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GPS Trackers: Improving Efficiency & Profit For Companies


SilverCloud GPS Real-Time Tracking

Increase Profit, Productivity & Efficiency With GPS Tracking!

No matter what type of business you are in vehicle tracking system technology can provide you with an easy way to increase company profit and improve employee productivity. Poor route management, unauthorized usage of company vehicle(s), and employee moonlighting are only a few of the factors that can have an effect on the bottom line of a business. Accountability means everything in the business world, and no company can manage something they cannot measure. Vehicle tracking technology provides businesses the opportunity and tools necessary to measure and account for any company vehicle or employee in the field. Even if your business has only one company vehicle, a GPS tracking system can help boost overall operations and management. Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Are My Employees Doing Side Work?
  • How Fast Are My Employees Driving?
  • Are Time Sheets Being Falsified?
  • Are My Employees Taking Excessive Breaks?
  • Is Their An Easier Way To Document Mileage?
  • Is Fuel Being Wasted/ Over Used?

Vehicle tracking system technology can answer all of these questions and show you in detail all the unknown driving habits of your employees. Having the ability to locate employees driving in the field, improve routing operations, and easily document mileage gives businesses an edge over the competition.

The Solution Has Never Been Easier

GPS tracking is now one of the fastest growing markets in the technology sector as businesses across the globe have been seeking to improve accountability, productivity, and efficiency. Fortune 500 companies such as Budweiser utilize passive tracking systems like the GPS Tracking Key Pro to record travel history of employees, and businesses with small or large fleets of vehicles improve routing and management with real-time tracking systems such as the SilverCloud GPS. Regardless of your budget, a GPS monitoring system is available to meet your business needs!

GPS tracking also helps businesses save money as many car insurance companies offer special reduced rates for companies utilizing vehicle tracking technology since the safe recovery of a vehicle equipped with a GPS tracking system is 99.99%.

Invest in vehicle tracking technology and watch productivity and profit grow!

Tracking System Applications

  • Fleet Management:

    Improve routing, planning, and communication between vehicle operators and supervisors by adopting a vehicle tracking system plan!

  • Corporate Tracking System:

    Increase sales visits, easily document mileage driven, and improve overall customer satisfaction with an active tracking system!

  • Fuel Reduction:

    Eliminate unauthorized vehicle usage, excessive idling, and other wasteful habits by drivers with real-time tracking technology!

  • Vehicle Tracking:

    Document every stop an employee made, how long they were stopped for, speeds driven, routes traveled, and more with a passive tracking system!

Give yourself an edge over the competition by modernizing and improving your vehicle(s) with GPS tracking technology!