Getting Legal Advice On Using GPS Tracking Systems

iphone silvercloud map2There are a number of different reasons why a person would choose to invest in a GPS monitoring device to observe where a car goes throughout the day. Maybe a husband suspects his wife is having an affair with another man, maybe a tow truck company wants to validate driving activity of an employee they suspect is falsifying time sheets or maybe a private investigator wants to investigate a corporate fraud case. Regardless of the reasons for wanting to use GPS car monitoring technology, people should be aware that using any form of spy gadget comes with responsibility. That means that a person using a GPS needs to make certain that they are using such monitoring technologies inside the parameters of lawful use in a way that does not violate the rights of others.

Is GPS Tracking Legal?

The purchase of a GPS auto tracking device that can track a car is 100% legal. However, just because a product is legal doesn't mean it can be used in any sort of fashion that the buyer chooses. Let's compare GPS for example to the purchase of a video camera (even though smart phones have essentially crippled the video camera industry). A person can walk into most electronics stores in their city and purchase a video camera without any issue, but even though that product can offer a wide range of benefits it, like a GPS unit, can be used maliciously. For example, video cameras are legal but it's not legal to place that video camera in the office bathroom. This is where it can be a little bit tricky when it comes to the application of GPS car tracking units.

GPS car tracking units are legal but the act of monitoring a vehicle has many shades of white, gray and black. For example, in many states a employer can equip auto tracking equipment on their company vehicles and not have to disclose that information to employees. Some states require that employees disclose this information. In some places it's legal to place a car tracker on the outside of a vehicle but if a person places a GPS inside the cab of the vehicle that is illegal. Therefore, it is important to understand that laws are not concrete when it comes to GPS monitoring practices. In fact, what is legal in one place might be illegal in another. That's simply the way many laws work, including laws related to GPS vehicle monitoring.

How Can I Get Legal Advice About GPS Tracking?

When it comes to getting sound legal advice regarding the use of GPS monitoring systems the first place a person should start is the city and state they plan on using the tracker systems. The first step would be to contact local police to see if they have any knowledge about personal or business application legalities. However, that information should also be reinforced by a attorney in the local area who understands criminal and business law. Those would be the two parties with the most knowledge about GPS vehicle monitoring laws in the region of intended use. Those wanting extra credit confirmation could even speak with a local private investigation company, as many PIs are aware of legal boundaries and what is considered acceptable with GPS.

It is important that people do the appropriate research before investing in car GPS systems so they do not cross the line where they themselves are conducting themselves in a unlawful fashion. Talking with police, local attorneys and private eyes before using any automotive tracking units is the best way to avoid doing something against the law.

This article is NOT legal advice! GPS vehicles monitoring systems should not be used to violate the rights of others. It is the responsibility of the user to learn what laws may apply in their area of intended use.

Temecula Resident's Powerful ALS Awareness Video


By now you have probably seen the videos of celebrities, athletes and likely most of your friends on Facebook dumping a large bucket of ice water over their heads. The Ice Bucket Challenge has gone totally viral and brought more attention to ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease, than any other awareness campaign in recent memory. Unfortunately, with that success has come significant criticism. Social media now has people talking about how only 7 cents on every dollar donated to ALS actually goes toward research and a cure, while others point out wasting water in the midst of some of the driest conditions on record sets a poor precedent. The world we live in will always have it's share of doubters, haters or negative thinkers even when the message being sent is truly one of inspiration and positivity. A Temecula, California resident and man suffering from ALS eloquently made this point in his very moving and personal Ice Bucket Challenge. The man is Anthony Carbajal and I wanted to tell you a little bit about the man behind the powerful video clip that has since gone viral with over 6 million views in just a few days.

Anthony Carbajal is unfortunately all too familiar with ALS because his grandmother lost her life to the disease and his mother is near the end of her battle with the disease as well. Knowing that he would need to care for his mother with ALS, Carbajal began to peruse a career as a wedding photographer about 5 years ago. Carbajal always enjoyed photography and saw a career as a wedding photographer as the perfect occupation because it would allow him to both generate an income and stay at home as much as possible to care for his mother. Fueled by passion for photography and the love of his mother, Carbajal quickly became one of the most in demand Temecula wedding photographers, booking over 50 weddings per year. His work became featured in wedding blogs and the awards began to pile up. Everything was going perfectly as planned, but that was when Carbajal began to notice weakness in his hands. Weakness in the hands is an early sign of ALS that Carbajal was quite aware of and that terrified him to think about. That was when we met for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.

