GPS Tracking Systems Help The Elderly

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The GPS tracking technology that search and rescue teams, police, and firefighters utilize everyday to assist people in need is now available to help families and the elderly suffering from memory-related problems. GPS tracking systems, already having a proven track record of saving lives and assisting families in need, are now designed specifically for monitoring a parent or family member who may be suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's, or another form of memory-related problems. If you have a parent or family member who shows a consistent pattern of forgetful behavior, or may struggle living an independent life, a personal monitoring GPS tracking device will make your life easier and less stressful. A personal monitoring GPS tracking system is extremely valuable because it will alert you or record if an elderly person is:

  • Wandering off or lost in a familiar or unfamiliar location.
  • Safe inside or around their home.
  • Making scheduled doctor visits.

GPS tracking systems can provide certainty, safety, and security that can make the difficult road of memory-loss a little easier and less stressful for everyone involved.

SilverCloud Sync: The Recommended Senior Monitoring Solution

Find A Person, Confirm Locations Traveled, Program Geo-Fences

With a GPS elderly tracking device you will have the ability to watch Grandma or Grandpa's mobility, verify they are staying in a particular area such as home or nursing facility, and all of that information can be accessed anytime because elderly tracking systems can function and operate on a continuous basis. Another beneficial feature that elderly GPS tracking systems have is the ability to set virtual boundaries, or what is known as a "Geo-fence". When an elderly person enters or exits the virtual boundary set by family members an alert will be sent, informing family members that the GPS system has left the predetermined "safe" area. People suffering from Alzheimer's disease frequently wander away or become lost, placing themselves and others in sometimes potentially dangerous situations. The situation can be even more frightening if the elderly person becomes lost in a foreign area or large city.

GPS elderly tracking systems allow families to feel rest assured knowing that they will always be in touch with a family member or parent suffering from memory-related problems. Regardless if the GPS systems application is for additional security or health-related situations, the technology provides relief and comfort to those worried about a parent or family member. Never again will stress and anxiety cultivate from a parent not answering a phone call, or if a doctor's appointment is missed. Having the ability to receive alerts if a loved one enters or leaves a virtual-fenced area, and always having their location accessible by computer is how elderly GPS tracking systems are helping improve lives.

5 Signs of Alzheimer's

  • Problems reading, interpreting and labeling colors and contrast, or estimating distance/ depth perception.
  • Difficulty with concepts of time and place, understanding what year it is or where they are at.
  • Difficulty understanding, planning, or solving simple problems.
  • Repeating the same story over and over again.
  • Consistently misplacing or losing things.

For more information on Alzheimer's Disease or other memory-loss illnesses please visit the Alzheimer's Association or Family Doctor online.

New GPS Tracker Device Offers Senior Safety

gps_braceletOne of the applications surrounding GPS monitoring that has increased in demand over the past five (5) years has been personal GPS tracking. More specifically, GPS monitoring of senior citizens struggling with signs and symptoms of memory-related degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer's and Dementia. The reason for the rise in this form of GPS monitoring is because more families are wanting to take every possible measure to enhance the personal safety of their elderly family members. Combine that need for additional family security with the fact the cost of personal tracker devices are more affordable and easier to operate, and the end result is is a boom in the consumer market for GPS systems. Although personal GPS monitoring devices for senior citizens are relatively new to the market they are providing the peace of mind many families need.

GPS Bracelets: How They Help Seniors

One of the primary things family members are scared of is having a elderly loved one with memory illness wander off or become lost. Every year horror stories about a senior with signs of Alzheimer's wandering off unattended into the night make the news. Sometimes law enforcement are able to find these missing seniors and take them back to their homes or living facilities safely, but other times these stories end in tragedy. Especially, during he cold Winter months where freezing temperatures can have a fatal impact on any person wandering outside without proper attire. This is why GPS monitoring bracelets can be a viable asset to any family looking to safeguard a senior.

When a GPS monitoring bracelet is attached to a person, that real-time GPS tracker will send out live locational data that can be viewed remotely by family members. Family members, regardless of where they are located, can access this live GPS tracking system data via the online mapping program. The data is displayed over a mapping program such as Google Earth, providing real-time positional information on where a senior is located at any given time. This same senior tracking system will also offer historical data, showcasing information about everywhere that senior was at throughout the day or week.

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Tracking System Direct Nearing New Product Launch For Senior Safety

GPS Tracking Bracelet Will Send Locational Data In Real-Time

seniorThe engineers and design team at Tracking System Direct (TSD) have always been very hesitant to simply bring on any new GPS monitoring systems to the very exclusive product line offered to businesses and consumers. This is because Tracking System Direct, unlike many other security companies, is not focused on profit margins and an endless inventory of products. Instead, TSD is solely focused on providing the absolute best GPS vehicle management solutions and service to help increase accountability and safety. This is why at this current time the GPS monitoring systems company only offers a select number of trackers to meet the needs of businesses looking to cleanup fleet managing strategies, parents needing to safeguard teens through oversight of driving behaviors and more. The current very small, yet powerful product line of GPS monitoring systems has been successful in helping families and businesses all over the globe meet and exceed their GPS personal and corporate tracking needs. However, a recent spike in demand by consumers wanting a personal monitoring device specifically for senior care forced the design team at TSD to seek out a more efficient real-time GPS device that could accurately determine the whereabouts of a person instead of a vehicle. After nearly a year testing various GPS products, TSD is proud to announce that a new senior tracking system will soon be available for purchase through the companies' online store!

