Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe!

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When a teen gets his or her license most parents get additional anxiety. With the number one killer of teens being car-related driving accidents, and 16-25 year old drivers being the number one age group ticketed by police for traffic violations, parents have good cause to feel anxious. Although the thought of a teen driver navigating the roadways alone can be worrisome for most parents, many have turned to technology to ease the stress.

GPS tracking systems allow parents to be proactive in modifying and shaping the driving behaviors of their teen, and actually help build trust between parent and teen. With a GPS vehicle tracking solution validating a teen is exhibiting responsible and cautious driving behaviors, many parents allow the teen to have MORE freedoms. Having the ability to always know where your teen is and has been provides a parent with assurance, security and relief.

GPS Tracking Key: The Recommended Teen Tracking Solution

Negative Influences On Teen Driving


  • 1 out of 5 teenagers expressed that they think driving fast is fun.
  • 1 out of 4 teen drivers, who also identified themselves as aggressive drivers, stated that they have drove 20 mph over the speed limit more than once.
  • Over half of all teen drivers said they have exceeded the speed limit by over 10 mph more than once.

Peer Pressure:

  • Almost half of all teens stated that they drive more carefully when other teen passengers are not present in the vehicle.
  • Less than half of the teens said they would speak up if a driver were speeding or driving in a scary manner.
  • Almost 70% of teens said they felt unsafe when someone else was driving.

Cellular Phones:

  • Almost 100% of teens expressed that they received or sent a text message while driving.
  • More than half of all teens stated that they talk on the phone while they drive.
  • A driver speaking on the phone while driving is twice as likely to be involved in a traffic accident than someone not speaking on a phone.

Positive Influences On Teen Driving

GPS Tracking Systems:

  • GPS tracking systems can send parents alerts via email or cell phone if a teen driver is driving at unsafe speeds.
  • GPS tracking systems always keep parents "in the know".
  • GPS tracking systems give parents peace-of-mind and teens additional freedom.
  • Many insurance companies give discounts to drivers with GPS tracking systems.


  • Most drunk drivers are on the road from 10:00 p.m.-4:00 a.m.
  • Almost half of all teen automobile deaths occur between the hours of 9:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m.

Seat Belts:

  • Teens use seat belts less than any other age group.
  • A person wearing a seat belt is almost 50% less likely to be killed in an automobile accident.

*Data was collected from Allstate Foundation for teen safe driving.

GPS Tracking Device: How It Can Help

GPS tracking systems can act as effective preventative mechanisms for many forms of negative driving behavior. Another positive impact that comes from using a GPS vehicle tracking solution is the additional freedoms and lowered insurance rates many teen drivers receive. When a teen driver receives additional freedom and parents receive the peace of knowing their teen is safe everybody wins.

When a teen knows that a GPS tracker is monitoring their every move they begin to drive more safely and build a foundation of safe driving habits that will last a lifetime!

Teen Tracking Systems For Parents

teens-with-cell-phonesThe world is a totally different place today than it was thirty years ago. Social networking has people more connected now than ever in history, mobile phones give people the ability to communicate from anywhere in an instant and the world wide web has people from all over the globe sharing information and ideas in seconds. Technology has given the world an incredible amount of positive things, but for parents concerned about the activity of their teenage sons or daughters, it is now offering oversight. This oversight is bestowed through a new popular application that uses GPS tracking technology in a program called Code9 Mobile.

Code9 Mobile is an application that gives parents the ability to monitor the one device teenagers use more than any other technological system: their cellular phone. All teens with mobile communication devices check status updates on Facebook, send/receive text messages, send out tweets with Twitter and more. Therefore, cellular phones are a treasure trove of information that can give parents a in-depth look at what teenagers are doing. That is why Code9 Mobile has become such a popular tool among parents concerned about teen activity.

What makes Code9 Mobile different from many of the other teen tracking solutions on the market is that it gives parents a number of different tools to observe and regulate activity. Some of the key features of the teen monitoring application include:

  1. Location display using personal GPS tracker technology
  2. Address book and contacts monitoring
  3. Curfew tools that stop text message sending/receiving at pre-set times
  4. Text message filtering that bans certain slang or keywords from being transmitted
  5. White & black lists that can block certain numbers from sending the teen a text message

Code9 Mobile does offer a free application that gives parents almost a test drive of the system, while offering limited access to certain futures. However, parents will be required to pay the monthly service obligation of $9.95 a month of they want complete access to all of the features of the teen monitoring system.

Drawbacks Of Teen Tracker Device

Although Code9 Mobile is a very useful application for many parents seeking a tool to provide oversight of teen activity, the program does have some drawbacks. One of those drawbacks involves the accuracy of the GPS personal tracking and location services of the application. Since GPS monitoring applications on cell phones call upon cellular triangulation to gather positional and locational data, the information provided is often times highly inaccurate. The errors with this form of GPS monitoring can be problematic for parents using the Child Locator, and Location History features of the Code9 Mobile application. Especially in the circumstances where maybe a teen is prohibited of visiting a particular individual.

"When parents want to identify a particular address arrived or departed from, mobile applications that call upon cellular triangulation for positional data have many deficiencies that parents should not totally rely on because of the significant margin of error", explained a GPS fleet tracking expert for Tracking System Direct. "There are a number of great filter systems for text message monitoring, keystroke logger systems to observe computer activity and GPS vehicle tracking systems to observe driving history with concrete accuracy. Parents really concerned about teenage activity should invest in the tools that are designed specifically for each application if they want to be most effective."

Currently, there are a number of great devices and mobile applications on the market that can help parents get a better glimpse into what their teen is doing. Code9 Mobile is one of those solutions, but just like any device that uses cellular triangulation, locational data can be skewed and inaccurate. Therefore, parents need to investigate and research all options before making an investment in any teen monitoring cellular application or GPS solution.

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