Senior GPS Bracelet Special Pricing: $699.00

* Includes One-Year Of GPS Tracking Service!

All Orders Must Be Phoned/Emailed In As Senior GPS Bracelet Requires Programming

Popular Senior GPS Bracelet Features:

  • SOS Panic Button Alert
  • Monitor Your Own Tracking Data
  • Real-Time Locational Information
  • G-Shock Fall/Impact Detection
  • Virtual Boundary Setting
  • Auto-Answer Two-Way Communication

1. Senior GPS Bracelet Provides Real-Time Tracking Data


Families who have an elderly loved one showing signs of memory-related illness know how terrifying it can be if that senior becomes lost or wanders off. Senior GPS bracelets help bring peace of mind to families by providing continuous real-time GPS tracking information about where a senior is located, while also offering the historical travel history through a route sequence feature.

2. Senior GPS Bracelet Offers SOS Assistance

Senior GPS tracking bracelets provide a number of alert features specifically designed to help enhance personal safety of the elderly. One of these features is the SOS/ panic button that when activated, will dial a pre-set phone number establishing two-way communication. The SOS/panic button feature will also transmit a cellular text message (SMS), email alert. This alert notification will also be displayed on the user’s LocationNow Dashboard. A shock sensor alert can also be programmed to transmit an alert if a senior were to fall or trip.

3. No Activation Fees, No Contracts & No Termination Fees!


Every real-time GPS monitoring solution on the market typically requires some form of activation obligation, but the Senior GPS Bracelet comes with NO ACTIVATION FEES, NO TERMINATION FEES and NO CONTRACTS! This cost savings allows users to monitor their elderly loved ones for as long as they want with no long-term commitments while also allowing the family to cancel service anytime without financial penalty. Purchase of GPS bracelet includes one year of tracking service!

4. Senior GPS Bracelet Is A Web-Based Monitoring Solution

The Senior GPS bracelet is a web-based monitoring application that uses satellite imagery to showcase real-time GPS monitoring data. Accounts are accessed securely with a username and password, giving family members located in different regions access to the same GPS data! Clients can access the personal tracking data from the senior bracelet watch from a computer, mobile phone or tablet! Please note that the monitoring center is no longer available. Users are responsible for monitoring their own personal tracking data via the web-based LocationNow platform.

5. Be Alerted When A Senior Wanders


The most popular feature of Senior GPS bracelets, geographical fencing allows family members to set virtual boundaries around any location or area via the web-based satellite mapping program. When a senior loved one enters or exits passed any of these pre-determined boundaries, an alert is sent to family members via text message and/or email. Multiple family members can receive these alerts, allowing them to respond the moment a elderly loved one with memory challenges begins to wander.

GPS Data & Voice Communication Info


Real-Time Tracking & Two-Way Voice Communication: INCLUDED with PURCHASE!

Personal tracking data plans are set to update in 15 minute intervals. In an emergency situation the 15 minute updating interval can be changed to report faster. However, it is important for the user to be aware that when shorter intervals are programmed more data will be consumed. The bracelet also is designed to offer users 15 minutes of two-way voice communication per month. The tracking bracelet is primarily a location based solution and therefore should not be used as a mobile phone. Two-way voice communication should only be utilized in emergency situations.

15 Minutes Emergency Two-Way Voice Communication Per Month
0.35 ¢ Per Minute For Additional Two-Way Voice Communication

Senior GPS Bracelet Comes With Locking Band & Key

If you are in need of a elderly tracking device that has the ability to lock, the senior tracker device is the solution our GPS vehicle tracking experts recommend. All Senior GPS Bracelets now come with a locking band and key for those looking for a more secure personal GPS tracking solution, making this parituclar GPS bracelet the ultimate in personal monitoring safety. The tracker device cannot be removed unless a caregiver or family member unlocks the device, providing the utmost security for elderly loved ones suffering from memory-related illness.