GPS Child Tracking Systems:

Helping Keep Children Safe

Sadly, in the last 20 years law enforcement statistics show that the number of missing persons has significantly increased approximately 500% in only the last 20 years, and almost 80% of those missing persons were juveniles. All parents want to protect their children and keep them safe, and child tracking systems help assist parents in securing life's most precious assets. GPS tracking and monitoring systems designed specifically for child tracking will provide parents the assurance that their child's location can be accessed at anytime day or night.

  • Easily Find A Wandering Child.
  • Always Know Where Your Child Is At.
  • Validate Your Pre-Teen Is Where They Say They Are.
  • Place The Tracking System Into A Baby Stroller And Watch Where The Nanny Is Taking The Baby.

Never put yourself in a position where you have to sit at home in a panic wondering where your child is at when a GPS child tracking system could provide the verification that your child is safe. Engineered and designed to be compact and portable, GPS child tracking systems have clips for easy attachment so a child can either clip the GPS system unto their belt, or simply put the unit in their backpack, pants, or jacket pocket. The GPS child trackers make no noise, weigh less than a deck of cards, and are approximately the size of a cellular phone, making carrying the GPS systems convenient and easy.

Tracking system data is easily accessible for parents who only need to have a computer with Internet capabilities to view the live streaming data of everywhere their child has been and where their exact location is in real-time!

Tracking System:

What GPS Tracker Is The Solution?

When talking about a child GPS tracking system the only solution is a live, real-time system, and the most reliable and precise real-time tracking device is the Victoria tracking system. The Victoria tracking system will record the position of a child every time they move 20 feet, or every 10 seconds if they are inside a vehicle that is moving over 10 miles per hour. The Victoria tracking system even has the ability for parents to set virtual boundaries so they can receive an email or text message alert when a child arrives or leaves from school, home, or a friend's house.

Feel the security and peace-of-mind knowing you will always be able to monitor your child regardless if you are at home or work.

Don't Risk Having Your Child Become A Statistic.

GPS Tracking System Technology Can Protect And Secure Your Loved Ones!

GPS Bracelet Provides Peace Of Mind

AutismOne of the most complex things about Autism Spectrum Disorder is that it impacts each individual differently. For example, some children diagnosed early may show mild symptoms of social awkwardness or an inability to perceive certain situations, whereas other children may be completely non-verbal, have very limited gross motor/fine motor skills and engage in an assortment of maladapative behaviors. For those children who have been dealt a much more severe form of autism, the behavior of wandering can occur frequently. However, it is this fear of a child wandering into a busy street or other dangerous area that has kept many parents up at night worried. When door locks are simply not enough, GPS tracking bracelets are helping parents of autistic children provide additional security.

Essentially, there are two types of GPS monitoring bracelets: one that can be removed, and one that can be secured to the individual. These GPS tracking devices are often fashioned as watches, are light-weight and have real-time GPS tracker capabilities. Therefore, the tracker devices are easily worn without hassle, and can provide live positional information on the whereabouts of the person being monitored. Although the gadget is popular for a variety of consumer applications such, including elderly tracking; what makes GPS bracelets so popular among families with autistic children is a feature known as the geographical fence.

Geographical Fencing

The term geographical fencing may sound complicated, but it actually is a very simple to use feature that is extremely useful for any family who has a autistic child with a tendency to wander. How this particular feature works is it allows the user to set a virtual boundary over a satellite mapping program. This virtual region can be large or small, depending on the preference of the user. When this virtual boundary is breached, either a cellular text message, email or both can be transmitted to the user, along with additional family members or caregivers. Therefore, a parent could set a virtual boundary around their house and if the autistic child wearing the GPS bracelet walks passed the pre-set virtual boundary a alert will be sent to the parents instantly!

Autism: A Growing Issue For Everyone

According to the statistics provided by Autism Speaks, 1 in every 88 children are now diagnosed with some form of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Sadly, many of these children have cognitive and communication challenges that often result in wandering tendencies. Since these children do not understand how to ask for help or operate a mobile communication device, parents are left with little options. This is a very scary scenario to think about. This is also the reason why so many parents of autistic children call upon GPS monitoring bracelets.

GPS monitoring bracelets can provide everyday families dealing with autism a certain level of protection and family security that can many other families take for granted. This is just one more form of how GPS trackers are helping improve the world around us.

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