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Vehicle tracking technology is the easiest way any business can improve profit, routing, customer service, and efficiency. GPS vehicle tracking technology has progressed significantly over the past 10 years, making it now more affordable and easy to use than ever before! Large fleet management operations are no longer the only businesses taking advantage of vehicle tracking technology as almost every company with a mobile asset has been modernizing communication and accountability efforts. Companies utilizing GPS tracking system technology include:

  • Driver Education Schools
  • Flower Shops
  • Pizza Delivery Services
  • Grocery Stores
  • Construction Companies
  • Taxi Services
  • Distribution Companies
  • And Many More

GPS Tracking Key Pro: The Recommend Vehicle Tracking Solution!

Having the ability to route an employee, easily document mileage traveled, or see everywhere an employee has been with only a few clicks of a mouse empowers a business. The tracking systems can be easily hidden from a driver's view, being permanently installed to a vehicle's power supply, or used as portable monitoring devices, functioning off the GPS tracker's internal battery source. Using a vehicle tracking unit as a portable device gives employers and businesses the ability to move the GPS system from vehicle-to-vehicle if they suspect potential employee misuse of a company vehicle. Cutting down on unauthorized trips, excessive vehicle idling, and poor route management will increase a company's bottom line and vehicle maintenance efforts.

Vehicle Tracking:

What A Tracking System Can Do For You

  • Record everywhere a driver is moving
  • Record how fast a driver is moving
  • 90 day historical playback of routes traveled
  • Document every stop a driver made
  • Improve communication, routing, an overall driving accountability and performance

Increase Profit And Performance Today With An Investment In Vehicle Tracking System Technology!

Car Trackers In Shreveport, Louisiana

Car Tracking DeviceWhen most people think of Louisiana they typically think of the hot tourist spots such as New Orleans or college football city of Baton Rogue. But one city that has been making waves in the bayou recently among technology enthusiasts has been Shreveport. The reason? Well the reason is GPS auto tracking and the businesses in Shreveport who are utilizing the car trackers to enhance automobile management! 

Some of the companies that call Shreveport, Louisiana home include Christus Schumpert Health System, Harrah's Casino, Barksdale Air Force Base and Caddo Public Schools. However, it is the smaller companies in Shreveport that are taking advantage of vechicle monitoring devices to help them improve customer service, safeguard mobile assets and boost employee productivity. The way that these local service-based businesses are getting a competitive edge is by equipping company automobiles with GPS vehicle locators that offer 24/7 access to mobile assets. Not only do the trackers provide locational information but they also give employers helpful data such as how fast employees are driving company cars, the places where those company cars are going, and the amount of time each company car is at each location. This tracking data can be super vital to a small business because it only takes a couple bad reviews (if for example an employee is driving dangerously) to hurt that company. If a driver is speeding on Shreveport roads, going to places they should not be (think a tavern until early in the morning hours) or any other number of situations, it can reflect very poorly on a company and its brand. 

Want to find out how much money your business could be saving with GPS car tracking technology? Check out our vehicle ROI calculator to find out! 

When a car tracking unit is equipped on a company vehicle that company has the ability to where a driver is at, where he/she has been, routes driven and so much more. The technology provides another avenue to observe driving behavior as well as hold employees accountable if they are misusing company cars or time. This allows Shreveport businesses such as heating & air companies, electricians, plumbing operations and more to stay profitable in small markets. And since small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, keeping them efficient, effective and in the black is definitely a good thing! 

Those interested in learning more about the city of Shreveport, Louisiana can visit the cities' official website to get information on tourist activities, business relations and more. 

Tracking Cars Of Methamphetamine Users

child with blocksThe use of methamphetamines has grown in use in the United States over the past decade with a reported 1.2 million people stating they have tried some form of speed in 2012, according to the National Survey on Drug Use & Health. Sadly, methamphetamines are also one of the absolute worst drugs as well because the addictive powers of speed can make people end relationships with family, lose employment, steal, ignore personal health and even neglect children. The stories of people battling methamphetamine addiction are far too common but for families or loved ones who know someone struggling with methamphetamine addiction one of the biggest issues is safety. Whether that be the personal safety of the addict, or maybe a mother/father who is addicted to methamphetamine and putting their children in potential harm's way. So what can concerned loved ones day to save methamphetamine addicts from themselves or from potentially harming their children? The answer is GPS car tracking technology. 

