New Surveillance Products Make Debut

ElectricBoxSpyCamera2Tracking System Direct has long been the trusted name when it comes to GPS personal tracking and vehicle management technologies. Although the Southern California based asset protection company is proud of this distinction, customer demand for a more diverse line of security devices made the company look into expanding their product line. After evaluating a number of  covert cameras for home and the workplace, Tracking System Direct is proud to announce the debut of multiple spy cameras!

Camera For Business

Workplace security is always a concern whether it be for asset protection or simply employee management. Naturally, the common surveillance camera typically mounted on the wall of a building offers some element of oversight, but savvy criminals can quickly detect the traditional camera system and work around it. This was a significant concern when Tracking System Direct began evaluating cameras for the workplace environment. "There are a lot of solutions out on the market when it comes to security cameras, but our focus was on sleuth gear that would blend in with the environment while capturing activity in high-definition detail", explained President of Operations Ryan Horban. "We began focusing on cameras designed as rocks, electrical boxes, teddy bears and other things that would blend in seamlessly. After finding systems that fit this incognito description we then turned our focus to the performance of the devices. Detailed video feeds, clear audio and product ease of use were all tested, evaluated and rated. After working hands-on with hundreds of products, we are now very excited about the systems that met out performance standards and have joined our community of top-rate security solutions.

News Product Information

Those interested in gaining more information about the latest spy products can visit the Tracking System Direct online store or reach out to a security expert 7 days week via email or phone.

Outdoor Electrical Box Spy Camera

ElectricBoxSpyCamera mountHome and work security are two things that all people can agree are pretty darn important. However, for people living in areas of high crime and businesses looking to protect assets, security can be more than just a serious topic of conversation. For homeowners, burglars can strike at any moment. They can steal personal belongings from a vehicle parked out front of a residence or even scarier choose to enter a private residence. Businesses also have security needs when it comes to theft whether that theft be related to company automobiles housed on a businesses' property or other valuable assets that can be vulnerable to thieves late at night or during times non-work hours. This is the reason why both consumers and businesses are turning to covert camera systems such as devices disguised as electrical boxes to help provide safety.

Electrical Box Spy Cameras

When it comes to locating camera technology, criminals are becoming more savvy and aware of their surroundings. Standard video cameras are noticeable and can be quickly tampered with by a intelligent criminal. Thieves now look in the obvious spots where a camera might be and are even aware many motion lights can have cameras equipped inside them. This is precisely the reason why electrical box cameras are so unique. Electrical box cameras blend into the natural environment and hardly draw suspicions among thieves. However, the cameras do more than simply blend in because while mounted on the outside of a home or business they can record HD video and even stellar video data in low light situations. The electrical box cameras can document activity 24/7 and give homeowners or businesses the peace of mind knowing that their assets are being monitored at all times.

Safety is important but for businesses, property protection is also a very serious issue. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in the year 2010 over 9,000,000 incidents of property theft were reported. Of course, there were probably many more incidents where property theft went unreported, making the issue very serious. Businesses understand the importance of protecting assets and this is part of the reason why their as been an increase in the use of GPS tracking technology to oversee vehicle fleets and expensive machinery. Unfortunately, GPS monitoring technology cannot be the ultimate savior in security. This is the reason camera technology must also been incorporated to maximize business security. Having the ability to see who was on business property, what times they were there and if any items/assets were stolen is significant. Video monitoring can be the difference in helping police apprehend thieves and reducing potential future theft.

There are a lot of different options when it comes to home and business protection but one thing that is certain is that having hidden cameras or other security products can provide more security and safety. Electrical box cameras are one of those solutions that are changing the way businesses and home owners oversee their property and assets, all while being stealthy and incognito.

Tracking System Direct Gets Fresh Look

TrackingSystemDirectLogo.2Tracking System Direct launches newly designed online store to improve user-experience and provide more detailed information regarding GPS vehicle tracking and auto surveillance security.

Fleet management industry leader Tracking System Direct launches newly designed online store dedicated to increase the user experience by allowing mobile users to access product details with simplicity. The new design comes with a complete mobile responsive interface that will allow anyone to access GPS tracking news, auto tracking product information and more. Checkout is fast, website load times are faster and of course the newly designed online store is backed by the most knowledgable GPS tracking experts who are available 7 days a week to assist online shoppers.

When Google announced earlier in the year that it would make tweaks to its search algorithm that would boost websites that were mobile-friendly, Tracking System Direct realized massive change to the online store would be necessary. "Our online store was technically considered mobile friendly according to Google but the algorithm change did result in us taking a in-depth review of the user-friendliness of our online store", explained President Ryan Horban.

"What we realized is that we could do better in a number of different areas to improve the user experience. We then took the challenge upon ourselves to modify our entire GPS tracking online store so information was more accessible, load times were faster, checkout was easy and essentially that components throughout the website functioned seamlessly. After months of work we are now proud to announce the launch of the new Tracking System Direct online store!" Headquartered in Southern California, Tracking System Direct provides auto tracking devices and surveillance products to police agencies, businesses and consumers seeking to enhance security. Recognized as an industry leader in fleet management technologies, Tracking System Direct offers live GPS monitoring systems that assist law enforcement with investigative work, businesses improve driver efficiency and parents of teen drivers oversee safe driving activity.

Surveillance Busts Odometer Tampering Scheme

car dealerCameras are used for a wide variety of monitoring applications to enhance safety, but they can also provide critical data for authorities investigating criminal activity. This is exactly what happened when police in Woodland Hills, California got a tip that a man was tampering with the odometer readings in some vehicles in order to save people money on their auto leases. Unfortunately, the lucrative task was also an illegal one and investigators were able to make an arrest based on information they gathered from a hidden camera system.

Jeffrey Levy was a man in his 60s who worked as a sales associate for a car dealership. What he is accused of doing is rolling back the odometer readings on vehicles for as much as $400 per client in a scheme that allowed people leasing vehicles to avoid paying penalties for driving vehicles too much. This process not only defrauded the dealership owners and future car owners but also lead to falsified trade-in values. Authorities stated that this scheme was going on for roughly three years.

The U.S. Justice Department is on record that engaging in odometer tampering can result in over 1,000 days of jail time and 7 figure fines. Thankfully for Levy, the prosecutors in the case are seeking a penalty less severe: a maximum of two years in jail with restitution payments of approximately $115,000. The penalties would also include prohibiting Levy from holding any future positions related to vehicle leasing, sales, finance or purchase during a pre-set supervised release.

Levy has already pleaded guilty to prosecutors to the charge of conspiracy to commit odometer tampering.

How The Crime Took Place

Levy would refer friends and customers about his services and charge these people anywhere between $100-$400 to tamper with the vehicle odometer readings. The people leasing the vehicles would take their automobiles to Levy's Woodland Hills residence where electronic tools were utilized to rollback odometer readings. After the odometer changes were finalized the people would then take the vehicles to the car dealership Levy worked at. Levy would accept the vehicles with falsified odometer readings for trade-ins or lease returns. Essentially, Levy was engaging in a practice that was defrauding the dealership he worked at as well as future owners of the vehicles where odometers were tampered with.

An attorney for the prosecution explained that odometer fraud can not only cost victims large sums of money but it also has the potential to result in unreliable and potentially dangerous transportation.

Horban is a writer with expertise on security systems and GPS tracking technologies

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