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People are a business's greatest asset, and a business is only as successful as the people it keeps. However, what if those employees were moonlighting and taking advantage of your business and you never even knew it? What if employees were falsifying time sheets, driving longer routes, using company vehicles for personal use, or consistently taking longer lunch breaks? Any one of those situations could have an impact on a company's profit margin, especially if the company had hundreds of employees.

So is there a viable solution to improve employee performance, and increase company profit?

SilverCloud GPS: The Recommended Fleet Tracking Solution

GPS Tracking: A Fleet & Vehicle Management Solution

Imagine having access to where any employee driver is at while they are in the field 24 hours a day, and having accurate historical records of everywhere they were! All of that information and more can be accessed and observed with a few mouse clicks on any computer at a low cost with the advancement of vehicle management GPS monitoring systems. GPS tracking systems are the fleet management solution regardless if the company has 1 vehicle or 100 vehicles. Fleet management has never been easier!

  • Get alerts if a driver is speeding!
  • Receive an email or text message if they enter or exit any pre-programmed location or geographic area!
  • View multiple driving reports to see travel history, mileage driven, and more!
  • Increase and expand employee productivity while reducing fuel costs!

Tracking System Answer

Improving the Quality Of Customer Service

GPS tracking systems will allow you to observe the status and movement of every company vehicle in the field on a single computer screen anytime, any day! Dispatching a nearby truck or vehicle to a service or sales call instead of routing a company vehicle that is further away or inside the company facility will improve arrival time and customer service. GPS monitoring and tracking systems allow a company to assist customers in a flash!

Tracking systems and GPS monitoring devices make managing vehicles and drivers simple and easy. Operating a delivery or service company has just became a whole lot easier!

Monitor And Reduce Excess Speeding

If you have an employee who is driving your company vehicle(s) consistently at dangerous speeds and they are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you and your company could be held liable! Drivers who have a tendency to speed can be a danger to not only themselves, but every other motorist sharing the roadways, creating the scene for a potentially hazardous outcome. Tracking systems allow a company to be proactive by monitoring driving habits and shaping them before an accident ever occurs. Setting speed limits on company vehicles and holding employees accountable by having programmed speed alerts allow a company to ensure any employee driver is practicing safe driving habits.

Tracking Systems

The Only Vehicle Management Solution

  • Eliminate any Unauthorized or Personal use of Company Vehicles.
  • Increase Profit.
  • Improve Routing and Dispatching.
  • Reduce Unnecessary Fuel Costs.
  • Shape Healthy and Safe Driving Habits.
  • Never Worry About Car Theft.
  • Catch Moonlighting Employees.
  • Reduce Company Liability.

GPS tracking systems are the vehicle management solution that will modernize any fleet of vehicles, making employees more productive and efficient, while reducing fuel costs, unauthorized trips, and liability.

Increase Accountability, Efficiency And Profit Today!

Locating Vehicles On Car Dealerships

GPS Tracking System For Car DealersOne of the biggest concers for car dealerships around the United States is being able to quickly locate a vehicle on the car lot and then at the same time being certain that vehicle is ready to be shown to customers. Naturally, any vehicle on a car lot is clean and mechanically sound, but with potential buyers taking vehicles for test drives and possibly leaving a light on inside the vehicle, there is a chance a automobile on a car lot could be short on gas or have a battery that is low. Nothing could be more embarrassing than putting a potential buyer into their dream vehicle than that same vehicle not starting because of a dead battery or because the car has an empty fuel tank. Well maybe one thing could be more embarrassing and that is not being able to find that vehicle on a car lot! Thankfully, one piece of technology is changing that thanks in large part to GPS vehicle tracking

GPS Synchronize Location Technology 

The device that was engineered to solve many of the problems facing car dealerships is a tool known as the SilverCloud Sync. What the tracker does is pretty simple: it allows a car dealership to locate every one of their vehicles on a car lot, determine if vehicles are low on fuel, measure battery life and more. The GPS vehicle trackers can even be programmed to send out an alert if an automobile on a car lot is moved off the lot, which is a fantastic tool for preventing car theft. Sync technology works by a car dealership simply plugging the tracker into any vehicle on the lot via the On Board Diagnostic port of the car. The tracker system is then able to pull diagnostic data from the car as well as real-time locational information. All of the tracking and location data can then be viewed on a computer or mobile phone, making it easy for a car dealer to locate a vehicle on the lot and observe diagnostic information.

"What we have found is that not only is the technology helpful for internal management purposes, but the tracking solutions can also be a great after market accessory for the buyer to purchase", explained a car dealership in the Northern Illinois region. "We have found that many buyers love to utilize the live vehicle monitoring for theft-recovery, teenage driving safety or simply a form of roadside assistance."

According to the manufacturer of the Sync vehicle tracker, more and more car dealerships are investing in the device for internal vehicle management and as well as a accessory product to offer customers. 

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