There could be no scarier feeling than knowing a methamphetamine user is operating a motor vehicle, or even worse driving high with their children. This is the type of thing that forces many loved ones to take action to make sure safety is secured. That is where GPS technology is bringing the assist. This is because when a real-time car tracker is equipped to a vehicle it will report every location a person goes, speeds driven and more. This allows loved ones or family members to covertly monitor the activity of the methamphetamine addict to be sure they are not engaging in unsafe driving practices or going to places such s a drug dealer's house.

"Drug addiction to meth has really been a plague lately, and sadly we get phone calls nearly every day from concerned parents of teens using speed or even grandparents whose adult children have turned to methamphetamines", exclaimed a sales rep for Tracking System Direct. "Thankfully, car tracking devices are providing those concerned people a tool to evaluate driving activity to make sure those who are addicted to drugs are not being a danger to themselves or others."

Those battling methamphetamine addiction need all the help and support they can get from loved ones, even when that help and support means tracking the vehicle of the person addicted to meth. Personal privacy is something that can potentially result in death among speed users so knowing where those who are addicted to meth are going can literally be life-saving information. Thankfully, GPS technology is providing that locational data to concerned loved ones to help them better help those addicted to methamphetamines. 

For more information on drugs use and abuse in the United States please visit the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). 

Cannabis Delivery Cars Get GPS

Cannabis Delivery GPS TrackingWith the decriminalization of cannabis in many states such as California and Colorado, the cannabis industry has seen a huge rise in the demand for both recreational and medicinal marijuana. These changes in state laws and the general population's acceptance of cannabis as a valuable pharmacology tool has lead to what many people have coined the "Green Rush". Although the pros and cons of cannabis use are constantly debated, what is not debatable is that the plant has resulted in tens of billions of dollars for these states in additional revenue. That should be great news to the businesses and the states in which those companies operate. Unfortunately, with the federal laws not being in line with these state laws the end product has been gray areas, loop holes, and legal inconsistencies. This lack of cohesion between the federal and state laws has forced many growers, dispensaries and marijuana delivery services to take security measures into their own hands, and the tool they are calling upon is GPS tracking.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Tracking vehicles with GPS has been a common practice among a variety of businesses that have automotive assets. Pizza delivery persons, limousines and trucking companies are only a few of the types of industries that routinely use GPS auto tracking to manage vehicle activity and prevent those company assets from theft or misuse. The process of GPS vehicle monitoring is rather simple:

  • Live GPS is placed upon a car
  • The GPS reports real-time vehicle information
  • Vehicle information that includes location, speed and more is instantly uploaded online
  • Managers can view vehicle activity 24/7 from phone or computer

Having instant access to the location of a vehicle, historical driving records, speeds driven and more is valuable data that can help a business improve routing, auto security, employee efficiency and many other areas of business related to vehicle activity. For those delivering cannabis this form of data is especially important because sometimes these delivery vehicles are targeted by thieves.

Drivers Delivering Cannabis

As mentioned earlier, state and federal laws regarding cannabis use at this time are not in line with each other (Cannabis is still considered a Schedule 1 felony drug by federal law). This creates serious headaches for many involved in growing, producing, selling and delivering cannabis. One of those issues is banking restrictions because many banks can't accept deposits of cash where the money was generated from selling cannabis. That means many of these businesses are forced to have more cash on hand than they would prefer. The end result is increased risk of theft, but companies transporting cannabis are fighting back by tracking vehicles with GPS. When cannabis delivery vehicles are equipped with GPS monitoring systems it allows the businesses to track all of its cars out delivering marijuana to clients or patients. Instant access to delivery vehicles gives these businesses the ability to see if drivers are making deliveries on time, choosing the best routes and most importantly haven't had their vans or trucks stolen. "Having a tracker device on each delivery van has improved our delivery times, enhanced the client experience and totally makes our drivers feel a little more safe when they are out on drop-offs", explained a cannabis grower in Humboldt County in Northern California. "Real-time updates on where our guys are at is awesome, and some of the portable tracker systems even have panic buttons so our delivery guys can push a button if they are in need of help." With nearly 60% of the population in the United States on board with the legalization of cannabis and the broader cultural acceptance of the plant it seems like not if but when cannabis will be legal in all 50 states. When progressive views of cannabis finally shift Washington political talking heads the cannabis industry will only continue to grow in all states. That will mean billions of dollars more for states and hopefully a time when the only reason a GPS auto tracker system will be on a delivery vehicle will be for fleet management purposes.

