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Helping Put Your Family & Life Back Together

Their is nothing in life that compares to the feeling of being in love, but what if your significant other began acting distant and withdrawn? What if they began working longer hours, socializing with new people, and missing family events? What if you began to feel the relationship you cherish more than anything could be in jeopardy, and you were uncertain if your significant other was faithful and loyal? Tracking system devices that use reliable GPS technology can be the answer to all your questions, and will validate whether a spouse or significant other is engaging in a extramarital affair or is still devoted.

GPS Tracking Key: Recommended Spouse Tracking Solution

The Accountability Factor: What GPS Monitoring Offers

  • Prove Or Disprove Suspicions.
  • Start Rebuilding Trust Or A New Life.
  • Put An End To Inappropriate Behavior.
  • Trust And Verify.

The divorce rate in the United States now stands at over 50%, and the number one cause for divorce is infidelity. Why live in a world of paranoia and emotional distress when a GPS personal tracking system can bring truth and clarity? GPS tracking systems will allow you access to:

  • Every Location Your Significant Other Has Traveled.
  • Where Your Significant Other Is At In Real-Time.

GPS tracking systems can send you email or SMS text message alerts via cellular phone if your significant other or spouse leaves or returns home. Watch from your office, home, or any remote location as your significant other travels to the places they are so secretive about. Know the truth and learn it in real-time!

Infidelity is sadly an unfortunate thing that can occur in our lives and can be devastating to any family or relationship. Lose the stress of not knowing and have a vehicle tracking system unveil the truth!

Tracking Systems:

Passive Or Real-Time: What Is Best For Me?

When making the decision between a passive or real-time monitoring units consumers need to first look at what their GPS vehicle tracking goal is. Both tracking systems will provide detailed information about where a significant other has traveled, but only the real-time tracking technology will provide that information as it is happening live in real-time. The knee-jerk reaction by most consumers is to choose a live tracking unit, but passive systems can provide quality GPS vehicle tracking information at a much more economical rate. The most popular car tracking units among people suspecting infidelity is a passive device known as the GPS Tracking Key. The GPS Tracking Key is great for relationship tracking because the GPS tracker will:

  • Document Locations Traveled.
  • Record Addresses Of Stops.
  • Mount Outside Of Any Vehicle With Attached Magnet.
  • Not Require Any Monthly Service Rate.

The GPS Tracking Key has been helping people who suspect that their significant other is cheating for years. Using the GPS Tracking Key is easy because all a user needs to do is follow 3 simple steps:

  • Place The GPS Tracker Onto The Vehicle They Want To Monitor.
  • Remove The GPS Tracker From The Vehicle.
  • Plug The GPS Tracker Into The USB Port And Discover The Truth!

Real-Time Tracking

The SilverCloud GPS is the most popular real-time monitoring solution among people wanting to monitor a potentially wayward spouse or significant other. The SilverCloud tracker will give users the unique ability to learn the truth as they sit comfortably at a remote location setting. Real-time users do not need to remove the vehicle tracking solution from the automobile and download data as they do with passive systems to access location-based information. Instead, they only need a computer to learn the truth live as it happens!

Passive or Real-Time GPS tracking technology can provide you the tangible and concrete information needed to confirm infidelity or loyalty.

Know The Truth By Trusting And Verifying Today!

Spouse Calls Out Cheating Husband With Billboard

GPSbillboardCheating on your significant other is a very dangerous game that can have serious consequences, but even more so if that individual is a Greensboro resident by the name of Jennifer. Although her last name and other personal information are not known, what is known is that Jennifer is not afraid to call out those who have done her wrong, as her likely soon to be ex-husband and the world found out courtesy of a large billboard near the ironically titled Battleground Avenue.

The Greensboro billboard was a very direct and public letter to a man named Michael who we can only assume is the soon to be ex-husband of the author, Jennifer. The billboard states the cost of a GPS tracking system, cost of a popular brand of digital camera and a some brief words about how it is "priceless" to catch a "lying husband" and use money from a joint investment account to tell the world of his cheating ways.

The billboard, which has created some controversy among Greensboro residents and motorists, has lefty many people asking if this type of private matter on public display is fair or foul? With most agreeing that what Jennifer spends her money on is her business, some people in the minority think the billboard is simply a tacky way to take a cheap shot at her cheating husband. Regardless, this form of public embarrassment is becoming more trendy, as billboards calling out cheating spouses have been seen popping up throughout the nation.

Do you think the billboard Jennifer paid for to humiliate her husband was appropriate?

Would you use a GPS tracker device to discover if your wife or husband was cheating?

