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About SilverCloud GPS Tracking Systems

Developed by LandAirSea Systems, SilverCloud GPS solutions offer real-time locational data, detailed driving reports and live alerts regarding vehicle activity. Used among police, businesses and families, SilverCloud GPS tracking systems provide the data to improve surveillance, teen driving safety, fleet management, automotive security and so much more.

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Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy: GPS Tracking


GPS Tracker Systems In Public

American FlagOver the past few years no subject has been under more debate and scrutiny among 4th Amendment advocates, police agencies and lawyers than the use of GPS tracking system technology and how it relates to vehicle monitoring. This is because the use of GPS trackers among government and police agencies to conduct personal surveillance has been heavily criticized for infringing on the privacy rights of citizens. However, people should understand that an individual's right to privacy is entirely based on if that individual would have what is defined as a reasonable expectation to that privacy. This is essentially what is looked at when GPS tracker systems are placed upon a person's automobile.

Clearly, there are certain forums people understand they cannot expect privacy. Such as the case if a person sends out a message using Twitter or posts something on their Facebook wall (assuming they don't have privacy settings). When information is exposed in a public forum privacy simply cannot be expected. However, this same principle applies to people participating in everyday actions such as driving down the street. People who drive down the street can't cover up their license plates because when people become part of the public their information also becomes public. If a person doesn't want their vehicle seen by the public they have every right to keep it hidden in their garage. Basically, if a person is in public they shouldn't have an expectation of privacy.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Although the laws regarding the use of GPS vehicle tracking devices continue to change in different states, in many cases a person or government agency can place a GPS tracker on a person'a automobile if that automobile is in a public location. The street, the store or essentially any location outside of a person's private property could be classified as public. This means a police officer could affix a real-time GPS tracking system underneath a person's vehicle while they are inside a store shopping and then monitor the driving activity of that vehicle for days or weeks! Police authorities who go through the proper legal channels and acquire a warrant could also be granted the ability to place a GPS tracker inside the cab of a person's vehicle or hard-wire the tracker system.

There have been a number of cases reaching high courts involving police use of GPS tracking systems to monitor vehicles and people suspected of engaging in illegal activity. Of course, each case has had different results based on procedure and state laws so it is difficult to set a concrete standard, but regardless the authorities do have some ability to utilize search warrants as a method of using GPS trackers on vehicles.

What people should know is that they should not expect privacy while conducting affairs in public, and that police will always have some authority to use GPS tracking systems if they can establish some justifiable cause why. Therefore, people engaging in illegal conduct and activity should be aware that at any given time they could be under surveillance.

GPS Tracker Busts Chattanooga Man


Technicality Only Speed Bump In Arrest

law enforcementRicky Davis was a burglar in the north Chattanooga area, but when local law enforcement agents used a GPS tracking system to monitor his personal vehicle and document his travels in order to build a case against him they made one critical error: getting a warrant. Yes the vehicle tracking system proved with concrete certainty Davis was near the scene of a string of burglaries that occurred, but none of that GPS tracking evidence would be admitted as evidence because probable cause was never first established to justify tracking Davis. The career criminal found a loop hole, beat the system and was free to go. Unfortunately, stupid is as stupid does.

Davis has been arrested again for his involvement in a new string of burglaries, and although he was able to negate the GPS tracking system evidence before, now a number of eye witnesses would be the key evidence in obtaining a conviction.

A Life Of Crime

In 2010, law enforcement officers witnessed Davis engaging in suspicious behavior, walking up to homes and checking doors to see if they were locked. This led the police investigators to believe that Davis was likely the individual involved in a number of local home robberies. A case was built against Davis, search warrant was acquired and police discovered a number of stolen items in the home of the burglary suspect. He was arrested for aggravated burglary.

However, this was not the first time Davis had a run in with the law. Before this particular arrest, Davis received a five-year prison sentence for a string of robberies he committed in the North Chattanooga area. He ended up only serving four years in jail and was able to beat some of the other charges he was accused of that included additional robbery charges and rape.

October 14th 2013

Davis broke into the home of Curtis Sheppard, stealing his car keys and wallet. Davis, and another black male, were then seen getting into and driving off in the Lexus owned by Sheppard, which was parked outside his residence. During those same early morning hours two other home burglaries were reported to police. Interestingly enough, when police found the stolen Lexus a few days later the vehicle housed a number of contents stolen from the homes of the other reported burglaries.

October 23rd

A woman is frightened when she hears a loud sound coming from her kitchen. When she investigates the sound she discovers someone kicked in her kitchen door and stole an iPad along with other personal items of value. The woman used a GPS tracking app to locate the stolen iPad in real-time, which led police to a parked car. That car was also reported stolen and the owner of the vehicle was a victim of burglary. The stolen vehicle also housed a number of other items that were reported missing from other local burglaries.

