Video Shows Why Domestic Violence Requires Stiffer Punishments

Woman Physically & Verbally Abused On Video

Every now and again stories about domestic violence will make national headlines, but for the most part the problem of domestic physical and emotional abuse is not mainstream news or conversation. Of course, domestic abuse becomes water-cooler discussion when pop celebrities such as Rhianna get assaulted by their equally famous celebrity lovers (Chris Brown), or when a famous football player such as O.J. Simpson has a repeated pattern of beating his wife, only to one day have her end up dead with his DNA everywhere and other incriminating evidence flooding the murder scene (We the jury find the defendant ...not guilty..WTF!??). Unfortunately, many people do not realize how painful, humiliating and degrading physical and emotional abuse really is. This is because victims are typically scared to speak out about the abuse they sustain on sometimes a daily basis. One woman, who was married with three children, understood the pain of emotional and physical abuse better than anyone, and that was because she herself was a victim. The most horrific part about her story is that part of her abuse was caught on video, which was recorded by her 13-year-old son, showing exactly how serious the issue of domestic abuse really is.

In the above video clip that was recorded by a normal house surveillance camera, a woman stands quietly as she is verbally assaulted over and over again by her husband. The video images are recorded by the woman's teenage son who is instructed by the father to document the abuse. After insulting the wife, who began the conversation by asking her husband if he wanted lunch, the verbal abuse quickly escalated to physical abuse. The abuse was something that the woman had to deal with on a daily basis, resulting in her feeling absolutely "worthless".

Once the woman decided enough was enough, she contacted authorities and offered the video and other evidence to have her husband put behind bars. The judge presiding over the case stated that the damage the husband did to the family was as bad if not worse than if he actually committed murder. It was because of the horrific acts committed by the husband that the judge made the decision to hand down the harshest sentence regarding domestic violence that the state had ever seen. The historic ruling resulted in the husband getting a 30+ years sentence for his crimes.

GPS Tracking Devices Offer More Protection Via Digital Monitoring

Currently, legislation is some states is going to require those convicted of domestic abuse to wear GPS tracking systems, similar to those GPS tracker units worn by sex offenders that allows police and law enforcement agencies to monitor activity. The GPS monitoring technology, commonly used by by businesses in need of improved fleet management for vehicle tracking applications, should offer victims some level of assurance that an attacker is being watched 24/7, and if that attacker were ever to get even slightly close in proximity to the victim or victim's place of residence that it would be easy to send notification and/or a police presence.

If you or anyone you know is being physically or emotionally abused, Tracking System Direct recommends you seek out help IMMEDIATELY! Police are well trained and equipped to help victims suffering from abuse, and can put you in contact with the appropriate people and agencies that can help you regain a life free of abuse.

Source: 20/20

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