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Increasing or sustaining profit can be difficult for many businesses operating against weak global economic conditions. In order to maintain success or growth businesses need to evaluate internal wasteful spending habits that can have a direct effect on a company's annual earnings, such as employee accountability. Excessive unnecessary or unauthorized trips, poor route management, moonlighting, or extended breaks are all factors that can hurt a company's bottom line. Thankfully, GPS tracking and monitoring technology can validate, verify and account for any employee misuse of company time or mobile assets.

Tracking System Direct has designed a calculator specifically for businesses that will determine how much money you could be saving every week, month or year by improving employee accountability. Tracking systems are a tool that every business should utilize when increasing revenue and cash flow is a goal.

GPS Tracking System Technology Is One Of The Best Investments You Will Ever Make!

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GPS Tracking Systems Provide Fuel Management

GasPumpThe recent Presidential debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have both candidates discussing a variety of topics including foreign policy, defense spending and the economy. However, one of the topics at the moment that seems to be frustrating Americans the most is the cost of gasoline. In nearly every state fuel has hit record highs, and both candidates have had to address the topic while providing possible solutions to the problem. This is because when fuel prices rise, the cost on everything rises. For example, the trucks that deliver goods to grocery stores have to pay more for their traveling expenses and that cost is then pushed onto the consumer. This often results in items such as milk and bread rising in cost. Although there are few alternatives for consumers to fight high gas prices, businesses are using GPS tracking systems to help enhance fuel management.

What Is A Tracker Device

Tracking devices are GPS monitoring systems commonly used in the business world to improve vehicle and fleet management. Using positional data obtained from satellites orbiting the Earth, tracking systems allow companies access to detailed driving activity of employees. This GPS data acquired from tracker devices allows a business to make certain company drivers aren't misusing work time, but most importantly are maximizing fuel efficiency. By close observation of route selection, speeds traveled and vehicle idling, companies can ensure that drivers are not wasting fuel. In fact, when companies input their fuel consumption data in a ROI calculator they are shocked at how much money is actually wasted on inefficiency and poor fuel management.

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Vehicle Management Cost Saving Calculations

Fleet_ManagementGPS tracking systems are helping businesses large and small all across the globe increase company profit and vehicle management strategies. This is why companies have been investing in fleet management solutions as a simple way to reduce labor costs, boost revenues and audit employee productivity/performance. GPS monitoring technology can offer other benefits to businesses that include:

  1. Eliminating Wasted Miles By Improving Route Management
  2. Reducing Unnecessary Trips
  3. Stopping Unauthorized Use Of Company Vehicles
  4. Organizing Mileage Logs
  5. Auditing Employee Productivity & Performance
  6. Accessing The Location Of Any Employee With A Few Simple Mouse Clicks

All across the globe service-based businesses, distributors and manufacturers are all saying the same thing; that business has slowed down immensely from the global economic crisis. Making a profit, sustaining profit and growing more profit can be challenging in even the most flourishing economic conditions, but with the recession wave crashing on just about everybody, the game has become much more difficult. Although times may be tough, one of the most simple and best strategies to maintain or grow company success is through internal evaluation of wasteful spending. This is because wasteful or unnecessary spending can have a direct impact on businesses’ weekly, monthly and annual earnings.

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