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With law enforcement and police agencies across the world struggling with budgetary constraints and cut-backs, apprehending criminals and improving internal investigative work can seem impossible. GPS tracking systems provide financially responsible or monetarily challenged law enforcement agencies and police departments the ability to sustain budget cuts without effecting officer effectiveness or performance. GPS tracking devices help assist police and government agencies by:

  • Allowing law enforcement to monitor a suspected drug-trafficker, arsonist, child molester, or any potential criminal suspect 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Giving law enforcement departments the ability to audit or monitor potentially under-performing employees.
  • Providing a unique and accurate way for officers to easily track vehicle maintenance records and mileage driven.

GPS Tracking Key Pro: The Recommended Law Enforcement Tracking Solution

Tracking a suspect no longer requires an officer to spend months out on stake-outs or patrolling duties. GPS tracking systems always place a criminal or suspect within the long reach of the law as their driving and travel history can be recorded, stored, or viewed in real-time live! GPS tracking devices are now built and engineered to be compact, covert, and durable. The GPS vehicle tracking units can ensure a suspect, criminal, or evidence is accurately and successfully monitored, helping law enforcement agencies compile evidence for an arrest.

Live, Real-Time GPS Tracking

When it comes to tracking or monitoring a potential suspect or criminal many law enforcement agencies prefer to have the personal tracking system data available and accessible in real-time. The SilverCloud GPS is a real-time GPS tracker that has a long and consistent track record of assisting local, state, and federal municipalities and law enforcement agencies across the entire United States. Utilizing Global Positioning System satellite technology, and combining that with cellular communication and satellite imagery programs results in streaming real-time tracking data that can be viewed live!

Passive GPS Tracking: Cost-Effective Tracking

Because of the budgetary constraints and cut-backs facing many police departments, many government and police agencies have turned to a cost-effective approach to GPS monitoring known as passive GPS tracking. The GPS Tracking Key Pro is the most widely used passive tracking device by law enforcement agencies across the United States because of its durable design, and ability to record over 100 hours of wheels-in-motion drive time on a single lithium battery cycle. Designed with an attached powerfule exterior magnetic for outside mounting and placement, the GPS Tracking Key Pro gives authorities the flexibility to attach the GPS tracker to the outside frame underneath a potential criminal or suspect's vehicle.

Passive tracking systems provide police and law enforcement with second-by-second tracking, but do so at easily half the cost of the GPS tracking hardware and with no service fees. However, because passive tracking systems do not use cellular communication in transmitting data they must be removed from the vehicle and downloaded in order for a law enforcement agency to capture and view the recorded data. The best way to think of a passive tracking solution is that it is a recorder of vehicle travel history or a data-logger.

Whether It Is Real-Time GPS Tracking Or Passive GPS Tracking, The Technology Is Giving Law Enforcement Agencies Everything They Need To Be Successful On The Fight Against Criminals.

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GPS Tracking Key Features:

1. GPS Data Recorded Every Second
2. No Installation Required
3. Compact Water-Resistant Housing
4. Records Addresses Arrived/Departed
5. Documents Speeds Driven & Maximum Daily Speed
6. Easy Outside Placement With Magnet Mount

The Most Popular Selling GPS Tracker In The World!

The GPS is the most widely-used passive tracking system by consumers, businesses, and law enforcement. Only requiring two AAA batteries, the GPS Tracking Key records driving information every second that includes vehicle speed driven, stops made, and more. The GPS Tracking Key has NO cumbersome wires, download cables, or external antennas, making it one of the simplest passive tracking systems to command. Users need only to:

1. Place the GPS Tracking Key inside or outside of the vehicle they wish to track.

2. Let the GPS Tracking Key record a driver and the driving activity.

3. Remove the GPS Tracking Key from the vehicle, download the driving data, and see everywhere the driver went!


Using The GPS Tracking Key Is That Simple!

GPS Tracking Key has provided the truth to parents who have teenage drivers, law enforcement agencies, people in relationships suspecting infidelity, and small businesses with mobile resources.

Five Reasons Why The GPS Tracking Key Is The Solution For You!

01The GPS Tracking Key Is The Most Economical And Reliable GPS Tracking System On The Market Today!


For less than $200, or the annual price of a gym membership, you will receive all of the answers of the unknown driving habits of your teen, employees, and more. GPS tracking technology has never been so affordable.

What makes this vehicle tracking unit special compared to the real-time tracking systems on the market is that this GPS tracking unit requires NO ACTIVATION FEES or NO MOTHLY SERVICE FEES of any kind forever.This is because the micro car tracking unit is a GPS receiver, not a transmitting device that is dependant on cellular service!

02There Are No Monthly Service Fees Or Contracts With The GPS Tracking Key!

Real-time GPS monitoring systems require users to pay a monthly service in order to access vehicle tracking information, and some GPS companies even require users to sign a one (1) or two (2) year service contract. Using the GPS Tracking Key involves NO FEES or NO CONTRACTS of any kind! Consumers and businesses looking to receive exceptional and accurate GPS tracking data at a bargain price need to look no further than the GPS Tracking Key.

03The GPS Tracking Key Offers Multiple Methods Of Viewing GPS Tracking Data.


GPS Tracking Key users have the unique opportunity and option to view GPS tracking data over either a

Digital Street Map Program : Where users can playback historical records of a vehicle's travels.

Detailed Reporting Program: That provides every stop a driver made, and all the travel history in a text/report.

Google Earth Satellite Image Program : A free program, Google Earth will display travel data over satellite imagery, allowing users to see exactly what parking space a driver parked in, or what color the house was they stayed at overnight.

04The GPS Tracking Key Works Anywhere In The World!


The GPS Tracking Key logs data and receives GPS information from the network of satellites orbiting the Earth. Since the GPS Tracking Key does not transmit or transfer data, it can record positions anywhere on the globe! The GPS Tracking Key will work in any location even if no Internet, cellular or radio service is present.

05The GPS Tracking Key Is Easy To Use!


Place the GPS Tracking Key on a vehicle, remove it and download the data when you want to view where any driver has been!

Easier to use than a cell-phone or iPod, the GPS Tracking Key only requires a coulpe of AA batteries to be powered, and a personal copmuter to download the data to for review. The GPS Tracking Key has no on/off switch because innovative engineers designed a motion sensor that automatically powers the tracking system up when a vehicle begins to move and power downs the tracking system after 2.5 minutes of holding a stationary position. The motion sensor helps retain battery life, allowing GPS Tracking Key users to record an average of 37 hours of vehicle-in-motion driving time, or approximately 3-4 weeks of driving data on a single lithium battery life cycle (High-grade AAA batteries).

**NOTE** Car tracking unit software is currently not compatible with MAC systems at this time, but we are working on it!


Daily Driving Summary Records Mileage Driven, Exact Locations Arrived/Departed, Max Speed & More! (Click On Text Report Image For Full View)


GPS Tracking Applications:

Teen Tracking, Vehicle Tracking, Employee Tracking, Law Enforcement Tracking, Spouse Tracking, Covert Tracking, Free Tracking.

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