Davis' finger prints were all over the stolen items found in the stolen vehicle.

Police were disappointed that Davis was able to beat previous burglary charges due to a technicality from the use of a GPS tracking system, but were very optimistic that with so much evidence and testimony from eye witnesses that Davis will be back behind bars where he belongs soon enough.

GPS Monitoring Koala Bears


Tracking Systems Show Koala Numbers In Decline

koala-cub-006Australia has been one of the very few nations in the world that has kept unemployment low and the economy relatively strong in the midst of a global slowdown. The Aussie dollar continues to be strong against many other global currencies, and with vast natural resources such as gold and silver being mined this trend should only continue. Unfortunately, with a growing economy comes some unique challenges. One of those challenges Australia is facing is land management practices that are leading to a direct decline in koala populations based upon new data gathered from GPS tracking systems.

What researchers at the University of Sydney did was conduct an experiment that monitored approximately 40 koala bears in the Gunnedah region using GPS tracking devices. The GPS trackers provided real-time tracking data showing the koala bears fed on eucalypts during the evening then escaped to find shelter from the hot temperatures during the day. The problem is that trees offering a shaded protection from the brutal Australian heat waves are being cut down in mass frequency, placing koala bears at an increased risk of dehydration or death from heat related illness. The rise in temperatures combined with loss of shaded trees that offer protection is something that is of great concern to researchers who monitor koala bear activity. In fact, a heat wave that struck Australia roughly 5 years ago killed nearly 25% of the koala bears being monitored by the University! This is very alarming, especially with data showing warmer weather will likely increase due to human activity.

A researcher for the University of Sydney explained that the best thing people can do to help koala bear populations is by maintaining or increasing the areas of shaded trees that offer protection from the sun for the animals. The researcher explained that large trees provide shade and a mixture of nutrient requirements that help the beloved animal in Australia survive. Simply put, koala bears are large animals that live and take shelter in trees so if land management regulations and deforestation remove those trees the impact will be koala bear populations on the decline.

Researcher will continue to use GPS systems and other tools to monitor koala bear activity to better gauge how human interaction is impacting the animal populations. Hopefully, lawmakers and land management officials will recognize certain activity is having a negative impact on the koala bears along with other animal species resulting in more environmentally friendly legislation.

GPS Assisting In Hurricane Observation


GPS Tracking Systems Helping Hurricane Research

hurricaneThe constellation of GPS satellites orbiting miles above the Earth make our lives so much easier even though none of us ever physically see the technological marvels. GPS tracking and navigational technology is the driving force behind the innovative routing and direction programs such as Google Earth, numerous fitness applications and about a million other things. GPS technology is critical in so many components of our daily lives that many of us take for granted the detailed data provided through low level radio frequencies, but hurricane researchers are certainly not one of those groups of people.

On the eastern seaboard and in states surrounding the Gulf of Mexico the month of August is identified as the start of hurricane season. This means researchers are using every available tool to learn more about the conditions that cause tropical storms and of course once those storms evolve into hurricanes how powerful they are. How GPS tracking and navigational technology is providing assistance to hurricane researchers is by giving the investigators data such as the direction and strength of wind speeds, data calculated by GPS signals bouncing around in the tropical storms.

According to a hurricane researcher working at the NASA Langley Research Center, the new technique that uses GPS technology to gather data regarding hurricane activity is both extremely precise and cost-effective. This is because the previous method of collecting data on hurricanes involved using dropsondes into a active tropical storm or hurricane via what is known as a Hurricane Hunter aircraft. Basically, the old technique used an aircraft that released tubes filled with different meteorological devices and instruments used to calculate things such as pressure, air and water temperature and humidity in the air. Although this technique had been effective at gathering data related to hurricane strength and the conditions involved in the development of the storm, the cost of such projects limited the amount of dropsondes available and therefore left holes in the data. The more modern method of using GPS technology will not only be more affordable but fill those once empty holes with more data!

The new GPS tracking and navigational tools used to gather information about storm activity is just the first step in helping hurricane researchers better understand the twisted and beautiful mind of Mother Nature. This is because by 2016 the brains at NASA intend on launching a smaller set of satellites into space that will be used specifically to measure what are known as reflected GPS signals to provide even more accurate data about storm activity from outer space. This new GPS satellite system is known as the Cyclone Global Satellite System.

With more and more technological tools being called upon to help researchers it is only a matter of time before humanity will have a more complete understanding of the conditions that cause, grow and change hurricane activity. The data from GPS will place a significant part in this understanding which will most certainly help in providing the most detailed and concrete weather forecasts.

Source: ABC News Charlestown


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