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Affordable Car GPS Tracker Solutions

GPS_Tracking_Key_image2With the economy being as tight as a pair of skinny jeans on a NFL linebacker, consumers everywhere are having to be more intelligent about the way they spend their hard earned cash. Both online shoppers and those who scan the retail outlets at local malls can no longer afford to impulsively purchase the products they desire, but instead must bargain shop to find the best deals available. When it comes to technology products such as vehicle tracking solutions, most consumers have a strong tendency to impulse buy because they want to find out immediately if their spouse is having an affair, employees are taking advantage of company time or teen is driving dangerously. Since time is of the essence when it comes to acquiring information that can save a marriage, boost profit or increase personal safety, it is very difficult for consumers and businesses to allocate large amounts of time for research into GPS monitoring devices. Thankfully, the fleet tracking professionals at Tracking System Direct have done the hard work for everyone, and for those people looking for a cheap car tracker that does not skimp on performance and reliability the GPS Tracking Key is the ideal solution!

Why Some GPS Devices Are So Expensive

GPS tracker devices are often times very expensive because they transmit data in real-time, and often require permanent installation. When a GPS solution is considered "active" or live, the user is required to pay a monthly service fee for usage, an activation fee, additional activation fees if they ever cancel service temporarily and more. Many live tracking solutions also are required to be permanently installed by a professional, requiring additional investment in a GPS hard-wire kit, possible external antenna and installer labor costs. All of these things add up to big costs that make it nearly impossible for small businesses and consumers to get the location-based driving activity data they seek. Thankfully, there is a cost-effective alternative solution the problem!

GPS Tracking Key: Redefining Affordability & Reliability

What makes the GPS Tracking Key different than the expensive live tracking solutions on the market is that the pocket-sized GPS receiver requires no monthly service fees of any kind, no activation fees, no contracts, no external antenna(s), no hard-wire installation and no hassles. At less than half of the cost of most real-time tracking solutions on the market, the Tracking Key offers both businesses and consumers an accurate and affordable way to manage employee driving, monitor teen driving and more.

Popular Features Of The Passive Tracking Solution:

1. Car Tracker Records Every Single Second While Activated

2. Car Tracker Does Not Require Internet, Cell Phone Towers Or Wireless Communications To Function

3. Car Tracker Uses Google Earth, Text Report Formatting & Digital Street Map To Display GPS Data

4. Car Tracker Will Document Every Stop A Target Makes, Including Addresses Which Can Be Viewed Via Google Maps

How Much Does The GPS Driving Activity Reporter Cost?

With a retail value of less than $200.00, online shoppers and GPS enthusiasts can purchase the GPS Tracking Key for $199.00 with free shipping and no tax through fleet tracking distributor Tracking System Direct (TSD). For those looking for even more cost-savings, by following TSD Twitter or Facebook shoppers can save an additional $10.00 per unit purchased! All the online shopper has to do is post on one of the social networking sites that they want to purchase a Tracking Key!

Anyone with questions regarding any GPS system can contact a personal tracking expert at TSD 7 days a week for more information.

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