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New Home Surveillance Products Coming Very Soon!

TrackingSystemDirectLogo.2Tracking System Direct has spent the past 5 years providing the most reliable and user-friendly GPS tracking systems to consumers, businesses and professionals all over the globe. These tracker devices have combined the latest in satellite and cellular technologies to help improve vehicle management, asset observation, automotive security, teenage driving safety, fleet monitoring and personal safety.  With thousands of GPS monitoring devices sold to date, Tracking System Direct has become synonymous with quality personal and automotive tracking solutions. Looking to take the next step in helping those with security needs, Tracking System Direct is proud to announce that it has partnered up with KJB Security to offer a diverse line of camera systems, audio recording devices and other sleuth gear that will all be available for purchase in the coming weeks!

Over the next few weeks Tracking System Direct will be introducing a wide variety of new products designed for home and business security. All of these new products will be backed with a complete one-year warranty with free technical support provided by the experts at KJB Security. "We are proud to be working closely with a company that has established itself as a leader in the security industry and we truly feel that our customers will find these new products developed by KJB the best the market has to offer", stated President of Operations Ryan Horban. "With a new line of camera systems and personal protection devices we believe we can better meet the needs of our customers. And at the end of the day the most important thing to everyone here at Tracking System Direct is providing the best security solutions the market has to offer."

Although the new security devices will certainly make for a more diverse online shopping experience for the customer, GPS monitoring will continue to be the primary focus at Tracking System Direct. In fact, Tracking System Direct will not only continue researching and testing the latest GPS innovations created to make life easier for businesses and consumers, but add those products to the online store when appropriate.

Those with questions regarding the new line of security products and hidden camera solutions can reach a specialist at Tracking System Direct 7 days a week. Representatives are available to provide insight and answer questions to anyone seeking video monitoring or vehicle tracking advice.

GPS Bracelets To Be Discontinued


Personal Trackers Are On Indefinte Hold

GPS Bracelet4Over the past two years one of the top-selling products offered through the Tracking System Direct online store has been the GPS bracelet. What made this particular product so successful was that it allowed families and caregivers to monitor senior loved ones battling memory illnesses such as Dementia, while also offering concerned parents a tool to help them keep track of their children. The product was instrumental in improving the lives of people all over the United States through an application of personal tracking, and this is why our company is disappointed to announce that it will no longer be offering the GPS bracelet manufactured by the people at Laipac.

The most obvious questions that customers who have contacted Tracking System Direct have asked lately is why have we stopped carrying the GPS bracelet and when will we be offering an alternative solution designed for personal tracking? Both are very excellent questions and we are more than happy to discuss the situation with our customers to keep them as informed as possible. Basically what happened was the manufacturer of the GPS bracelet was having issues supplying the wholesale distributor ever since October. These delays forced Tracking System Direct to take pre-orders from customers until stock was supplied. Although this was an inconvenience for some it allowed customers to still get personal tracking hardware even with moderate delays. However, once the delays began getting worse and worse Tracking System Direct had to make a change.

"Laipac would tell us that GPS bracelets would be available on a particular day only to have that date come and go", explained a inventory manager for Tracking System Direct. "They just kept giving us more excuses and more delays which we would explain to our customers, but the inconsistencies eventually started making our company look bad. The numerous delays began reflecting poorly upon us in the eyes of our customers. This is when we knew it was time to move in a new direction. Currently, we have a team of technicians evaluating a number of the most popular GPS trackers designed for personal monitoring and even some new devices that made their debut at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. We understand that our customers demand quality and we won't bring a personal monitoring device to our online store until we have validation that the product is indeed one that offers easy to use online controls at a very high quality."

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Using GPS To Fight A Traffic Ticket


GPS System Data Used In Traffic Citation Fight

policeWe all appreciate the job that police enforcement provide society. They are critical in keeping us all safe and the job they do should get a significant amount of praise, as they are the ones who put their lives on the line every single day to keep us all protected from the bad guys. Although police are a positive influence on the community and key to the personal safety of all people, sometimes people can get a little annoyed with the men in blue. This is certainly the case when a motorist gets pulled over and written a citation for a traffic violation such as speeding or making an illegal turn. Traffic cops routinely use radar guns and other sleuth technology to gauge how fast a motorist is operating a automobile, but this same type of technology is also helping motorists fight traffic citations. This is exactly what many people using GPS navigation and tracking systems are doing when proceeding with a trial by declaration or court trial to fight a traffic citation.

GPS Navigation Systems: Cops Do Not Want To Hear Excuses

Police state that one of the most common excuses motorists pulled over for moving violations state is that, "My navigation GPS told me to turn here". People use GPS navigation systems in the form of portable units or smart phone apps such as Google Maps or iMaps every single day to provide routing directions, but the technology is far from perfection. In fact, iMaps has a very well documented record of navigating people to the incorrect desired locations, and even telling motorists to turn onto one way streets! The problem is that even if a highly-rated app for a smart phone provides incorrect information that leads to a motorist making an illegal turn the end responsibility falls upon the motorist themselves to make the correct decision. Of course, police will be sympathetic to a certain degree if in fact a GPS navigation system is the cause for the erratic driving behavior, but that won't change the party culpable, which is in reality the driver.