The Cost Of Truth

GPS Trackers Bust Cheating Scumbags

Anyone who has ever been in a long-term relationship or marriage knows that every couple has their ups and downs and face some difficult challenges at times. Whether it be stress from children, work-related stress, medical-related stress or some other stressor, many outside influences can play a significant role in a couple’s relationship. Some people are able to handle the stress life provides and not let it effect their lives or the way they interact with their loved ones. However, some people under pressure sometimes look for freedom, escape. These are often the people who begin to make poor choices or choices they will regret.

With temptation, stress and pressure facing people more now than ever before, many people in a relationship or marriage are crossing the line of fidelity to infidelity. Often labeled cheaters, these type of people used to engage in the behavior viewed as immoral and indecent and get away scott-free. However, technology has recently provided an answer to catch these cheaters with the help of GPS tracking systems.

The first problem many people in a relationship or marriage suspecting a partner of infidelity face is that the cheater knows what they are doing is wrong. Since the cheater is aware that their indiscretions could cause trouble they do everything they can to hide them. They will lie, sneak around, and basically do anything possible to not have the affair exposed. This is where GPS vehicle tracking devices can become a concerned person's best friend, and why the application of GPS spouse tracking has grown in popularity over the past decade.

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Radio Practical Joke Goes VERY BAD!

Cheating Wife Comes Clean In Rant Of Anger

Most people enjoy a good practical joke, but sometimes a joke can go way too far and result in very negative consequences. That is exactly what happened when a man working at a radio station decided to have some fun with his wife on her birthday by playing what seemed to be an innocent practical joke on his birthday girl. Unfortunately, the joke backfired on the man in the worst way possible.

The Practical Joke

The plan for the practical joke was to have the on-air radio personalities contact their fellow employees' wife and tell her that her husband had lost his job at the radio station. When the wife would become undoubtedly upset over the news and inquire why her husband, who was so loyal to the radio station, was fired, she would then be told that her husband was caught having sex with the secretary in his office. This shocking news would then be the catalyst to essentially make the woman go crazy and rant about how much of a loser her husband was on the air to all of the radio listeners. Before things got to out of hand, the radio personalities would then inform the wife that the whole thing was one giant birthday joke, which they would then all laugh about.

How could such a solid blueprint for comedy turn out bad?

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Sending Sexual Text Messages

Texting Inappropriate Messages: Is It The Same As Cheating?

Although the concept of cheating seems like it would be very cut and dry to define, the advancement of technology has added a new dynamic into the equation. Most people agree with absolute certainty that sexual intercourse with another person is the clear definition of cheating, while others state kissing and fondling another also falls into the category of infidelity. Some experts suggest it is not really cheating unless there is an emotional attachment to the act of desire, but others state that the simple physical act is more than enough. The definition of cheating really is ambiguous, as each person has there own definition of what constitutes the act, but without physical contact is cheating really cheating? When a little flirtation results in sexual text messages or Facebook messages being sent, is that now also considered cheating?

The news has been debating the topic of whether texting is cheating heavily over the past few weeks in light of the Anthony Weiner saga that resulted in the politician stepping down from public office. Making the assumption that the reader already has a little understanding of the events that occurred in the Weiner scandal, for the most part we can all agree that sending sexually explicit text messages is not appropriate behavior in any way shape or form, especially if the text messages are being sent to somebody who is not your significant other. That is essentially what Weiner did, but he was very quick to note that he never had any physical sexual affairs with the women he sent sexual text messages to or anyone else. He stated that he never "cheated" on his wife.

The Weiner scandal was sensationalism at its finest, as the water-cooler talk soon became people discussing whether or not what Weiner did falls under the "cheating" category. The public had not seen anything like this since Bill Clinton was questioned by a Grand Jury, arguing back and fourth what the definition of sex really was.

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If You Saw A Friend's Spouse Cheating....

Would You Tell Your Friend?

Imagine you were eating in a restaurant and enjoying a glass of wine with a few friends. As you sit there taking pleasure in the company of friends and personal relaxation time you suddenly notice the spouse of one of your very best friends having lunch with another man. Immediately your mind begins to race as you ask yourself why exactly is this woman having what appears to be an intimate dinner with a man who is not her husband? As you begin to shift focus away from the conversation at your table to better gauge why the wife of one of your good friends is having what looks to be a romantic dinner with another guy, you feel your heart slowly beating faster with anxiousness rising tension. Telling yourself over and over again that there is obviously a clear explanation for everything, you try to make sense of everything that is happening. The moment you start to feel a sensation of calm, your eyes catch the man kissing and groping your good friend's wife.

Now your suspicions are confirmed, as it is clear your good friend's wife is cheating. As you try not to let the dinner guests at your table think anything is wrong, you are flooded with a mixture of emotions from sadness for your friend to anger at the wife. With all of this information you now hold, the only question is whether or not you tell your friend that his wife is cheating on him.

So what would you do?

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