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Private investigators are typically employed as detectives or undercover agents to gather and collect information that is vital to their clients. Being a private investigator can be arduous and tiresome as long hours of surveillance work, research, and accumulating critical information can be exhausting. GPS tracking technology turns that exhausting work into easy work, as observing covert driving activity can be done with simplicity and without the private detective ever having to leave the comfort of home. All a private investigator needs to do is place a GPS car tracking device inside or underneath the vehicle of the person they are investigating, and then review the data of everywhere that individual has been. Private investigators can access vehicle driving activity data in one of two different ways:

  • Removing the GPS vehicle tracker from the vehicle and downloading the driving history to a computer (Passive GPS tracking).
  • Watch the vehicle as it travels live in real-time over a computer (Active GPS tracking).

GPS Tracking Key

Private investigators across the world have been successfully using GPS tracking systems to assist in investigative work related to locating a missing person, acquiring confidential information, observation and surveillance, and domestic/marital situations. With GPS vehicle tracking technology, private investigators no longer have to sit in a car for countless hours to document how long a suspect was in a specific location, or follow and "tail" a suspect as they drive to random locations throughout a town. Compiling accurate, credible, and relevant data has never been easier!

Acquiring valuable driving information and evidence needed for a child custody case, divorce, or to confirm the infidelities of a spouse can be quickly and accurately done with the assistance of a GPS tracking system. Private investigative work has become safer and easier thanks to the help of GPS tracking devices!

GPS Tracking System Featured On TV Show

Walter WhiteNo AMC television show has been more successful capturing both viewers and critic's hearts than Breaking Bad. The show revolves around a character named Walter White who after receiving a terminal diagnosis of lung cancer decides to look for alternative methods to make sure his family is financially supported after his death. Being a chemistry teacher, Walter decides to cook methamphetamine, but his knowledge of chemicals results in boom in demand for his "Blue Sky" speed. Walter finds himself entangled in a drug world he knew nothing about and is forced to engage in all sorts of different levels of violence and surveillance. However, what caught the eye of many viewers was the use of a particular security product Walter used to monitor vehicle driving activity of a target. Now people everywhere are asking how to find the GPS vehicle tracking device featured on Breaking Bad.

The small GPS tracking system with exterior magnetic mount featured on Breaking Bad does exist and it goes by the name GPS Tracking Key. However, the television show hardly scratched the surface on what the GPS data logger can actually do. For example, the GPS tracker on Breaking Bad can provide detailed driving activity reports that include every location a driver has been, total mileage driven and more. The data from the tracking device can also be viewed using Google Earth to provide a more unique view of historical driving activity through the use of the satellite image program.

"The tracking device on Breaking Bad has been one of our top selling vehicle monitoring units because the device is easy to operate, tracks data every second and requires no monthly service fees", explained a sales rep for global GPS tracking company Tracking System Direct. "Often times people will contact us to talk about the Breaking Bad tracker and then inquire about the other personal or vehicle tracking systems we offer. They are then excited to hear about the next generation of passive trackers we offer along with the real-time tracking devices such as the SilverCloud."

The GPS car tracker seen on Breaking Bad has a retail price of $139.00 and can be purchased 7 days a week at the Tracking System Direct online store.

NJ Judge Rules In Favor Of P.I. Surveillance Techniques

GPS Tracking System Did Not Violate Privacy

judgeThe debate regarding whether the use of GPS tracking system technology violates privacy rights is a topic that continues to be closely followed by everyone. This is because the use of GPS is growing at a rapid pace, as businesses everywhere use satellite technology for fleet tracking, police agencies use GPS trackers to conduct investigative work and consumers use monitoring devices for everything from teen tracking to spouse tracking. The reason why the debate continues to grab mainstream headlines is because of the differing opinions held by states on what is the appropriate use of vehicle monitoring devices. With some states requiring police to obtain a warrant before using a GPS monitoring solution to other states proclaiming that gathering driving activity history is not a violation of privacy at all, the application of satellite observation technology is ambiguous at best. Once again that debate is in the spotlight as a Gloucester County Judge in New Jersey recently ruled in favor of a private investigation firm for their practice of using a GPS monitoring system to acquire data on a suspected cheating spouse.

Private Investigator Is Sued

When Innovative Investigations, a private investigation firm based in New Jersey, was contacted by a client to find out whether or not her husband was cheating, they turned to one of the most reliable security products available, GPS. The investigators worked quickly to gather any evidence that suggested a marital affair was occurring, and after a short period of time using the vehicle tracking unit they were able to confirm that the husband was indeed involved with another woman.

Although it seems like that would be the end of the story, Kenneth Villanova, the cheating husband who also happened to be a law enforcement officer. filed a lawsuit against the private investigation company and his soon to be ex-wife. Villanova's suit claimed that the use of the tracking device resulted in "substantial and permanent emotional distress", according to court documents. After reviewing the case meticulously and combing over all of the details with precision, the judges ruled first that the use of a personal tracking system did not cause any serious psychological damage to the plaintiff because he never even made an attempt to seek out the assistance of a doctor to diagnose or evaluate his emotional distress. The ruling judges also explained that Villanova should not have had any expectation of privacy because the GPS was used to capture driving activity on public streets.

Ruling Proves To Be Strong Statement For P.I.s

Richard Leonard, the private investigator who was named in the case, stated how happy he was with the ruling by the judges. However, he is not the only professional who was elated about the ruling. A representative for the New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association explained that GPS is no more of an invasion of privacy than red light cameras on public streets, security cameras at retail stores or keystroke logger devices used by businesses to evaluate employee productivity. People should not assume they have a right to privacy when conducting activity on public streets or in public places, and this ruling helps reinforce that important statement.