Is A Tracker On Your Truck?

GPS tracking device for carsSatellite GPS monitoring technology is now part of our everyday life. We use GPS on our smart phones to help us navigate to places, GPS to help improve our workouts and even GPS to track automobiles. The location technology provides a wealth of data that can boost efficiency on a number of different levels, but unfortunately there can also be a dark side to devices that can track vehicles secretly in real-time. So what if a person suspects they are being tracked by a GPS? How would they determine where a tracker would be hidden in their truck?

How To Find Tracking Device Hidden on Truck

When a person believes they are being tracked the situation can be very serious. Sure employers might legally be allowed to track their work trucks that employees operate, but sometimes boundaries can be crossed and privacy rights invaded. So what steps should a person take if they believe a vehicle tracker is hidden on their truck? The answer is simple: begin to look at the popular places a GPS might be hidden on a automobile.

Popular Hiding Spots For GPS

Connected To OBDII Port
Underneath The Truck
Glove Compartment
Under Driver/Passenger Seats
Behind Seat In Pouch

Live GPS monitoring devices can easily be hidden inside a vehicle and operate effectively because many trackers have internal battery packs. That way they can be used as portable solutions. These portable car trackers are often engineered with motion sensors so the system will fall into a hibernation mode when a automobile isn't moving in order to maintain battery strength long-term! This is a feature that is very advantageous for police agencies conducting investigations and requiring a tracker that can record driving activity at length.

Please note that some car tracking GPS units can be hard-wired to a truck inside the dashboard, making the device invisible to the eye.

When it comes to the laws regarding GPS vehicle monitoring, unfortunately things are a little murky. Laws can vary in different areas and there are a lot of unique situations where the process can be legal or illegal. Therefore, if a person feels that they are being tracked by GPS and their personal privacy rights are being invaded it is important for that person to contact local authorities. A local mechanic or audio installation team can also be contacted to do a more thorough comb over of a vehicle to look for any car trackers that might be connected to 12-volt power of the vehicle.

Cigar Companies Track Cargo With GPS

silvercloud mapping image 3dCigars have always been symbolic of relaxation, power and celebration. Whether a person strikes up a cigar to celebrate the birth of a child or the closing of a new deal at work, the rich flavor of a good cigar can certainly enhance the quality of life. Unfortunately, providing consumers with quality cigars is not the easiest task for many cigar manufacturers and this is the reason why many have took a call to action by increasing distribution oversight. This oversight by cigar manufacturers is being conducted through the use of GPS auto tracking systems that offer live GPS location data which provide cigar businesses the ability to see where shipments of cigars are located at anytime!

GPS Tracking Devices For Shipping Goods

GPS monitoring systems are now commonplace in the business world because of the boost they provide in asset management and vehicle security. The real-time technology allows businesses to see how fast drivers are going, determine if drivers are operating company vehicles safely, receive alerts if a vehicle has been stolen, account for the total mileage employees have accumulated on a weekly basis and much more. In terms of shipping goods, GPS tracking devices can be employed in a way to give supervisors an immediate estimated time of arrival on goods being moved from point A to point B. This time sensitive information can be critical when transporting livestock, cigars or other valuable goods.

Being able to track where cigars are located is important for cigar distributors for a number of reasons. The first is obviously deployment and arrival time accuracy. With GPS vehicle tracking technology a cigar distributor can be alerted not only the moment a truck carrying cigars leaves a warehouse but also the very moment it arrives at its intended destination! This information can also be valuable if their is ever a question regarding cargo theft which can happen when shipping valuable goods. This brings up another benefit of using GPS monitoring systems which is theft-prevention. 

Automobile theft is a serious issue for anyone who owns a vehicle but for businesses the loss of a vehicle for even a day can bring operations to a halt. GPS trackers for trucks are one of the ways businesses re fighting back though because when a truck moving cargo is equipped with a live GPS that truck location information is always accessible. Therefore, if auto-theft strikes, the fleet manager can quickly determine vehicle location and provide the information to local police in order to safely bring the vehicle and its contents home safely.

We all enjoy a crisp flavorful cigar but rarely do we think about how that cigar got from the tobacco fields into our hands, but the reality is the journey is a long one filled with many security measures and fleet efficiencies.

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