The Early Years of Bond

Would Today's Bond Use GPS Tracking?

bondThe fascination with spy gadgets and other cool state of the art technology has been something captivating the public since the creation of hero-like characters such as James Bond. The cool spy gadgets James Bond used to solve murders and capture bad guys plotting to overthrow the government or take over the world seemed unimaginable over 30 years ago. 30 years ago, Bond impressed us with spy gadgets such as a pager that would notify him whenever M16 needed to correspond with him, or a telephone that was installed in his exotic Aston Martin that allowed him to make phone calls while he drove.  Other original Bond spy gadgets included:

A Shoe With A Dagger In It

Underwater Camera

Pen Gun

Voice Changing Device

Today, almost all of the original Bond super spy gadgets are obsolete and no longer cool. Pagers or phones installed into a car are old technology. No longer impressive or functional to the tech-savvy elite, all these out-dated spy gadgets have faded away and become replaced by the next generation of spy gadgets. The next generation of Bond spy gadgets.

The Later Years of Bond

As time has progressed so have the cool spy gadgets unique to James Bond.  Bug detectors and electric shavers that once seemed like advanced technologies are now common and boring. Most recently, Bond has shown us the next generation of spy gadgets such as a GPS tracking system so small it can be placed inside an asthma inhaler. Other cool monitoring devices include a personal GPS tracker, or real-time GPS tracking device that Bond was implanted with that allowed M16 to monitor Bond’s vitals as well as whereabouts.

Clearly, the new Bond spy gadgets such as a GPS tracking system that can monitor vital signs appear to be in the realm of science fiction due to the lack of a efficient power supply, among many other technological hurdles. However, many of the spy gadgets Bond has used in the past have made the transition into mainstream. Touch screen computers, camera phones, and earpieces have all at one time seemed like spy gadget technology that would never be commonplace in our society, but now many businesses and people rely on the technology to function efficiently. Therefore, Bond has a proven track record of bringing the unimaginable into the mainstream and should not be counted out.

Maybe one day a GPS tracking system will also have the capability to monitor vital signs? GPS tracking systems and other surveillance technology continues to advance, becoming smaller and more cost-friendly.  Society will continue to anxiously wait for what other cool spy gadgets Bond will bring to us in the future.

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