Forus Digital Voice Recorder (256MB)

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The Forus Digital Voice Recorder (256MB) is the perfect device for someone looking for simple voice recording/telephone recording technology. A voice activated recording device with adjustable microphone sensitivity, the Forus Digital Voice Recorder (256MB) is both one of the most sophisticated telephone recorders and easiest to use. Connect the audio recorder to a normal wall jack, set the recording mode to “automatic answer" and let the system capture audio data! The technologically advanced voice-activation controls will capture incoming and outgoing conversations, allowing the user to review recorded data at a later time, or eave’s drop live via the included ear buds. Another option for the user is to set the digital recorder to vibrate mode, sending you an alert silently when a conversation occurs!

Why The Forus Digital Voice Recorder (256MB) Is For You!

What makes the Forus Digital Voice Recorder (256MB) special is that the voice-recording device provides multiple options and features for users. First of all, the voice recorder will automatically power down when it detects a phone is hung up, extending the system battery-life. This automatic sensor allows users to carry on with their day without having to micromanage the operation of the recording system. Another feature that adds to the user-friendly experience is that data is recorded and stored as WMA files that can easily be transferred to computer via the USB cable that is included. The system is also capable of recovering files that were accidentally erased!

The “Sound Only” technology engineered into the Forus Digital Voice Recorder prevents the telephone recorder from picking up dead air, ensuring the device maximizes internal memory. The file search feature will allow the user to play the initial 7 seconds of any recorded message, and the telephone recorder will automatically power off after 3 minutes without commands!

Forus Digital Voice Recorder (256MB) Features & Technical Information:

  • Dimensions: 36mm x 19mm x 95mm
  • Weight: 40grams (With Battery Inserted)
  • Computer Interface: USB 2.0 Or Greater
  • Internal Memory: 256 MB (133 Hours Of Record Time)
  • Frequency Range: 500Hz- 3.5KHz
  • Sampling Frequency: SP, LP-8KHz HQ-11KHz XQ-16KHz
  • System Recording Times: XQ: 30 Hours 40 Minutes
  • HQ: 44 Hours 0 Minutes
  • SP: 61 Hours 20 Minutes
  • LP: 133 Hours 20 minutes (Internal Flash Memory)

Other great features include a repeated playback option, vibration mode, internal speaker/microphone, time indicator, deleted file recovery utility mode, all in one menu button, back lit display and four selectable recording setting!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is there a way to connect this to a cordless phone without attaching to a jack, instead using cable provider service?

Answer: Unfortunately these forms of digital recording devices do not support digital phone lines at this time.

Product Includes:

  • Forus Digital Voice Recorder (256MB)
  • Forus Digital Voice Recorder (256MB) User’s Guide/Owner’s Manual
  • Forus Digital Voice Recorder (256MB) Warranty Card
  • USB Download Cable
  • AAA Batters (x2)
  • Installation Software
  • Audio Cable
  • Stereo Earphone
  • Telephone Cable
  • Hand Strap
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