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Cashier's Checks, Money Orders & Alternative Discrete Payment Methods

payment-methodCommunication is key, and the GPS fleet tracking experts at Tracking System Direct understand the importance of staying connected to customers more than any other business. This is because it is through communication and feedback a company  can evaluate and meet the needs of the customer from the sales and support perspective. Understanding that some people have not caught onto the social networking craze and still prefer to stay in touch through snail mail, Tracking System Direct has set up a post office box that will allow people to send in letters with product or technical support questions, as well as mail cashier's checks and money orders for payment of product!

Paying With Discretion

Many customers either prefer not to provide credit card information to online merchants, or simply want to purchase with discretion due to spouse GPS tracking or business GPS tracking applications. Since GPS vehicle tracking systems are not readily available at more traditional electronics retail outlets, people who want to invest in a GPS tracker are left with no other option but online purchase. The one draw back of many online businesses is that they only accept credit card for purchasing, leaving those who want to buy with cash, check, money order or cashier's check out in the cold. Not wanting to deny any person with a desire to invest in GPS monitoring technology the opportunity to order, Tracking System Direct will now accept more traditional forms of payment to those who inquire about that method of payment, allowing the customer to submit payment via P.O. Box.

"Every online shopper and consumer who visits our corporate website should be given the opportunity to purchase GPS and surveillance products in any way they feel comfortable in conducting a transaction", said a personal GPS tracking specialist. "The philosophy here at Tracking System Direct is to take every possible step to assist and communicate with the customer and that is why we have created company pages on Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook, along with providing customer support seven days a week."

People interested in submitting payment for one of the popular Tracking System Direct products such as the GPS Tracking Key and SilverCloud GPS with anonymity can do so by contacting a GPS expert for more information on how to take advantage of one of the new payment methods offered.

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