Personal GPS Tracking Of Seniors

Any family that has had firsthand experience with the stress and pain caused from memory-related degenerative illnesses such as Dementia understands what it is like having more than one sleepless night. This is because there are very few things more terrifying than having a beloved family member missing or lost, even if that time period is five minutes. Although there is currently no cure for Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease, technological tools are providing some assistance in the safeguarding of life's most important assets, people. Through the use of a real-time GPS tracker engineered in the form of a bracelet, family members can securely connect a live monitoring device to their elderly family members to receive updates on their location 24/7.

"Over the past year the only real-time GPS monitoring device we had available was the SilverCloud GPS, and that GPS solution was designed for fleet tracking more so than personal tracking", explained a person working for the TSD design team. "We understood that we did not have a ideal solution for personal tracking of senior citizens, and that is why we spent over a year researching what else was on the market that was working to improve senior safety. Then we wanted to take those devices and improve on them."

What To Expect From The Elderly Tracking Bracelet

Families in need of a senior monitoring device will find this latest product meets the same stringent performance guidelines of every other GPS product tested at TSD. Fashioned as a bracelet, the senior tracker device will report live locational data, as well as provide historical data about where that senior was at earlier in the day, week or month. The senior GPS tracker bracelet will also have a virtual boundary alert feature that will instantly notify family members if a elderly family member wanders or leaves a pre-assigned "safe zone." This alert can be transmitted as a text message that is sent to any number of cellular phones, or in an email format.

TSD will post more information under the GPS news section about the senior tracker product launch when more details become available.

New Personal GPS Tracker Coming Soon!

Elderly_CoupleNo two trackers are created equal, and nobody understands this statement more clearly than the GPS fleet tracking specialists at Tracking System Direct. However, the global distribution company for vehicle monitoring devices believes in keeping a small, exclusive line of GPS systems that combine reliability and affordability that can meet the needs of all consumers, companies and government agencies. Over the past year, Tracking System Direct has only carried one real-time GPS monitoring device. Although that real-time device, the SilverCloud GPS, has been an incredible solution in terms of performance, it did not meet all of the needs of consumers interested in personal tracking situations, such as the case with families wanting to monitor a senior who wanders frequently. Looking to address this very important personal safety issue, Tracking System Direct is very proud to announce that it will be launching a new device designed specifically for elderly tracking!

New Senior Tracking Device

One of the emerging markets for GPS monitoring devices that has really jumped in prevalence over the past few years has been elderly monitoring. With so many baby boomers entering the twilight of their lives, almost everybody knows somebody suffering from memory-related illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Whether that family member continues to live independently on their own or in a senior home, family members concerned about wandering will now have a small, compact and discrete GPS tracker device they can use to know everywhere that elderly family member goes.

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SilverCloud GPS Assists Senior Citizens

Real-Time GPS Location Data Boosts Elderly Safety

SilvercloudarrivalalertsAs we think about the process of aging and living in our golden years, often times we think about who will take care of us if we are unable to effectively care for ourselves. Of course, personal safety and health is an important topic for all seniors, but with debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer's and Dementia increasing in prevalence among the elderly population, even more focus and attention must be made on senior safety. This is because there is a significant increase in the probability of developing a memory-related illness as one becomes older, and people are living longer now than in any other time throughout the history of man. Therefore, senior safety is something that should concern all of us because it is something that all of us will have to deal with in some aspect in our lives at some point in the future. Thankfully, monitoring elderly driving activity and possible wandering is something families can do more effectively now thanks in part to the rapidly evolving technology of portable GPS trackers for seniors.

Elderly GPS tracking is a relatively new concept that has grown in frequency with the accelerated development of consumer personal tracking systems. When GPS monitoring technology first made its debut on the consumer market it came in the form of vehicle tracking applications designed to help businesses understand where employees where going while using company automobiles. However, as the technology of global positioning devices advanced, becoming more compact, affordable and user-friendly, the market for such devices began to expand to more niche applications such teen driving, outdoor recreational geo-caching and senior safety.

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Improving Senior Driving Safety

GPS Tracking: How Satellite Technology Is Keeping Roads Safer

The two categories of drivers that are most often times viewed as "high-risk" are teen drivers due to their inexperience, and senior drivers due to their potentially diminished physical abilities. Although both forms of driver can pose a serious concern to other motorists sharing the roadways, seniors present some of the more unique and challenging problems because they will often time continue driving well beyond the time they should hang up the keys permanently. This results in potentially dangerous situations for both other motorists and the senior driver themselves. Determining whether a senior driver needs to hang up the keys for good used to require in-depth personal investigation into driving and personal habits that could take months to assess and analyze, but senior tracking systems such as the SilverCloud GPS are making it easier for concerned family members and friends to figure out if an elderly driver needs to retire from driving.

Before a person makes the decision to use fleet tracking technology to observe whether or not a senior driver could be a liability on the road they should first observe for both warning signs of Alzheimer's Disease and warning signs of diminished driving capabilities. People interested in investigating the warning signs of Alzheimer's Disease should contact informative agencies such as the Alzheimer's Association to access educational and awareness material, but for those people who are trying to determine whether a senior driver is showing signs of diminished driving capabilities, Tracking System Direct has posted a few common warning signs associated with poor senior driving.

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