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generatorMany businesses with heavy machinery and equipment are continuously faced with a theft problem, making asset protection and management a serious concern for construction, service and specialty companies. Businesses are turning to a variety of methods to curb the thievery with methods such as surveillance cameras, security guards and GPS tracking systems to monitor valuable equipment and assets. One company based in Oklahoma called Extreme Inflatables knows all to well about the importance and value of theft recovery and asset protection as they were victims of theft 3 times in the past year. However, when the company received an anonymous phone call one night where a tipster told employees about a plot to steal the company generators for a fourth time, the company chose to fight back with GPS tracking technology and more.

The owner, already utilizing surveillance cameras on the facility, placed GPS trackers on the heavy equipment for protection. The GPS trackers had the ability to transmit the location of the equipment 24/7, allowing the company to be in constant communication with the expensive machinery if it were every moved or stolen. However, this was not enough for Scott Timmons, the company president, he wanted to catch the crooks red-handed, putting a stop to the thievery and sending a message to other criminals. What Timmons decided to do was camp out with a friend trained in martial arts and make a citizen's arrest on the criminals as they attempted to steal the company generators and other heavy machinery.

As it became later and later in the night, 3 young men eventually showed up and decided to make a very bad choice. One of the males, aware of the surveillance cameras monitoring the Extreme Inflatables facility, shined a flashlight into the security camera, disabling it's ability to capture any image with clarity. As he attempted to render the surveillance cameras useless, the other 2 men made their way into the facility and began to steal a generator and other equipment. Already comforted knowing that the equipment was protected by GPS tracking systems, Simmons and his companion quickly captured the kids from behind and held them on the ground face down as authorities were called in to arrest the suspects.

Simmons explained that he had nothing but faith that the GPS tracking systems would protect and secure the company assets, but that he felt it was his duty to end the criminal's shenanigans.

Source: Oklahoma News


0 #1 Michael Bissel 2010-03-31 12:03
I am inquiring with your company regarding tracking systems for equipment.
Situation: We have electric scooters we use on the production floor. At times, they "Disappear" and we would like to be able to locate them. Do you have a system to accomodate ouor needs?

Thank You,

Michael Bissel

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