Real-Time GPS Tracking Option For Canadians

Canadian_FlagOver the past year, the SilverCloud GPS has sold nearly 10,000 units that are now in operation all over the globe. From Australia to America, businesses and consumers everywhere have been investing in real-time GPS technology to enhance auto-security, oversee fuel consumption and safeguard a wide variety of personal and professional assets. One of the features that has made the SilverCloud tracker so popular to the global community is the device's ability to function in over 150 nations worldwide. Although the real-time tracker device can meet the needs of companies and families in locations all over the world, the live GPS is currently not available for those in neighboring Canada unless the user purchases a Rogers Network SIM card.

Due to a number of technical issues surrounding a combination of telematics and data plan options, Tracking System Direct has been unable to offer a complete real-time GPS tracking solution to those living in Canada. "We have spent hours upon hours in research and development to create a live monitoring solution that will be reliable and affordable to those living inside of Canada", explained a fleet tracking expert for the Southern California based GPS company. "It truly is a frustrating process because we have hundreds of passive tracking systems in operation in Canada that work amazingly, and many of those customers want a out-of-the-box ready real-time solution. Although we can deliver a quality live monitoring solution that will operate in Canada, the user would have to purchase a Rogers SIM card in their local region. We are working diligently to have the SIM cards pre-ready, and will not stop until we arrive with such an option."

Alternative GPS Tracking Options

Although Tracking System Direct does not have their own SIM cards available for those in Canada, accessing a Rogers SIM card is easy and affordable. All the tracker device user needs to do is contact their local Rogers Network company or affiliate, and pay the company $10 per month for service. An additional cost of $29.95 per month is also required for server usage, giving the user unlimited access to GPS tracking data with continuous updating frequencies.

What Type Of Commitment Is Required?

As with all real-time tracker devices, a monthly service fee is required for usage. However, unlike other companies that make those in need of live GPS monitoring commit to a year or two years of service, Tracking System Direct offers data service that can be paid on a monthly basis. That means no long-term commitments, no termination fees, and no hassles.

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