every minute in the United States, with Honda Accords being the most targeted and stolen vehicle by car thieves. Not only will a vehicle tracking system help you quickly recover your vehicle if it is stolen, but it will also help authorities and law enforcement if you are ever car-jacked. GPS vehicle tracking systems assist police in finding your vehicle and arresting the carjacker before any damage is done.

Vehicle tracking system technology is attributed to be the main cause of reduced car theft over the past 10 years according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. You can't afford not having a GPS tracking system protect your vehicle!

Don't' Let Your Vehicle Become A Statistic!

Tracking System Theft Recovery Solution

Real-time vehicle tracking systems are the only for sure way to protect your vehicle from theft. Steering wheel locks and car alarms can all be manipulated by a motivated criminal, making your vehicle susceptible to theft, and leaving you without an automobile. Associated costs of having a vehicle stolen include:

  1. Payment Of A High Auto Insurance Deductible
  2. Rental Car Costs
  3. Missed Time From Work
  4. Higher Car Insurance premiums

Having your vehicle stolen is stressful enough, but having to pay all the associated costs can be a financial nightmare. The great thing about real-time vehicle tracking systems is they work on any type of vehicle, such as a automobile, motorcycle, boat, or recreational vehicle. Investing in a tracking system is the best way to be proactive in securing and protecting any vehicle asset.

The Tracking System Of Choice

The preferred tracking system among consumers and businesses looking for a system dedicated to asset management and theft recovery is the SilverCloud GPS. The SilverCloud GPS tracker sends live streaming updates as fast as every three (s) seconds, giving users constant access to their asset or vehicle in real-time. There are a number of different data plans for businesses and consumers to choose from, depending on the needs of the individual. All data plans offer UNLIMITED updating, and the data plans start at $19.95 per month.

The SilverCloud GPS is currently employed by:

  1. Fortune 500 Companies
  2. Motorcycle Owners
  3. Fleet Managers
  4. Boat Owners
  5. Small Businesses
  6. ATV, Dirt Bike, And Street Bike Owners
  7. Law Enforcement

When Choosing A Real-Time Tracking System Solution For Theft Recovery And Asset Management SilverCloud GPS Is King!

Car Camera Device Units


GPS Tracking Company Introduces Car Camera

driveproof-cameraTracking System Direct brings state-of-the-art car camera and GPS tracker to assist businesses and consumers.

Tracking System Direct, a global leader in GPS locational technologies, is proud to announce the debut of car camera and GPS device designed to meet the needs of both consumers and businesses looking to enhance automotive security.

"We are always searching for automotive security products that not only offer a significant level of value for a business or everyday consumer, but also provide a user-friendly experience at a cost-effective rate", stated Tracking System Direct President Ryan Horban. "DriveProof Car Cameras are truly unique automotive security solutions that will pioneer a change in how families and companies conduct vehicle oversight."

DriveProof Car Cameras

DriveProof Car Camera systems provide the latest in both video surveillance and GPS data logging technologies. When equipped to the windshield of a vehicle, DriveProof Car Camera systems can record visual and audio data both inside the cab of the automobile as well as the outside. However, what makes this model of car camera unique from other solutions on the market is that DriveProof Car Camera systems also record locational data using GPS tracking. Therefore, a driver, parent or business owner can determine where a person, teen driver or employee was located, how fast they were going, mileage driven and more all by downloading the GPS tracking data stored on any DriveProof Car Camera system. This type of locational and video technology can be extremely valuable if person needs to have evidence corroborating a story in a motor vehicle accident, business wants to reduce potential liabilities or if a parent simply wants to enhance teen driving safety.

About Tracking System Direct

Tracking System Direct is an online retail store that focuses on bringing both real-time and passive GPS tracking devices to police agencies, families and businesses all across the globe. With a reliable line of sophisticated personal and vehicle tracking solutions, Tracking System Direct is the #1 online resource for those seeking to enhance automotive security and family safety.

