Drive Proof Car GPS Camera 



Drive Proof GPS Car Camera Features:

  • Passive GPS Tracking
  • 64 GB SD Memory Card Support (100 + Hours Of Recording)
  • Interior Voice/Audio Recording
  • Tamper Resistance SD Cover
  • Internal/External Video Camera
  • G-Force Sensor & Monitoring
  • Vehicle Speed Tracking
  • Video Output Port
  • Generate Driving Reports

Vehicle Black Box Camera & GPS Tracking System

Drive Proof GPS Camera is one of the most sophisticated vehicle management systems ever to be developed, making it the ideal recording solution for businesses, government agencies and consumers all across the globe. Drive Proof GPS Camera offers an expanded memory capacity to support a 64 GB SD memory card that will provide roughly 100 hours of record time before memory overwrite. Discover what any driver is doing with the internal camera, monitor safe driving practices with GPS tracking, boost auto security wth the G-Force sensor and reduce potenital liabilities related to automotive accidents with external video camera! In a world of uncertainty and accountability Drive Proof GPS Camera provides the technology to safeguard commerical vehicles, company property and other business interests and assets.

Top 5 Reasons Drive Proof GPS Camera Is For You!

1. Drive Proof GPS Camera Records Video

With distracted driving being the primary cause of most automobile accidents, the Drive Proof GPS Camera provides the video data necessary to see what is happening both inside the cab of the vehicle and outside of the car at all times. The internal and external video camera portion of the Drive Proof GPS Camera offer full color images in AVI H-264 video format that capture data at a rate of 30 frames per second. The internal video car camera provides a 117 degree field of view whereas the external car camera offers a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) field of view of 120 degrees. That makes it easy for parents to catch teen drivers texting while driving or employees engaging in dangerous driving behaviors while operating company vehicles.

2. GPS Car Camera Provides GPS Tracking


Clearly, there are numerous advantages to having a spy camera capable of recording both internal and external video data, but what really separates the Drive Proof GPS Camera from the competition is the device’s ability to offer users detailed GPS tracking data. This is because Drive Proof GPS Camera is a fully functional GPS data logger capable of recording how fast a driver is speeding, times en route, addresses a driver departed/arrived and so much more. GPS tracking system data is time stamped and stored giving businesses, parents of teen drivers or anyone historical access to a we lath of GPS vehicle tracking information.

3. GPS Camera Offers Voice Recording

Conversations are critical in every portion of life and one of the places people most frequently engage in conversation is inside the cab of their vehicle. With a integrated microphone capturing verbal exchanges and other sounds, the Drive Proof GPS Camera can be helpful in emergency situations, catching employees sharing company secrets or allowing parents to find out where their teenage son or daughters are really doing on the weekends.

4. Drive Proof GPS Camera Has G-Force Detection

Drive Prof GPS Camera features a G-Force detection device that will activate the vehicle camera whenever motion is sensed. What makes the G-Force feature so great is that if someone tried to break into the automobile and steal contents inside the cab of the car the vehicle camera will activate and record what the criminal is doing and saying. This information will be critical in assisting law enforcement agents with the evidence needed to both identify the criminal and make an arrest. The G-Force feature can also be utilized if someone hits your parked car!

5. Drive Proof GPS Camera Records Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents occur roughly 20,000 times per day in the United States, and many times the parties involved in a accident all share different versions of what happened. Drive Proof GPS Camera allows for investigators to get the most accurate information possible because the car camera will not only show what a driver was doing inside of the vehicle, but also what was happening outside of the vehicle. This makes it easy for law enforcement and insurance companies to determine who was really at fault and what driver(s) should be entitled to the most compensation.