Would Tracking System Have Prevented Accident?

Tiger Woods Involved In Car Accident

tigerGolf phenom Tiger Woods was involved in a car accident early Friday morning according to news authorities in the Orlando, Florida area. Although the first reports stated that Woods was seriously injured in the accident it now appears he is home with his family recovering. Reports are stating that Woods was driving his Cadillac SUV when he accidentally backed into a fire hydrant then crashed into a neighbor's tree. Alcohol was not believed to have played a part in the accident, but some fans are now wondering if the king of golf is only good at driving golf balls and not automobiles? Could a vehicle tracking system have recorded or prevented the incident Woods was involved in?

Their is no doubt that distracted drivers tend to be the drivers most involved in car accidents, but Woods is known for his tenacity and ability to block out distraction. His incredible focus is one of the driving forces behind all the rich success the 33 year-old golf legend has achieved. That leads people to believe that the super star was not distracted when he was operating his SUV.

GPS Tracking Devices

Many parents of teenagers have been using vehicle tracking systems that use GPS monitoring technology to shape and build a strong foundation of positive driving behaviors. GPS trackers allow parents to monitor speeds driven and addresses arrived and departed from, providing parents with documentation of good or bad driving habits.

Woods probably uses a vehicle tracking system as a theft recovery system and security device, but the golfer probably doesn't need a GPS tracker to monitor his potentially bad driving habits. The situation was surely an accident, but with all the money Woods has made over his career you wonder why he doesn't hire a driver?

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