GPS Opinion

Is it okay for people to use real-time tracker systems or GPS devices such as the GPS Tracking Key, which are designed to monitor a potential cheater?

Was this cop who sued simply upset because he got busted cheating?

If his emotional distress level was so disturbed as he claims, shouldn't he no longer be allowed to carry a firearm?

GPS Tracking Devices Given Okay By Michigan Lawmakers

Popular Private Investigator Tool Allowed Under State Law

GPS tracking systems are now one of the most called upon tools by police agencies and private investigation companies because of the reliability and efficiency of the surveillance tools. "When it comes to gathering intelligence and information in a covert manner, private detectives and police officers understand the value of portable vehicle tracking systems because the devices can capture a significant amount of quality location-based driving activity data without leaving the investigator in harm's way", stated a fleet management specialist for a GPS distribution company. Although there is no questioning or debating the numerous advantages of using a GPS vehicle tracker, some states are looking to pass legislation that would make it illegal for a person to monitor another individual's automobile through the use of satellite tracking technology. In an effort to define and create boundaries about the acceptable use of GPS devices, the state of Michigan passed legislation that will allow the use of GPS monitoring equipment by licensed private investigators.

What This Means For Private Investigators

With the new language in the Michigan law, licensed private detectives will be allowed to attach electric vehicle monitoring devices onto a motor vehicle without the authorized consent of the driver. What makes this legislation so important for private investigators is that it will allow detectives to covertly gather evidence on targets while keeping those involved with the investigation process safe. Since many portable GPS tracking systems are now designed with waterproof housing and exterior magnetic mounts that allow for easy outside placement to the under side of a vehicle, private investigators can quickly attach a GPS device such as the SilverCloud tracker or GPS Tracking Key Pro within seconds! The data from a GPS device will provide detailed accounts of everywhere a driver has been and more.

The Michigan Council of Professional Investigators was a strong lobbyist for some form of exemption that would make certain that their business would not be affected by any state laws prohibiting the use of GPS tracking technology

Before the creation of GPS systems that allowed private detectives to have remote access to where a target driver and vehicle were moving, surveillance operations had to be conducted through visual contact. Private detectives would be required to spend countless hours following a target to gather evidence. This meant long nights and increased threats of danger for the private investigator, and higher costs for the customer. This was the old way of doing business, and when security products such as GPS monitoring systems became more efficient over a decade ago they changed the way information was recorded forever.

One of the great features of portable personal tracking systems is that they capture data with concrete detail, documenting the exact house a person stopped at and more. That means documentation of recorded events is not susceptible to assumptions by the private investigator, but rather reinforced by accurate and reliable satellite data. From a technical efficiency stand point, data from passive systems can hold over 100 hours of movement memory while storing data every second, meaning private detectives can acquire significant amounts of data without putting themselves in any potentially dangerous situations.

Busting The Cheat With GPS

GPS Trackers Prove Valuable Among Private Investigators

3dmapEvery private investigator knows that the busiest day of the year is Valentine's Day. The reason why this romantic holiday creates so much business for private investigators is because it is the time of the year when cheaters come out to play. Although cheaters are usually very covert in the way they hide and cover up their cheating ways, Valentine's Day is the one holiday where their guard is often left down. This allows private investigators the ability to document in detail unfaithfulness through a variety of surveillance methods, and the security product that is leading the way is the GPS tracker.

There is nothing more devastating to discover than finding out your significant other has been unfaithful, but that is one of the many different reasons why people hire private investigators. In the above news video clip, a private investigator was hired by a woman who was about to get married, as she began to feel that her fiancee had become distant. Suspecting that he could be cheating, she decided the best course of action was to have a professional monitor his movements to see what he was up to. Through the use of a sophisticated real-time monitoring device similar to the SilverCloud GPS, the private investigator was able to document everywhere the target was going and everywhere he had been. Once the target became close enough in distance where visual identification could be made, the private investigator learned that the target did indeed have a female companion. As the covert surveillance, which also utilized hidden camera tools, continued through the night, the private investigator captured extensive video data of the target and his companion being very affectionate toward one another. The private investigator then called the woman who hired him and provided the new information.  With visual and video data capturing his cheating ways the mission was then terminated.

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Online Cheating Turns Real

GPS Tracking Devices Provide Private Investigators Weapon Against Cheaters

San Diego is no different than any other major metropolitan city. The Southern California city has thousands of things for people to do, a nightlife and more clubs/bars than you could ever count. Unfortunately, when the sun goes down in the beautiful city of palm trees, many cheaters come out to play in the dark. Whether they are telling their significant other they are working late, running errands or some other excuse, cheaters no longer have the edge as long as private investigators who specialize in busting cheating spouses have tools such as GPS tracking systems at their disposal.

Cheating: How It Is Getting So Bad

In year's past, if a person wanted to engage in an adulterous affair they needed to actively seek that affair out, but now all a person needs to do is turn on their computer. Today we live in a world where television and media are constantly suggesting the grass is greener on the other side, causing many people in committed relationships to stray toward adultery or an affair. Compounding the problem has been the increase of social networking where sites such as Facebook keep people connected to everybody they have ever met in their entire life, and a bunch more people they have never met. Then of course there are those online sites that actively advertise and promote cheating, offering "affairs guaranteed" and saying that life is too short so have an affair. These sites such, as Ashley Madison, make it easy for people to not only find married people, but married people who actually are actively looking to get involved in a affair!

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