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Ever wanted to know what your employees were doing when they were operating company vehicles or equipment? How about if your teen was driving too fast or going to places deemed off-limits? Accessing driving activity has never been more simple and affordable than with the GPS Tracking Key.

Designed with an exterior magnetic mount and water-resistant housing, the GPS Tracking Key allows anyone to quickly place this covert tracking system onto a vehicle without detection. The car tracking unit will then capture every address a person arrived/departed, how fast they were driving, time en route, time departed, stops made and more. All data is recorded on one second intervals, allowing the user to never miss even a moment’s worth of driving data! Using this vehicle tracking unit is as simple as putting the unit on a target vehicle than removing the device for review. All data is then displayed in a daily driving activity report where driving activity is broken down day-by-day, showing stops made, maximum speed and more. However, driving data can also be viewed via a LandAirSea animated digital street mapping program, or interfaced over the satellite image program Google Earth. All GPS tracking data is web-based, meaning there is no software discs and all data can be housed securely and remotely! The GPS Tracking Key is compatible with both PC and Apple products.

GPS Tracking Key Features & Specifications

  • Tracking Device Dimensions: 3.80 Lengh, 1.46 Width, 1.34 Height (Includes Exterior Magnetic Mount)
  • GPS Tracker Operating Temperature: -15 F to 185 F
  • USB Download
  • Second-by-Second GPS Tracking
  • Exterior Magentic Mount
  • Water-Resistant Housing
  • 100 Hours of Internal Memory Storage
  • Multiple Methods Of Viewing GPS Tracking Data (Google Earth, Daily Reports & Digital Street Map)

Why GPS Tracking Key Is For You

One of the most cost-effective GPS monitoring solutions, the GPS Tracking Key has no monthly monitoring service fees, and requires no contracts. Perfect for parents who want to know what their teenagers are doing, or small businesses looking for a reasonably priced yet sophisticated fleet management technology, the GPS Tracking Key gets the job done with it’s simplistic design and advanced monitoring capabilities. The GPS Tracking Key is also very popular among law enforcement and government agencies becasue of the device’s copmact size, portability and accurate data recording.

Product Includes:

  • GPS Tracking Key
  • GPS Tracking Key User’s Guide
  • LandAirSea Web-Based Tracking Platform