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GPS tracking systems are now built and designed as intensely portable, compact monitoring systems that have the capability to be plugged into a vehicle's 12 volt power system, cigarette lighter adapter, or powered by a strong internal battery source. One of the most powerful and tools in the world is information, and a personal GPS vehicle tracking solution will provide users with an abundance of information that can help consumers, businesses, or professionals. GPS personal tracking systems have a one function, and that is to monitor a person or vehicle. The information and data collected by the personal GPS trackers can be used for an unlimited number of consumer or business applications and purposes.

GPS Tracking Key Pro: The Recommended Personal Tracking Solution!

Users Of Personal Tracking Systems Include:

  • Families Who Have A Parent With Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Businesses Wanting To Document Mileage Driven By Employees.
  • Police Needing To Monitor A Potential Criminal.
  • Parents Who Have A Young Teenage Driver.
  • Government Agencies Tracking Possible Threats To National Security.
  • People Who Believe a Partner May Be Unfaithful.
  • Companies Trying To Improve Fleet Management And Routing.
  • And Many, Many More.

Having the ability to swiftly and easily find the location of a person or vehicle can have many advantageous qualities, regardless if you are operating a real-time tracker or passive tracker.

Real-Time Personal GPS Tracking Systems

Real-time trackers use both GPS and cellular technology to give users an easy way to view live tracking data from any computer. The union of cellular and GPS results in a required monthly service for all real-time tracking systems, but Tracking System Direct only carries GPS devices that have NO CONTRACTS, unlike many cellular phone companies and other GPS tracking competitors. Service is always month-to-month, and customers can cancel at anytime without penalties or termination fees! Real-time personal trackers include:

Passive Personal GPS Tracking Systems

Passive trackers do not use cellular technology in transferring data, therefore, the user must manually download travel history by removing the GPS system from the vehicle by inserting the GPS tracker or download cable into a personal computer. Although the process may appear time-consuming at first glance, it is very simple and quick. Another great thing about passive personal tracking systems is that users will not have to pay any monthly service and will receive qualitative second-by-second GPS tracking data. Passive personal trackers include:

No Matter What The Application, A Personal GPS Tracking System Can Help!

Traveling Safely Thanks To GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking SystemAmerica has everything to offer when it comes to tourism and that is probably the reason it is the nation that leads the globe in tourism traffic. There’s incredible natural scenery, bustling cities and more attractions then a person could visit in a lifetime. After ya person fills out their US Visa application they could be on a plane in a matter of days or even hours and landing anywhere from New York to Miami. Yosemite National Park, the Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree are only a few of the amazing natural wonders people from across the world come to visit, but the United States also has many amazing cities that offer both fresh culture and history. Namely, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Boston and more. Of course, some people are bound to get a little nervous when it comes to visiting another country. Not knowing what it’s like or what will happen can be a little stressful when being so far away from home. However, with one piece of technology travelers can put all those worries aside and enjoy their vacation thanks to GPS monitoring technology! And the Silvercloud GPS tracker system is the solution many foreign travelers are calling upon while heading abroad

Tracking Personal Assets

The process of actually getting to America might be the biggest cause of concern for some people. Maybe a traveler places their laptop in a suitcase or are feeling extra anxious about losing some other valuables. By putting a GPS tracking device with their luggage or other valuables they can keep an eye on their luggage and make sure it gets back to them safely if for some reason it does get lost or stolen. Never again will a traveler be left in a foreign country without their suitcase thanks to this real-time location technology. 

Tracking Loved Ones Abroad

When a person decides to go on an independent adventure they can sometimes feel as though nothing bad could possibly happen. Call it a sense of invincibility. However, the recent events in Thailand once again reinforce that danger could be around the corner at any moment. People sometimes never think something could go wrong when they are the one in charge of the situation. However, all too often those are exactly the times when things can and do go wrong. If a traveler has family or friends worrying about them, they can take a personal tracker device with them and let family members know how they are doing and where they are at. The monitoring technology will certainly ease their worries and if the traveler runs into any trouble they will be glad to know that family members had their last location.

Monitoring Cars

A lost car can either be an inconvenience or a disaster. Whether it’s been stolen or a person is simply having trouble spotting it in a particularly busy parking lot, having a device such as the Silvercloud tracker stored somewhere on a vehicle can solve the problem in instantly. The traveler can be reunited with their car without any worry and be off on their next adventure! 

Whether it is personal safety, tracking valuables or monitoring a vehicle, GPS technology can be a valuable tool and something every tourist should investigate before leaving for their adventure. Safe travels!


Tracking Device Proves Dog Was Walked

Many of us have busy lives so it is important at times that we get a little help with some of those household tasks that might be getting neglected. In both the suburban and city world it is common for people to hire a gardner to keep grass mowed and trees from growing over to a neighbor’s yard, or a house cleaner to give those blinds a good dusting and floors a good deep cleaning. Many of these jobs have accountability built right into them. For example, it is pretty obvious if a lawn care company or house cleaning person did not show up and do their job. Unfortunately, not all hired help can be easily checked for accountability. This is the case with people who are a little too busy and therefore hire dog walkers to get their furry loved ones some exercise. However, with the help of small live GPS trackers pet owners are offered a new way to make certain their pooches are getting walked while also knowing exactly where the dog walker went during that outing!

