GPS Anti-Theft Solutions

Real-Time Tracking Device Protects Mobile Assets

Car_theftSince the beginning of time there has always been thieves robbing and taking advantage of the innocent or naive. At some point in time everybody has had some some experience with theft, whether when it was during childhood and a kid stole your favorite toy, or when you are an adult and something more valuable was taken. Unfortunately, the problem of theft will likely never fade away because even some of the most harsh punishments for theft have done little to curb the behavior of stealing for some folks, even in countries where people caught stealing have their hands chopped off! The best thing a victim of theft can hope for is a safe and quick return of their missing possession(s) or valuable(s). Thankfully, technology is offering a solution to safeguard vehicles from theft with the latest innovation from LandAirSea called the Victoria tracking system.


Back in the day, people would use that silly red device known as “the club” to lock their car’s steering wheel to keep their vehicle safe, but crooks quickly discovered ways to get around the almighty club. The next wave of auto-protection came in the form of auto-alarms that would scream, beep and whistle if someone were trying to break in. Unfortunately, this type of alarm system requires a good samaritan to step and help. Anyone who has ever been to grocery store parking lot has likely heard the annoying noises of a car alarm, and has never thought twice about it. In fact, many of us have probably heard a car alarm go off more times than we can count, but have never seen a person commit grand theft auto. Is it possible one of those times a person really was having their car stolen, but we have become so numb to the annoying sounds that we simply close our doors?

Tracking System

GPS real-time tracking has really changed the game when it comes to auto-protection. GPS tracking system technology allows the car owner to be in command of their automobile 24/7. Live tracking systems will not only allow a car owner to access the location of their vehicle whenever they want, but the tracking devices also have the unique ability to send alerts to the car owner. Imagine sleeping in the middle of the night on your comfortable bed (or couch) when you receive a text message to your cellular phone. The text message notifies you that your vehicle has moved from the location it was last at. Knowing that you were not the one who moved the vehicle, you check outside only to discover that indeed your automobile was taken by some tweeker. Acting fast, you go online and begin watching your vehicle as it travels through the city, and then call police to relay the information. Within minutes, not hours or days, police have arrested the car thief and safely recovered your 1982 Ford Crown Victoria!

Currently, there are numerous different live tracking systems on the market, and many are pretty decent at what they do. However, LandAirSea has had a reputation over the past 15 years of creating the best GPS devices on the market, and their newest innovation, the Victoria tracking system, only validates that claim once again. Anyone interested in learning how the Victoria tracker works or how it can provide your theft-recovery solution can call a TSD representative anytime to get more information.