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amazon logoTracking System Direct is always looking at new and unique ways to better connect with the customer. This is why the GPS vehicle management solutions provider is active on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, and works with online coupon businesses and other marketing websites to reach a greater audience. The goal has always been to teach people about how GPS monitoring technology works and how the systems can enhance business efficiency as well as family safety. This is why Tracking System Direct is excited to announce that they will be joining a long list of small businesses and other online retailers as a seller on the largest e-commerce store in the world: Amazon.

What Is Amazon

There really is no point in even having a paragraph to describe what Amazon is because every consumer, especially those who shop online, are familiar with the e-commerce store. As a publicly traded company based out of the Pacific Northwest, Amazon now is the premiere name in online shopping with approximately 100 billion in sales in 2014 alone. There are a lot of reasons for the companies success: solid customer service, great warranty policies and in-depth/real customer product reviews. Amazon has a remarkable reach and has become a very trusted name in online sales, and that is why Tracking System Direct has decided to wotk with the Washington-based company to promote three of the most poular GPS tracking systems among businesses and consumers.

Starting in February, Tracking System Direct will be offering two passive trackers and one live GPS tracking solution through the company Amazon store. All of these devices will continue to be supported through the industries best technical assistance which is free for the life of every GPS unit and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Not to mention, all tracking hardware is backed with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Those with questions can contact a sales representative for more information or visit Amazon to get product details. 

New Tracking Key Model Works With Apple Products!

Mac CompatibleOne of the most popular vehicle monitoring solutions over the past decade has been a product known as the Tracking Key. Featured on popular television shows such as the Today Show, Fox News, Breaking Bad and more, Tracking Key made its niche by providing families and small businesses with a affordable car tracking solution that could record data every second without any service costs per month. As time progressed, GPS engineers continued to push the evolution of data logger technology, but the Tracking Key continued to hold its place in the market as the top selling passive tracker. Although the car tracker system continued to smash sales numbers every year the device did have one very unfortunate drawback: it was not compatible with Apple computers. Fast forward to today and the Tracking Key has been rereleased with a new online-based platform that not only makes the car tracker compatible with both PCs and Macs, but the new online software gives users a more user-friendly approach to tracking vehicles.

Popular Features Of New Tracking Key

  1. Longer Battery Life: 10+ Days of GPS Vehicle Tracking
  2. PC & Mac Compatibility
  3. User-Friendly Online Web-Based Flashback Software ( Google Maps)
  4. Cloud Based Storage Option  (Additional Cost Applied)
  5. GPS Accuracy Within 6 Feet
  6. GPS Tracking Every Second
  7. Document Complete Car/Asset Movement History (Vehicle Speed, Addresses + More)
  8. Surface Magnet Mount

How New GPS Tracking Key Works

What makes this vehicle monitoring system popular among everyday consumers and the tech-heads is how simple the tracking device is to use and operate. All a person/business needs to do is connect the vehicle tracker on the car or truck they wish to monitor. Once that individual wants to review the stored tracking data all they need to do is simply retrieve the GPS unit and download the data via USB download. The GPS tracking data can then be observed using online software where users then have the option to store data on personal computer (Mac or PC) or in the Cloud using LandAirSea’s newest Flashback Online Software.

The newest version of GPS Tracking Key has a retail cost of $169.00 and is backed with a one-year manufacturer's warranty as well has free technical assistance available 24/7 for the life of the GPS device.

Smart Collar Impresses At 2015 CES

dogEvery year businesses and innovators from across the globe flock to the Nevada desert to witness and showcase the latest technological gadgets at one of the most popular trade shows on the planet: CES. The international Consumer Electronics Show which takes place annually in Las Vegas has been the location where all the coolest products typically make their debut, but one product at the 2015 CES that had most people talking was one for the dogs. This is because of a GPS-enabled device created by the folks at Motorola called the Scout 5000 that may change the way people monitor, safeguard and interact with their pets.

When crowds were introduced to the Scout 5000 developed by Motorola the first thought that crossed most people's minds was, "I didn't know Motorola was still in business"? All kidding aside, the Scout 5000 was introduced as a truly unique piece of equipment that offers video data, GPS tracking and WiFi connectivity, all technologies that will allow pet owners to locate their dog if it goes missing or simply see what the dog is doing via the pet owner's smartphone. The product unveiling was quite impressive but now our security experts are going to break down some of the top features of the Scout 5000 and explain the benefits or disadvantages of the technology.

Hi-Definition Video

The smart collar offers video data that is transmitted via WiFi and can then be accessed by the pet owner by simply using a mobile app. This is personally our favorite feature of the product because personally I cannot tell you how many times I've sat in the office and wondered what my dog was doing throughout the day. Is he barking at the neighbors? Is he chewing on the furniture? Dog owners never have to wonder what their pooch is doing thanks to this feature.

GPS Tracking

Many people are now familiar with GPS technology thanks in large part to mobile GPS apps or some form of vehicle tracking security solutions. That same type of advanced locational data that can pinpoint where a car or person is at is also one of the advantageous features of the smart collar. Let's face it, bad things can happen. A gardener can leave a gate open or a dog can simply impulse run. With the assistance of the GPS tracking feature designed into the Scout 5000 pet owner's can rest assured they will be able to locate their dog if he or she gets lost.

Read more: Dog Collar Equipped With GPS Tracker And Video

Tracking Device In Kit Kat Box Leads To Arrest

2D3DviewMany businesses all across the globe have to deal with the problem of inventory theft. Supply businesses, transport companies and many other enterprises rely on  goods and when theft strikes it can hamper operations and many times the bottom line. Nobody understood this pain more than Andrew Widdowson, the owner of a business that supplies vending machines. This is because Widdowson already had his warehouse which stored his vending machines and other business goods targeted by thieves three times in the span of 180 days. Annoyed with being a constant target of thieves, Widdowson took action by hiding a GPS tracking device inside a box containing Kit Kats. The result was a chocolatey good arrest of two thieves thanks to a live GPS monitoring unit.

Looking to bust the thieves who had already targeted his facility multiple times, Widdowson invested in a real-time GPS tracking system and hid the live GPS unit in a box containing Kit Kat bars. The real-time GPS would report locational data 24/7 and even came with a feature that would alert Widdowson the very second the box of Kit Kat bars was moved. The plan worked perfectly after the thieves hit Widdowson's warehouse a fourth time, stealing a variety of goods as well as the Kit Kat box housing the live GPS device. The live GPS system reported that the stolen goods were in West Midlands.

The GPS monitoring system provided locational data that was accurate within 2.5 meters, making it easy for Widdowson to guide local police to the stolen goods. Widdowson simply logged on to the web-based monitoring platform, pulled up the locational data of the live GPS and then gave the information to West Midlands police who not only retrieved the stolen goods but also arrested two men for their involvement in the theft.

GPS trackers for business applications related to both fleet vehicle management and anti-theft safety cost around $299 along with the requirement of a monthly data plan for live tracking service.

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