Live GPS Tracking: How It Works For Dog Walking

GPS monitoring devices have evolved to the point where they are small, affordable, portable and easy to use. This evolution in tracking technology has really opened up the doors to new applications such as monitoring a dog walker. How it could help a pet owner is really nothing more than a 3 part process.

  1. The pet owner requests that a dog walker carry a small GPS unit in their pocket while walking the pooch.
  2. When the dog walker takes the pooch for an outing the live locational data is transmitted to a website.
  3. The pet owner goes online with their cell phone, tablet or computer and can see where their pooch is walking!
Pet owners are not only given real time access to where their pet is at any point in time, but they can also review historical data of what paths or trails a dog walker took their pooch!
Accountability is important in every aspect of business and determining how good or bad a job hired help is doing. Before the introduction of small, on-the-go live GPS tracking devices, those people who hired dog walkers had no way to know with confidence if a) their dog was actually walked and b) how far the dog walker took the pet. GPS monitoring offers a new method of observation and accountability that has changed the way many businesses conduct operations and now the satellite technology is going to the dogs by helping pet owners!

GPS Gadget Has Cycle Enthusiasts Excited After CES

Earth ImageEvery year in Las Vegas the international Consumer Electronics Show is held showcasing the latest gadgets and technological gizmos from companies across many different industries. Each year brings something different and 2015 was no exception with the unveiling of a bike pedal that utilizes real-time GPS tracking called Connected Cycle.

What Connected Cycle offers is a bike pedal engineered with a live GPS tracking device that cyclists can view remotely with the assistance of a mobile app on their smart phones. However, real-time access that provides anti-theft protection of a bicycle is far from the only feature this unique product brings to the table. This is because once the device is all synched up the Connected Cycle pedal will also register vast  information related to the movement of the bike. This data includes things such as routes traveled, speed, the level of incline, the amount of calories burned during a ride and of course the last location the bicycle was parked.

"There has been a significant increase in technologies and mobile apps that cater to both the fitness and security markets", explained a GPS expert for Tracking System Direct. "Connected Cycle is another of the products combining locational technologies and fitness to help improve the bike riding experience, and therefore we believe the device will have success in the marketplace".

With the youth hipster trend of green transportation, more and more youngsters are investing in bicycles, especially in the Pacific Northwest. How the GPS pedal is helping this demographic is by alerting the bike owner the very second their bicycle is moved. The bike is then monitored via real-time GPS monitoring, making it easy for the bike owner to track down their property if it is ever stolen. This is a very value all feature considering roughly two millions bicycles are reported stolen every year in the United States. And considering bike thieves can easily use bolt cutters and other tools to get around locks, having a device that uses satellite technology to provide additional safeguarding is very helpful in promoting security.

Connected Cycle GPS monitoring pedals can be installed upon a bike within two minutes, but require a unique key in order to be removed from the bike. The GPS pedal will come in multiple different color options as well. No price tag has been given for the product at this point in time.

GPS Tracking Systems: How They Are Helping During Disasters

Sadly, natural disasters are a global issue that can not be avoided. Whether it be hurricanes flooding the Caribbean nations, earthquakes rattling Japan or twisters destroying homes in the heartland, natural disasters can leave a devastating toll in both terms of financial loss and lives lost. Although some potential disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes can often times be detected ahead of time, many others strike with out warning. What is even worse is that many natural disasters can lead into other disasters, as was the case in Japan when a earthquake triggered a massive tsunami, which resulted in a nuclear crisis at the Fukushima power plant. This was a catastrophic disaster where the damage created is still not completely measurable. The one thing that is true about disasters is that they are unavoidable, but that does not mean governments and first responders can't take steps in order to reduce the amount of causalities from these devastating acts of God.

GPS tracking systems are tools that are already frequently used by law enforcement and medical personnel. Police use GPS tracker technology for a variety of purposes from surveillance of criminal activity, to better management of fleet activity. Ambulances also use the monitoring device technology for improved fleet efficiency as the systems allow first responders and medical personnel to arrive at the scene of an accident or emergency in the quickest time possible. The couple seconds or minutes of time saved from vehicle deployment selection to improved route efficiency is something that can literally make the difference between life and death in a number of different circumstances. However, when it comes to an emergency situation, those wearing personal tracking systems are the ones that medical and police enforcement are able to assist the most quickly.

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Staying Safe In The Outdoors

GPS Trackers Provide Hikers Additional Security

HikingThere are some people who simply do not get thrilled or entertained from watching reality television or trampoline accidents on YouTube. These are the type of people who seek an escape from electronic sources of entertainment, and turn to more natural ways of having a good time. These people are known as hikers, and as religiously as the set out to conquer new trails and see new places, many are improving personal safety through the use of GPS tracking system technology.

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