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GPS Tracking Experts Ask Your Opinion On Giving Away Millions

Everyday hundreds of millions of people in the United States wake up, get dressed, grab that morning cup of coffee and head out to work. Some of the lucky people in the world actually have jobs they enjoy, but for many others working is simply a way to pay the bills and survive. Everybody has dreamed about ending the routine of boring by coming into a windfall of money by winning the lottery or some other means, but one young named Shaw McBride was actually lucky enough to hit all six numbers on his lottery ticket. However, it was not winning the jackpot that brought attention to McBride, but rather how the young man gave away his entire winnings with seemingly little reservation.

When our GPS tracking experts came across this story we were all more than shocked that a young man who had just won $159 million dollars could so easily give away the entire fortune without even much thought at all. McBride clearly sees that possessions have little meaning, a thought process that holds true with many people who practice Buddhism. Wealth and possessions are impermanent, but choosing to simply give your personal riches away to help others is an amazingly generous concept.

All of our vehicle tracking and fleet management professionals wish McBride the best on his new found purpose in life, and hope he is able to achieve the great things he clearly has the means, resources and ability to do now.

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Would you give away all or part of your fortune if you had won a multi-million dollar jackpot?

What couple items or things would you feel compelled to splurge on?

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