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BaseballThe frigid cold Winter air is quickly becoming warmed with the sunshine of Spring, and the sound of wooden bats cracking against baseballs. Opening Day of baseball is now only a couple weeks away, and people everywhere are filled with enthusiasm and hope that this season may be the year that their team wins it all. With a recent off-season rule change allowing one new wild-card team from each league to qualify for the postseason, many more teams will be in the race all the way through September, something that should only add to the excitement of the season. With the season ready to begin, the GPS fleet tracking systems experts at Tracking System Direct will now make their annual prediction on who in the American League will win each division and the wild-card spots!

American League East:

This GPS vehicle tracker expert still believes the best player in the AL East is Adrian Gonzalez, and won't be surprised if he has a monster year in his sophomore season. Unfortunately, the Red Sox are coming off of rally-beer-gate, have a new general manager, new captain in the dugout and have a questionable pitching staff. The Rays will compete, but come up short, and the Orioles will continue stinking the joint up. That leaves the Yankees and the vastly improved Blue Jays. Let's just say the Yankees have about a hundred million more reasons why they will have the edge.

AL East Winner: New York Yankees (97-65)

American League Central:

The White Sox and Cleveland Indians appear to both be in a rebuilding phase, and this GPS personal tracker specialist will never bet on the Kansas City Royals until they can at least finish a season with a record at or above .500. That leaves the Detroit Lions. With probably the best 3-4 hitting combination in the game with Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera, a less than competitive division (on paper) and a man named Justin Verlander throwing 100mph fast balls every fifth day, this divisional race could be over in August.

AL Central Winner: Detroit Tigers (101-61)

American League West:

In a division that rarely gets much attention, all of the off-season hoopla came out of the wild west. Albert Pujols, C.J. Wilson and Yu Darvish, the three biggest free-agent names signed with either the Los Angeles Angels or Texas Rangers. However, both teams already had great pitching staffs and powerful offenses before these big-name acquisitions came to fruition. That means the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners can go ahead and start making plans for the 2015 seasons, when they actually might have an opportunity to compete in the stacked division. The battle for first place will go back and fourth between the Rangers and Angels all season long, but the team with the greatest right-handed power hitter in baseball history will be the team that squeaks by with the divisional crown.

AL West Winner: Los Angeles Angels (95-67)

Wild Card

After losing a closely contested divisional race to the Angels, the Texas Rangers depth on offense and defense will be enough for the back-to-back American League champions to qualify for the postseason via a wild-card berth.

1st Wild Card Spot: Texas Rangers (90-72)

The newly added second wild-card will keep a number of teams involved in the postseason race, including the Indians, Red Sox and Rays, which is a good thing for baseball. What will be even better though is the feel-good story out of Toronto that will have the Blue Jays winning the second wild-card spot in the final week of the regular season.

2nd Wild Card Spot: Toronto Blue Jays (87-75)

American League Playoffs:

Although the Texas Rangers will have the more talented squad on both offense and defense, the momentum the Blue Jays will have by qualifying for the postseason for the first time in nearly 20 years will be enough for the team from Canada to pull off the upset in a single game elimination situation.

After a relatively unexciting divisional round that will see both the Yankees and Angels moving to the championship series of play, the Angels power bats led by Pujols will rock the arms of the Yankees, sending the AL West Champions to the World Series in 6 games.

The GPS tracking systems expects will make their National League predictions tomorrow.

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