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The ultimate in vehicle monitoring technology, Car Camera GPS Tracker offers internal video, external video and historical GPS tracking with just the touch of a button! Commonly used among businesses and police agencies, Car Camera GPS Tracker is essentially a black box capable of documenting everywhere a driver goes, how long they were at each location, speeds they traveled, verbal conversations and more.

Car Camera GPS Tracker Features & Specs

  • Fully Functional GPS Data Logger
  • Internal Car Camera
  • External Car Camera
  • Color Video
  • G-Force Detection
  • Voice Recorder

Why Car Camera GPS Tracker Is For You

Engineered to meet the fleet tracking needs of businesses and government agencies, Car Camera GPS Tracker is a vehicle management system that provides both video and GPS tracking data. With this vehicle management solution users can catch thieves who steal contents from inside the cab of a vehicle, document driver speeds, have evidence if an auto accident ever occurred and watch everything a driver is doing at all times. Eliminate possible costly liabilities and enhance employee productivity with Car Camera GPS Tracker!

Product Includes:

  • Drive Proof Car Camera GPS Tracker
  • Wire Clip Attachments (Five)
  • Car Camera GPS Tracker User’s Manual
  • GPS Tracking Software
  • Screw Key Locking Tool
  • Memory Card Lock Screws
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Power Adapter