"I have heard every excuse in the book when it comes to motorists explaining why they did something that violates the law, but at the end of the day the person behind the steering wheel, pressing the gas pedal and operating the vehicle is the one who needs to be accountable", explained a police officer who did not wish to be identified for this article. "Smart phones, GPS units and other technological equipment are not the ones licensed by the state to operate a vehicle, but rather the driver. Therefore, most officers simply do not want to hear a motorist pass the blame, but rather be accountable for their mishap. In fact, drivers who simply own up to their mishap are far more likely to be let go with a warning than a driver who spends their entire time blaming their GPS navigation or monitoring system."

GPS Tracking Systems: Can Provide Concrete Data

Tracker devices that use GPS locational data are more common in cars now than anytime in the past. GPS monitoring devices now decorate company and personal vehicles, as the systems are routinely used to enhance auto-theft security and driver safety, all while helping many drivers receive a discount on their auto insurance. However, they are also helping many motorists fight tickets they feel were unfairly given for violations such as speeding. This is because tracker devices can record the live locational position, speed and time en route of a driver as fast as every single second! Therefore, the GPS trackers themselves are actually more accurate than a police officer holding a radar gun that could have calibration issues as he is hiding behind some trees near a highway overpass that could also be creating interference.

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GPS Website Back Online


GPS Tracking Store Open

online-storeGPS enthusiasts and customers visiting the Tracking System Direct online store over this past weekend likely noticed an error message from BlueHost stating that the GPS store was down for maintenance. This was indeed a correct message as Tracking System Direct was performing standard maintenance on Friday night through Sunday morning in order to make the online store operate at the most efficient level possible. Tracking System Direct would like to apologize for any inconvenience the maintenance and upgrades may have caused for shoppers, but is happy to report that the online store is back up and running better than ever!

"After running internal diagnostics on the website we realized that there were areas where we could improve upload times among other hosting-related issues", explained the Vice President of the GPS company. "Our goal has always been to not only offer our customers the best GPS tracking systems on the market, but also provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. The diagnostics showed us that the online store had the ability to be improved and offer an overall better customer experience. Anything we can do to better showcase our product line, inform our customers or simply create a better experience for shoppers is something we will always take advantage of. In order to improve the online store it was necessary to briefly take it offline, but we are proud that it's back online now and better than ever!"

One of the most noticeable changes shoppers visiting the Tracking System Direct online GPS store will see is how quickly pages will upload content. Many people now use mobile devices and tablets to browse online or shop and this recent upgrade will significantly reduce the length of time it takes for users to begin reviewing GPS products and GPS-related news events. The faster uploading will also benefit those operating with slower Internet connectivity.

Anyone with specific questions about the recent update or GPS vehicle tracking systems offered through the online store can contact a representative at Tracking System Direct 7 days a week. We always appreciate hearing from our customers and assisting them with their personal GPS monitoring needs.

How To Find A GPS Tracker On Your Car


GPS Tracking System: Is One On Your Vehicle?

GPS Tracking placement.jpgHave you ever felt suspicious that an employer or significant other from the past may be monitoring your vehicle? Tracking every location you go, how long you were there and everywhere in between? Well you are not alone in this type of thinking. In fact, every single day businesses, parents of teen drivers and even those creepy ex-lovers use tracker devices for spying purposes. In many cases the application of GPS is a positive one utilized to elevate personal safety or raise efficiency of workplace vehicles. However, nobody but the person placing the GPS monitoring device on the target automobile knows the real reason for car tracking. That means a person could be tracking your car for malicious reasons, and it is why people who believe a GPS tracker system is on their vehicle need to know how to find the tracker.

What Is A GPS Tracking System

Tracker devices are small technologically advanced pieces of hardware that with the help of satellites and cellular towers can pinpoint where a vehicle is located 24/7. These GPS monitoring systems can record the position of a vehicle as fast as every second, gathering information about driver speed, time en route, locations stopped and even the exact address a person was at in the past or is at in real-time. Tracker devices can be smaller than a deck of playing cards, and many tracker systems even have surface magnets that give users the option to place the GPS unit on the outside of the target car.

How To Find A Tracker System

When looking for a tracker system you should first look at the most common locations a person would hide such a device. These locations include the inside of the glove box, under front/passenger side seats, in between seats and any other easily accessible compartments depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Typically, users can't be overly covert when hiding a tracker system inside the cab of a automobile because if they do it could interfere with acquisition of GPS signals. This is why trackers placed in the trunk or areas inside the cab of the vehicle where significant metal is located will result in highly inaccurate data. GPS signals cannot penetrate metal.

People who suspect they are being tracked certainly need to perform a clean sweep inside of their vehicle to search for any tracker systems, but probably the most common place people will hide a GPS is right underneath the automobile they want to monitor. As mentioned earlier, many GPS units have surface magnetic mounts that allow anyone to quickly walk up to your vehicle and attach a tracker within seconds! A person can walk near the automobile they want to track, bend down as if they were going to tie their shoes and then place the tracker underneath the automobile, attaching the tracker via magnetic bond. Once the tracker is on the vehicle that person who attached it could then from a remote location see everywhere that vehicle travels.

People who believe they are being monitored by GPS should thoroughly search their vehicle inside and out for any tracker systems. However, contacting local authorities is also a strong recommendation, as police can provide more details and insight regarding local laws, penalties for tracking and more.

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