Smart Collar Impresses At 2015 CES

dogEvery year businesses and innovators from across the globe flock to the Nevada desert to witness and showcase the latest technological gadgets at one of the most popular trade shows on the planet: CES. The international Consumer Electronics Show which takes place annually in Las Vegas has been the location where all the coolest products typically make their debut, but one product at the 2015 CES that had most people talking was one for the dogs. This is because of a GPS-enabled device created by the folks at Motorola called the Scout 5000 that may change the way people monitor, safeguard and interact with their pets.

When crowds were introduced to the Scout 5000 developed by Motorola the first thought that crossed most people's minds was, "I didn't know Motorola was still in business"? All kidding aside, the Scout 5000 was introduced as a truly unique piece of equipment that offers video data, GPS tracking and WiFi connectivity, all technologies that will allow pet owners to locate their dog if it goes missing or simply see what the dog is doing via the pet owner's smartphone. The product unveiling was quite impressive but now our security experts are going to break down some of the top features of the Scout 5000 and explain the benefits or disadvantages of the technology.

Hi-Definition Video

The smart collar offers video data that is transmitted via WiFi and can then be accessed by the pet owner by simply using a mobile app. This is personally our favorite feature of the product because personally I cannot tell you how many times I've sat in the office and wondered what my dog was doing throughout the day. Is he barking at the neighbors? Is he chewing on the furniture? Dog owners never have to wonder what their pooch is doing thanks to this feature.

GPS Tracking

Many people are now familiar with GPS technology thanks in large part to mobile GPS apps or some form of vehicle tracking security solutions. That same type of advanced locational data that can pinpoint where a car or person is at is also one of the advantageous features of the smart collar. Let's face it, bad things can happen. A gardener can leave a gate open or a dog can simply impulse run. With the assistance of the GPS tracking feature designed into the Scout 5000 pet owner's can rest assured they will be able to locate their dog if he or she gets lost.

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Tracking Device In Kit Kat Box Leads To Arrest

2D3DviewMany businesses all across the globe have to deal with the problem of inventory theft. Supply businesses, transport companies and many other enterprises rely on  goods and when theft strikes it can hamper operations and many times the bottom line. Nobody understood this pain more than Andrew Widdowson, the owner of a business that supplies vending machines. This is because Widdowson already had his warehouse which stored his vending machines and other business goods targeted by thieves three times in the span of 180 days. Annoyed with being a constant target of thieves, Widdowson took action by hiding a GPS tracking device inside a box containing Kit Kats. The result was a chocolatey good arrest of two thieves thanks to a live GPS monitoring unit.

Looking to bust the thieves who had already targeted his facility multiple times, Widdowson invested in a real-time GPS tracking system and hid the live GPS unit in a box containing Kit Kat bars. The real-time GPS would report locational data 24/7 and even came with a feature that would alert Widdowson the very second the box of Kit Kat bars was moved. The plan worked perfectly after the thieves hit Widdowson's warehouse a fourth time, stealing a variety of goods as well as the Kit Kat box housing the live GPS device. The live GPS system reported that the stolen goods were in West Midlands.

The GPS monitoring system provided locational data that was accurate within 2.5 meters, making it easy for Widdowson to guide local police to the stolen goods. Widdowson simply logged on to the web-based monitoring platform, pulled up the locational data of the live GPS and then gave the information to West Midlands police who not only retrieved the stolen goods but also arrested two men for their involvement in the theft.

GPS trackers for business applications related to both fleet vehicle management and anti-theft safety cost around $299 along with the requirement of a monthly data plan for live tracking service.

GPS Tracking Key ii Will Revolutionize Passive Market

GPS Tracking Key ii MapThe GPS Tracking Key has long dominated the market as the most reliable, accurate and sophisticated GPS vehicle tracker on the market, making it the top-selling data logger over the past decade. Businesses, police departments, government agencies and everyday consumers have called upon the passive device to help them boost driver and vehicle safety. With appearances on mainstream media outlets such as Fox News as well as Emmy award winning television shows such as AMC's Breaking Bad, it is clear that when people think of passive technology they think of the GPS Tracking Key. However, after a decade of success the engineers behind the popular tracker have decided to push the device into the next generation with a more modernized version of the GPS Tracking Key set to debut in early 2015. The tracker device is called GPS Tracking Key ii and the early buzz is that it will revolutionize the passive market!

One of the very first things technology enthusiasts and those seeking a vehicle management solution will find appealing about the new GPS Tracking Key ii device is that no software is required! This means no software discs need to be installed onto a computer. Instead, the data on the GPS Tracking Key ii will be totally web based, similar to that of real-time GPS tracking system solutions. The great thing about this method of reviewing data is that multiple people in different remote locations can all view the data at the same time. Even better is that the GPS monitoring data can be accessed from mobile phone, tablet, Mac, PC or any solution with Internet capabilities.

"Although live GPS monitoring systems will always have a strong impact on the car tracking and vehicle management market, we are seeing more and more businesses and consumers opting for vehicle monitoring systems that do not require any type of monthly service obligations", explained the President of Sales for Tracking System Direct. "This shift in demand made us realize that it was important to offer our valued customers an even more advanced automotive tracking solution and we believe we have found that device in the GPS Tracking Key ii".

GPS Tracking Key ii will debut on the Tracking System Direct online store in the early part of 2015. Pre-orders will not be taken as the engineering team puts the final touches on the passive GPS tracker. Those with questions about the new product can contact a sales representative when the device makes it official debut next quarter.



Holiday Shopping Ideas For Him

ManXmasGiftWe are officially a week away from Christmas and if you are like me you probably still don't have a clue what to get your husband. Every time you ask him what he wants or needs the response is a shrug and mumble. Picking a good Christmas gift for a man is a very difficult thing to do, especially for women wanting to opt for something a little more awesome than another dress shirt and bow tie. One safe bet women can make is to buy something auto related because let's face it ladies the only thing men love more than boobs and butts are cars. After doing a little research and few interviews with some male co-workers, here are the top 5 Christmas gifts women can get for their car loving men.

1. Emergency Roadside Kit

Men are rarely prepared, ever. Thankfully, smart phones and mobile apps such as Google Maps have helped men not get lost quite as much, but when and if an emergency situation ever occurs guys are typically still far from ready to appropriately handle the situation. Therefore, a roadside emergency kit can be the perfect gift for a car loving man and best of all any girl can put this together on the cheap! Simply go down to a local hardware store such as Lowe's or Home Depot and fill your cart with some of the essentials like a flashlight, extra batteries, heat blanket, gloves, portable tool kit, jumper cables, an actual paper map and of course a small bottle of whiskey. This is a great gift for any man and most importantly can potentially save his life in a emergency situation.

2. GPS Vehicle Tracking System

One of the most popular gadgets for car lovers are GPS tracking systems. These portable monitoring devices can be placed in the glove box, under a seat or many different locations on a vehicle, tracking the location of that car 24/7. The real-time vehicle GPS device can record travel activity, mileage driven and other information that will make any technology loving man drool. Not to mention, GPS auto tracking devices can also provide theft protection which can help a man quickly locate his beloved car if it is ever stolen.

3. Winter Driving Course

Okay so this gift doesn't really apply to men living in California or any of the other sunshine states that don't have seasonal weather, but for those men who live in areas where heavy rain, sleet or snow are real issues then a winter driving course can be a pretty cool holiday gift. These courses allow men to basically spin their car out and have a fun time while learning driving techniques that can be life-saving if he is ever operating a vehicle in a bad storm.

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