At dinner, Carbajal told me about his fear of what an ALS diagnosis would do. Not only would it put an immediate stop to his photography dreams but it also would force him to focus more on his personal health which meant taking care of his mother would be that much more difficult. This emotionally taxing thinking doesn't even factor in the loss of income and struggles that would surely come as ALS care can be quite costly. I spoke with my friend in hopes to reassure him everything was okay and to tell him that he was probably being hyper-sensitive to everything since he was so entrenched in the ALS stuff. See what made Carbajal's situation slightly different was that his family had a genetic form of ALS that came on at a atypical young age. His mother was diagnosed in her late twenties and so too was his grandmother. Therefore, at 25-years old Carbajal was in the rare position where ALS could be a real possibility. We continued to drink a couple more margaritas, Carbajal decided to see the doctor soon and then later we parted ways.

Read more: Anthony Carbajal Ice Bucket Challenge Video

GPS Implant Under The Skin For Babies

babyParents are always looking at the best ways to safeguard their children. This is why parents cap electrical outlets with plastic tabs, lock up cupboards and keep a constant watchful eye over their precious offspring. Parents love their children more than anything in the world and it is because of that deep bond that they are willing to invest in various products and technologies to enhance that personal protection. This is the reason why more and more parents are now inquiring about GPS tracking chips for kids that can provide the real-time locational data of that child anytime 24/7.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Real-time GPS trackers use satellite monitoring technology to determine where a person, asset or vehicle is located at any given time. These live GPS tracking systems also give users the ability to access historical data such as where a person was at yesterday, last month or last year! Real-time GPS tracking data can be easily obtained by the user who needs only to go online via cell phone or computer to observe the GPS tracking system information. With GPS tracking systems now being more accurate and affordable than ever before it has opened up additional consumer markets including personal GPS tracking applications such as child safety.

Can I Put A GPS Implant Under My Kid's Skin

The simple answer is no. The more complex answer is no because the GPS tracking system will have no source of power, meaning battery. GPS devices are getting smaller and smaller but the power sources still are far too large to be implanted under the skin, making a GPS implant non-functional. Babies or kids cannot have a GPS implanted in their body or under their skin.

Tracking Children With GPS

As a sales associate for a GPS monitoring device company that supplies trackers to consumers all over the globe, once parents learn that a GPS chip implant under the skin is not an option they then ask what is the best solution to track their kids? The answer is a portable tracker that can be carried or placed in a backpack. Personal GPS tracking devices that provide 15 consecutive hours of locational data and are roughly the size of a box of tic-tacs can be purchased for as little as $199 (not including service plan). These personal tracking systems provide live updates, historical movements and the ability to alert parents if a child steps outside a safe zone. This safe zone can be the family home, school or whatever the parent chooses.

GPS tracker chips that can be placed under the skin are a significant time away from being a reality on the consumer market but until that time comes there are still personal GPS tracking systems available to enhance family and child safety.

Real-Time Tracking System With Longer Battery

overdrive-bannerTracking System Direct has constantly revamped their online store in order to deliver the latest and most advanced security products. The non-stop evaluation of devices to provide cutting edge location based hardware and services has been at the core of the GPS provider's philosophy.  The Southern California company has long been synonymous with personal and vehicle GPS tracking by servicing small businesses, police agencies and a growing sector of consumers using GPS trackers for a wide variety of monitoring applications. Therefore, it is no surprise that the GPS tracking system company is proud to announce that it will be offering a new real-time GPS tracker later next month that will redefine portability, efficiency and reliability.

SilverCloud GPS Overdrive: Real-Time Tracking

In the coming months, Tracking System Direct will be adding a new GPS tracker that provides the latest in live GPS technology: SilverCloud Overdrive. Offering consumers and businesses the ability to access driving activity as it takes place, SilverCloud Overdrive tracking data can be viewed by logging into a secure website by using nothing more than username and pass code credentials. The online platform allows the live GPS tracking data to be viewed on a mobile device, tablet system or personal computer, making it easy to monitor automotive assets while on the go. Other features include detailed reports that can break down mileage by state, excessive stops, excessive speeding, arrival/departure addresses and much more. The real-time GPS system can even notify users if a vehicle is speeding or driving out of a pre-set safe zone.

"We couldn't be more excited about the next generation of SilverCloud GPS making its debut upon our online store because this device is really going to offer our clients the type of information that can help them boost safety, productivity and accountability", President of Operations for the California GPS tracking system company explained. "The response to the original SilverCloud when it was released 3 years ago has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are confident that this latest version of the GPS tracker system will only continue to assist those with vehicle management needs all across the globe."

The most improved feature of the SilverCloud Overdrive is the extended battery life that will give those wanting a portable GPS tracker system the ability to monitor a vehicle for long durations of time without requiring a power charge. SilverCloud Overdrive will also be backed by the the best free technical support staff available 7 days a week, along with a 365 day manufacturer's warranty.

Those with questions about the SilverCloud Overdrive or any of the other GPS tracking systems featured can contact a sales associate 7 days a week at 951-704-9503

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