GPS Trackers & Creditors


GPS Tracking Systems: Changing The Way Banks Loan?

banks_moneyHaving a system in place that allows both consumers and businesses to have access to large amounts of additional cash flow is one of the things that reinforce capitalism’s greatness. Through channels of credit, teenagers are able to purchase automobiles to drive to school and work, families are able to purchase homes and companies are able to acquire the additional capital to increase staff and boost profit. However, after many banks and creditors began extending loans to high-risk borrowers in an attempt to make money on a booming real estate market, the bubble burst. What resulted next was the catalyst of the housing crisis, financial crisis and recession that has caused havoc on many people’s lives. All Americans are now paying the price for the mismanagement and failure of oversight by lending companies, but many of the rules associated with lending may continue to change. One of the changes that some banks are considering is to use GPS vehicle tracking as part of the loan process.

The Lending Process

Every bank, lender or creditor has a different set of rules they observe to determine whether an individual or business is worthy of lines of credit or a loan. Financial institutions will look at personal income documentation, household income, alimony/ child support payments, credit score and more. Financial and lending institutions factor all this information to see how likely an individual or business is of repaying a loan in a timely and responsible time frame.

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Victoria Monitoring System


GPS Anti-Theft Solutions

Real-Time Tracking Device Protects Mobile Assets

Car_theftSince the beginning of time there has always been thieves robbing and taking advantage of the innocent or naive. At some point in time everybody has had some some experience with theft, whether when it was during childhood and a kid stole your favorite toy, or when you are an adult and something more valuable was taken. Unfortunately, the problem of theft will likely never fade away because even some of the most harsh punishments for theft have done little to curb the behavior of stealing for some folks, even in countries where people caught stealing have their hands chopped off! The best thing a victim of theft can hope for is a safe and quick return of their missing possession(s) or valuable(s). Thankfully, technology is offering a solution to safeguard vehicles from theft with the latest innovation from LandAirSea called the Victoria tracking system.

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GPS Tracking In Grants Pass


GPS Trackers Help Small Oregon Business

Protecting Personal & Business Assets

paintOver the past decade, businesses everywhere have been investing in GPS tracking system technology to monitor personal and business assets. These assets range from company vehicles, personnel, equipment and more. What makes the live monitoring tracking technology advantageous is that it can help any business large or small keep an eye on entire fleets of vehicles, expensive company equipment and more. This is why one small company near Grant's Pass, Oregon decided to invest in GPS.

Smooth Finishes LLC is a company based near Grant's Pass in a city called Merlin. Smooth Finishes specializes in paint supplies for automobiles and a variety of other applications that require quality paint. A small business located in a small town, Smooth Finishes has been able to reach the pinnacle of the paint industry in southern Oregon because of their knack to pay attention to details, offer the most unique styles and colors of paint and always cater to the needs of the customer. However, when equipment started disappearing from the Smooth Finishes corporate warehouse, the company decided to invest in a few GPS trackers to increase security and protect business assets. "We decided that we could no longer afford to have equipment go missing because a) it was affecting our bottom line, and b) reacquiring the very unique equipment was difficult and often took weeks", explained a salesperson working for Smooth Finishes.

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GPS Trackers Help Truck Drivers


Edmonton Police See Rise In Car Theft Rate

GPS Tracking Devices Provide Theft Protection

PickupPolice in Edmonton are asking truck drivers and others with valuable vehicles or equipment to start taking additional precautions in protecting those mobile assets as motor vehicle theft incidents have been on the rise in the Canadian city.

According to statistics provided by law enforcement in the region, approximately 300 cars have been stolen on the west side alone since January, and of those nearly 300 stolen vehicles 83 were pickup trucks. "Clearly, the car thieves in the area are targeting pickup trucks, bobcat-type construction equipment and other recreation vehicles like "ski-doos", explained a source associated with the Edmonton Police Department. However, the criminals are mostly putting their efforts into stealing 3/4 and 1 ton trucks.

In comparison, there were only 54 pickup trucks stolen in the same time frame the previous year.

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